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  • If you're playing the D Si or Wii version, the first time you see Balrog, he crashes through the wall and yells "Oh Yeaaah!!" [dead link]
  • If you scale The Doctor's tower and go past the weapon stockpile at the top, you'll find a sign that says "THAT'S ALL FOLKS!"
  • On the Plantation in one of the jail cells you'll find a Mimiga that says "Doctor Dumb can go screw himself!"
  • The Credits sequence, specifically Momorin and others trying to change Sue and Itoh back. Baleful Polymorph via Sneeze of Doom!
  • One of the achievements for the Steam version involves being Toroko (No, not her enraged version), weakly flailing a stick.
  • When Quote and Curly reach the end of the Labyrinth, they find a huge rock you can't both open. Balrog shows up and makes his usual threats while an apparently oblivious Curly asks that he help move the rock. He apparently starts doing so...then suddenly knocks both of them back and shouts "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?"