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Catharsis is a webcomic about a young woman, her pet dragon, his squirrel buddy and a couple of baby Dust Bunnies. Oh, and Pirate Sock. Can't forget about Pirate Sock.

Catharsis was at Current whereabouts unknown.


  • Rremly, a dragon over 300 years old (a runt) who is visible as such only to people who believe in dragons.
  • Gwen, the young woman who owns the apartment, and can sometimes alternate to a younger form named Tennibrook (inner child manifestation. Not admittedly magical; may be entirely imagined).
  • Baxter: A sardonic, now bald squirrel. Has a bit of a love affair with Gwen's old SNES.
  • Bitey: One of three dust-bunny baby translators that now live in the apartment, coming from the land under the chair; loves to bite Baxter. Other two rarely mentioned.

Tropes used in Catharsis include: