Cave Story/Nightmare Fuel

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Sure it's an adorable game, but it's not so sweet and cuddly beneath the art style...

  • The broken robot you see right before the fight with The Core stands out, as does the Undead Core with his bloody faces (the big energy ball spitting form especially) and Ballos' last form, with the corpses.
    • For the longest time, I wondered what all that red stuff in Ballos' last form's face is supposed to be. And then I realized they're all screaming faces.
    • The stage where you fight Ballos is extra creepy as well. There's something to be said for fighting your boss fight on top of a mountain of corpses, when every powerful slam into the ground kicking up bones everywhere.
  • The red flowers. Which may as well be a euphemism for mind-altering drugs.
  • Post-Waterway Mimiga Village, made worse by the music.
  • Scenery Porn it may be, but woe betide you if you fall from the Outer Wall.

"You were never seen again."


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