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After reading a good many of these contemporary fantasy stories I remained impressed by the number of authors of adult books who described their characters as children and the number of children's writers who produce perfectly mature and sensible characters who think and act intelligently. I found myself wishing that the likes of McKinley would choose to do more work for grown-ups. Perhaps the reason they don't is that they find they can, writing for teenagers, preserve a greater respect for their audience.

Young Adult fiction (and, more rarely, nonfiction) is a publishing term for books aimed at readers 14 to 21 years old. It uses a slightly simpler vocabulary and does not assume certain experiences on the part of the reader. It usually features a Coming of Age Story. Since all of this is also likely to appeal to adults, it is often separately marketed to both demographics. Young Adult fiction can feature content deemed unsuitable for children, but also will often contain didactic content.

The rough Television equivalent is the Teen Drama.

Also see Children's Literature, for the next age category down.

While Light Novels are directed at young adult audiences too, they are on their own index for convenience.

For the 2011 movie, see Young Adult.

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