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    All The Tropes is mostly about two things: Listing up the examples of works wherein a trope is used, and listing up the tropes used in works. Put these two together, and they form a nice network that encourages long Wiki Walks.

    This page is about the latter half: works which lack a list of tropes. Yes, completely, not a single one. If you have time and knowledge of a work listed here, please add some tropes to its page.

    To put a Work page on this list, add {{Work Needs Tropes}} to the page, where the trope list should be. If the page has tropes, but not enough of them, add Category:Needs More Tropes to it instead of adding this category.

    (Pages that need help with the other half can be found at Tropes Needing Examples and Needs More Examples.)

    This category is linked from the Community Portal. Please do not delete it even if it is empty.

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