Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (film)/Nightmare Fuel

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  • Johnny Depp's portrayal of Wonka as a reclusive, downright creepy Mad Scientist.
    • Depp says it was partially inspired by the eccentric, unsettling nature of many a children's TV presenter; he wondered what it would be like if someone had those mannerisms all the time.
  • The puppets burning before the kids enter the factory.
  • The fact that Wonka was very calm about all the other kid's trials, EXCEPT VIOLET'S. The fact that Willy Wonka was running and hiding for cover made it horrifying (plus all the build-up and new graphics that made it look insanely real), he even begged for Violet to stop chewing the gum- "Hah hah, yeah! Spit it out."
  • The squirrel scene.
  • Christopher Lee as a dentist.
  • Violet Beauregard being all floppy and boneless as they leave the factory is straight out of The Exorcist. Shiver.
    • Also, Violet's blueberry transformation was even bigger and more frightening. And the Mike Teevee musical sequence (Shout-Out to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody).
  • The images of the house, Willy Wonka's flashback to his childhood, and the scene where the puppets in front of the factory suffer a Sugar Apocalypse from the fireworks were DEFINITE nightmare fuel.
  • The whole factory gets rather horrific undertones in Burton's version, especially the melting dolls and the slowed-down song track.

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