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  • A Christmas Carol:
    • The scene where Scrooge enters his lonely mansion late at night. He sees the ghost face of his former partner Jacob Marley on his door. Later he goes to his room but still can't forget the image he saw earlier. Then the bell in his room starts ringing on its own and Scrooge hears chains rattling from beneath the cellar and slowly coming towards him. Then Marley's ghost flies thru the door...
    • When Scrooge mocks Marley the ghost flies in a rage and his jaw falls open unto his chest! A frightening image if there ever was one!
    • Marley's fate in general. He warns Scrooge how he is doomed for ever and carries a chain with the weight of his crimes. When Scrooge sees him disappear thru the window the nightly sky is filled with ghosts of former colleagues of Scrooge, all doomed to wander around with chains and weights. One of them tries to help a poor woman crying over her child, but since he's doomed he can no longer do anything for her!
    • The Ghost of Christmas Present showing Scrooge the children Want and Ignorance from under his robe. These starved and bony children even frighten Scrooge.