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Chaos Marauders is a card game relaunched in 2009 by Fantasy Flight Games, based on the original game by Games Workshop in 1987. The action takes place in the Grimdark world of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, where the players control tribes of greenskins trying to form the biggest warband in order to make war in the world of Warhammer. To manage that, they must form three complete battle lines with the most powerful monsters, troops and relics available, in order to be the first in the line of battle in the next glorious invasion.

Tropes used in Chaos Marauders include:
  • Badass: The powerful Chaos Marauders.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: The Sneaky Gits.
  • Our Orcs Are Different: Given that the game takes place in the Warhammer world of 1987, the orcs are seen as followers of chaos, giving their best to obtain the favour of such ancient gods as Malal and the Great Horned Rat, and best buddies with the eponymous Chaos Marauders, Skavens, etc.

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