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    A production company or a production house provides the physical basis for works in the realms of the performing arts, new media art, film, television, radio, and video.

    The production company may be directly responsible for fundraising for the production or may accomplish this through a parent company, partner, or private investor. It handles budgeting, scheduling, scripting, the supply with talent and resources, the organization of staff, the production itself, post-production, distribution, and marketing.

    Production companies are often either owned or under contract with a media conglomerate, film studio, entertainment company, or Motion Picture Company, who act as the production company's partner or parent company. This has become known as the "studio system". They can also be mainstream, independent (see Lucasfilm), or completely independent (see Lionsgate). In the case of television, a production company would serve under a television network. Production companies can work together in co-productions.


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