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You can't throw them out... they live here!

Chez Geek is a card game from Steve Jackson Games that pokes fun at the geek lifestyle. Players take the role of a group of college-age slackers. Each player is dealt a random Job, which gives them Free Time (how many actions they can perform per turn), Income (how much money they can spend on Things or Activities), and a Slack Goal representing the amount of cool stuff they need to do (and buy) to overcome the stress of that job (from Slacker all the way up to Corporate Drone). Players can catch up on their sleep, play role-playing games (or computer games), watch bad TV, have nookie, buy food, booze, cigarettes, and other recreational drugs, invite people over (or send annoying people to the other players' rooms), and other crazy stuff.

Two expansions (Slack Attack and Block Party) were released for the game, as well as a number of spin-offs and variants, including Chez Goth and Chez Cthulhu. Not to be confused with Chez Dork, which is a Dork Tower themed card game from the same company with a similar logo and geekish themes but different rules.

Tropes used in Chez Geek include: