Chasing the Sunset

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How to get a dragon across a stream in six easy steps.
Step 1. Secure a rope around a branch. Use this to make a winch system to put the dragon in the air.
Step 2. Tie the rope to the dragon.
Step 3. Lift the dragon. Dragons are light to help them fly, so this step is actually quite easy (if the dragon cooperates)
Step 4. Tie the other end of the rope to a tree on the other side of the stream. Using two ropes and a person on each side, pull the dragon across.
Step 5. Realize that your first step should have been to tie up the pixie.
Step 6. Panic.
Step 7. Take a bath.


Chasing the Sunset is a fantasy webcomic by artists Mithandir and Alien, set in a universe called The World That Is. Here there be dragons.. and pixies.. and unicorns, fae, elves, and a human or two.

The comic follows the story of a young elf boy, Fallen Leaf ("Leaf" for short), and his friend Ayne as they travel west across the land in search of Leaf's father, who was swept away in a flood many years before. Leaf believes his father may still be alive because a traveling Bard has brought a rumor of an elf man living across the ocean. Joining Leaf and Ayne is Myhrad, a vegetarian drageling (baby dragon with the personality of a lazy housecat) whom Leaf befriended not long after his father disappeared. Another companion, far less welcome, is Feiht, a pixie who joins their quest and 'volunteers' to carry any 'shinies' they might encounter along the way.

As they travel, Leaf and Ayne both acquire strange identities and allegiances. Ayne joins the mysterious blue Amazon tribe occupying No Man's Land. And Leaf, after spending the night in a bewitched tower, is possessed by three Furies -- magical spirits of uncontrollable wrath. They must also deal with tedious matters like old prophecies, monstrous trolls, dragons, bards, sorcerers, escaping the pursuit of family members, and placating the various persons Feiht has 'borrowed' from along the way.

The comic can be found at this address.

Tropes used in Chasing the Sunset include: