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Celydonn is the setting of two Fantasy trilogies by Teresa Edgerton: the Green Lion Trilogy and the Celydonn trilogy. It can be thought of as an Alternate Universe mediaeval Britain in which magic is real, but it isn't a straight Alternate History setting.

For example, the setting as introduced in Child of Saturn has recognizable analogues to various figures of the King Arthur legend - the kingmaker wizard Glastyn, the High King and his queen, the knights of the king's Order of St. Mark - but with significant changes to the characters and a different culture and history.

The Green Lion Trilogy consists of:

  • Child of Saturn
  • The Moon in Hiding
  • The Work of the Sun

The titles of the Green Lion trilogy (including that of the trilogy itself) are references to alchemy. (The king's wizard, who is the female protagonist, is an alchemist, as was her predecessor. They both pursue alchemy not for the sake of becoming rich, since it's simply not cost effective, but for how it tries and purifies the one who seeks wisdom by its study.)

The Celydonn trilogy, a sequel trilogy to the Green Lion trilogy, focusing on a different subset of the original trilogy's cast, consists of:

  • The Castle of the Silver Wheel
  • The Grail and the Ring
  • The Moon and the Thorn
Tropes used in Celydonn include: