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Calvin: From now on, the world's going to know exactly what I think of it!
Hobbes: Yes, you've certainly been the model of self-restraint and understatement up until now.
Calvin: Well, no more. (Beat) And I've also resolved not to put up with sarcastic tigers.

Hobbes: If I see any, I'll tell 'em.

Many traits associated with cats, including cleverness and contemptuousness, (among others) tend also to be associated with Deadpan Snarkers—coming mainly from the association with cats as being aloof, unaffected, coming off as superior, and being associated with sense and grace. As such, it only makes sense that some works would have some cats be among their most sarcastic characters, whether as verbally-sarcastic talking cats or as Silent Snarkers. This could sometimes involve a cat as a Snarky Non-Human Sidekick.

Note that this trope isn't JUST about domestic cats, or even about cats that look like domestic cats either. It could apply to bigger cats as well.

Examples of Cats Are Snarkers include:

Anime & Manga

  • Both Luna and Artemis from Sailor Moon are masters of snark, especially when dealing with their respective less-than-devoted proteges.
  • Yoruichi from Bleach is quite sarcastic in her cat form... and her human form. Let's just call her a Deadpan Snarker in general.
  • Pokémon: Meowth, of course.
  • Charle/Carla from Fairy Tail.
  • While the title character from Kimba the White Lion is an Ideal Hero, he occasionally says a snarky line when he's talking with his enemies.

Bella Dona: Now tell me, Kimba: What happened to that turtle?! If you don't tell me where that turtle is, I'm going to... I'm going to...
Kimba: You're going to be punished by Tonga for letting him escape? (smiles)

  • Toyed with in the "Nekotalia" strips of Axis Powers Hetalia. There are all kinds of cats there, but the only one who really fits in is Tama a.k.a. Japaneko... and that's when he's not ranting about tuna.

Comic Books

Films -- Animation


Simba: I'm gonna be king of Pride Rock!
Scar: Oh goody.
Simba: My dad just showed me the whole kingdom! And I'm gonna rule it all!
Scar: Yes. Well, forgive me for not leaping for joy, bad back you know.
Simba: Hey uncle Scar! When I'm king, what'll that make you?
Scar: A monkey's uncle.

  • Mittens, from Bolt, is the character in the page image.

Bolt: I will Super-Bark you out of that tree!
Mittens: Go nuts. Let's see how that works out for ya.
(Bolt barks)
Mittens: Oh, the super-bark. Scary, scary.


Baloo: Oh, stop worrying, Baggy, stop worrying, I'll take care of him!
Bagheera: Yes, like you did when the monkeys kidnapped him, huh?


Films -- Live-Action


Live-Action TV

Newspaper Comics


Calvin: "Live for the moment" is my motto. You never know how long you've got! You could step into the road tomorrow, and wham, you get hit by a cement truck! Then you'd be sorry you put off your pleasures! That's why I say "live for the moment." What's your motto?
Hobbes: "Look down the road."

  • Bucky from Get Fuzzy who, like Garfield, has a sidekick who exemplifies Dogs are Dumb.
  • Palmtop in Safe Havens has more or less settled into this role.

Video Games

Web Comics

Web Original

Western Animation

  1. Interestingly enough, author Bill Watterson claimed his pet cat partly inspired the portrayal of Hobbes, but he didn't specify whether or not this included the snarky personality.