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  • One episode of Chowder revolves around Chowder mistaking a character that Gazpacho is playing in a play to be a real person. The character is a killer- and mention is made the entire episode about murder, death, killing, dying. Gazpacho cuts a tomato with a knife and leaves it on screen for a second so viewers can see the red dripping from it- but then Chowder bluntly asks if it's blood, anyway.
  • Schnitzel is a rock monster who only speaks by saying "Radda", usually with the proper amount of syllables for whatever he is saying. Other characters understand him, but the viewer can't -- sometimes what he says is rather obvious, and sometimes it's completely inappropriate.
  • In "The Birthday Suits", Panini's reaction to seeing Chowder in his underwear.

Endive: Guess you won't be making it to the party! Hahaha--close your mouth, Panini.

  • In the episode The Flying Flinger Lingons when Chowder runs off to join the Lingons, Mung shouts at him "You don't have the ballsuit!" while dragging him out.
  • Chowder helps Gazpacho make up some jokes for a comedy show, and writes them down for him. Turns out his handwriting is horrible, so he has to fix it. Chowder says he'll tame the letters, and we see a photo montage of him fighting an S that looks like a snake, a W that is clearly a wrestler...pretty obvious theme, right? The last image is Chowder walking down a dark ally being stalked by an R.
  • This exchange from the finale:

Adult!Chowder: But seriously, no more babies, okay?
Adult!Panini: Okaaaay, I'll stop.

    • This comes after Panini has fifty babies with Chowder. With 20 in one day.
  • In one episode, Gazpacho said that a monster's mother wears combat boots (which is after he sees the monster getting mad and says it isn't a bad thing and that his mother also wears them all the time). It's an old term from war time or something like that where some poor women would rob corpses or sleep with soldiers in exchange for combat boots to protect their feet. So, basically, he just called the monster's mother a whore.
  • There's a building shaped like a penis in the background in the episode Chowder and Mr. Fugu, and then there's the time Chowder unknowingly raped Shnitzel with a wooden spoon.
  • When Mung and Truffles went to "get cooking" and Chowder told them the kitchen was the other way. The fact this was in a kid's show makes it less squicky and more funny
    • And, just before this happens, Truffles kisses Mung on the cheek, and his (very large) nose bounces up in the air for a brief moment, while Mung's eyebrows go up, and he says something along the lines of 'Whoopie'.
  • The Snow Leopard.
  • One of the dishes listed in the cookbook that appears in the beginning of every episode was "Fumunda Cheese Crisps". Somebody apparently caught that, because in the middle of the first season the name was replaced by a more child-friendly "Shwish Cheese Crisps".
  • In "Kid Shnitzel", Chowder and Shnitzel pretend to be babies and are sent to a "Baby Prison". When the Warden goes to change Shnitzel's diaper, Chowder tells him to "protect his business". And he says it more than once.
    • Earlier in that same episode, Mung enters the room lugging a colossal pastry and announces, "Hey, Shnitzel! Wanna help me pinch this loaf? Of bread?".
  • In "Endive's Dirty Secret", when Miss Endive chases Mung to town to get the embarrassing picture of her back, one of the buildings in the background is for "Madam B.S." fortune-telling service. What an appropriate name. Not to mention when Mung and Chowder are using it as blackmail, the picture itself is comically censored to make it seem more of a dirty picture than it actually was, but still.
  • There's an episode where Chowder wants to ride Mung's Dice-cycle. It is shortened the way you shorten the word bicycle to bike.
  • "Okay, Shnitzel, time to grab my enormous buns!"
  • "We need more spice!" "Well at least one of us acknowledged it."
  • Chowder eats a fruit that's so sour, he folds into himself. Mung Daal ties a green bean to his tail before he disappears completely, so they can try to pull him out; however, the point of the green bean isn't made clear. Then Mung refers to the vortex as the pucker hole. Right after the scene, the narrator tooth says "Now I know what you're thinking, well stop it and pay attention to the story! Sickos."
    • It wasn't a green bean, it was a string bean. But yeah, the rest...
  • From "The Belgian Waffle Slobber Barker":

Mung: We are gonna need protection!
Chowder: Should I call the cops?
Mung: No, not that kind of protection.
Shnitzel: Radda radda radda?
Truffles: Not that kind of protection.

  • "Don't you wanna know what Mung and Shintzel do when they say they're going to the grocery store?
  • Toward the end of "The Lollistops", Chowder and Gazpacho are arrested by the Tooth Police. As they are surrounded one yells out "Freeze! Prepare for a cavity search!" You know, because they're the Tooth Police? Right??
  • The Chicktapus. Guess what is put in Mung's mouth.
  • In the famous "Shopping Spree" episode featuring the actual voice actors, when Mung's VA says they have to do something to make money, the camera pans to each of the four actors, but when it gets to Tara Strong, you see her flirtatiously looking at the camera and primping her hair.
    • Also in that episode, when talking about truffles, Schnitzel makes whipping noises mung comes back with something along the lines of "she doesn't run my life"
  • The European Spanish dub of The Thrice Cream Man has Truffles say that she feels sexy.
  • In the episode where Miss Endive pranks Mung, culminating in her dropping a colossal pie on him? Thinking she has crushed him to death, she has a mental breakdown and then it's revealed that Mung made and planted a body to make her think she had killed him.
    • From the same episode: "You're under arrest for burying a body! ...of great work!"
  • Any episode with Reuben. Especially the Party Cruise episode.

Chowder: Mung? I don't want to be a man.
Mung: ...Er, okay...!

    • This line, in a sort of stealth-innuendo way.

Mung: Look, you! We've had enough of this over-indulgent sailor's lifestyle!

  • "Schnitzel Quits" had several, but one stood out during the escape scene, in order to distract Endive, Truffles dives mushroom first into Endive's...buns...stunning her for a few seconds, keep in mind what's usually compared to mushrooms.
  • "Endive's Dirty Secret" featured a photograph of Endive that was pixellated for nearly the entire episode. It is revealed to be picture of Endive eating toe jam with a fork.
  • In the episode "The Prank" Chowder and the gang stay in the "No tel motel"
  • In the Christmas special there is a joke where mung says something along the lines of " I never thought I'd have to do this" and jumps of a bridge. it pans out and he was in no danger but still a solid suicide joke.
  • A large part of the episode "The Heist" has some suggestive moments with Schnitzel and Mrs. Endive Including Endive asking schnitzel to her place for "desert"
  • In the Christmas episode there's a quick gag involving a grown man that looks like middle-aged Chowder. His name (as listed in the end credits) is Man Chowder.
  • In the Hungarian dubbed version, they got away with saying "You're shit!" (as in, "You suck!") in one episode.