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Series running about half the length of the standard 24-26 (depending on holidays) episode season. These shows are Short Runners, but for these, that was never a bad thing. Scheduled for a 3-month airing slot if aired weekly. Episode length doesn't matter - these could be five-second episodes or six-hour episodes, as long as there were twelve of them in the initial broadcast run.

This format has become popular (see 12 and 13) in recent years as a compromise to the sometimes sporadic nature of OVAs and the longer, sometimes filler-ridden, standard season. Being a smaller time investment and financial risk, it is much easier to determine if a show will be successful. For this reason, many Western live-action shows have adopted this schedule, at least at first.

Shows that are successful often get another (12-episode) season, essentially achieving a "normal" length. When released on DVD, a Bonus Episode is often included, making the set a Baker's Dozen.

Most of these series tend to air at Otaku O'Clock.

Compare with British Brevity.

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