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This is the character sheet for Chrono Cross, a game in which there are Loads and Loads of Characters, 45 playable. Have a seat, this could take a while...



The main character, and your standard teenaged fantasy protagonist, complete with sheltered upbringing in a fairly isolated hamlet and Disappeared Dad. While collecting scales for his girlfriend's necklace one morning, Serge stumbles into a bizarre portal and winds up in an alternate dimension, where his friends and family no longer recognize him. As an infant, he was brought into contact with the Frozen Flame as the result of his ship being blown off-course. With no other survivors in the lab, Serge was automatically designated the Flame's Abiter, or controller; this effectively locked FATE out from using the Flame. FATE needs Serge's body in order to bypass the failsafe.


A feline demihuman and Kid's Arch Enemy. Currently serving as shady advisor to the Arcadia Dragoons, promising to lead them to the Frozen Flame. For reasons unknown to Serge, Lynx is actively seeking him out. He was originally Serge's father, Wazuki, before becoming FATE's servant. FATE reshaped him to resemble the panther that attacked Serge as a baby. He managed to kill Serge once already, but this was not sufficient; another universe branched off from that event, with a duplicate Serge still running around. FATE's Plan "B" is to possess Serge's body in order to get at the Frozen Flame.

  • Badass
  • Badass Cape
  • Bling of War
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: Tossing Serge/Lynx into the Dimensional Rift wins points for pure villainy, but is out of character for such a methodical bastard.
  • Casting a Shadow
  • Catfolk: Subverted -- contrary to appearance, he's not an ordinary demi-human but a fisherman who was scrambled to look like a panther.
  • Cats Are Mean
  • Defeat Means Playable: In a twisted way. After defeating him for the second time, he switches bodies with you. A consequence of this is that none of your previous party members will work with you because they believe you are Lynx or just think its too weird to work with the body of their previous enemy.
  • Deuteragonist: Inverted - Lynx succeeds in stealing Serge's body and to traps Serge in his own, effectively becoming Serge.
  • Disc One Final Boss: One of two. Fittingly, his counterpart in Home World is his old shipmate Miguel.
  • Double Reverse Quadruple Agent: Different versions of Lynx curry favor with both the Dragoons and the Porrean Army. In Home World, he served as an agent of Porre and helped overtake El Nido. As such, he is highly unpopular in that dimension.
  • Evil Costume Switch: Dark Serge trades in his threads for Lynx's signature outfit, complete with hat and cape.
  • Evil Is Hammy: Runs the gamut as Dark Serge, with an Evil Laugh, Psychotic Smirk, and Red Eyes, Take Warning.
  • Evil Twin: Dark Serge quickly becomes a scourge, tarnishing Serge's reputation.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Unfailingly polite and well-mannered, but once his facade cracks...
  • Fighting a Shadow: The first Lynx you fight is merely one of his pets.
  • Genius Bruiser: Just look at his six-pack!
  • Grand Theft Me: Serge spends the second act of the game as Lynx, having lost his original body.
  • Gravity Master: Gains all of the high-tier dark spells over the course of the game, including Blackhole.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain
  • High Collar of Doom
  • I Know What You Fear: When Wazuki fully succumbed to FATE, his appearance changed to suit Serge's greatest fear: a panther.
  • I Want Them Alive: To Serge. Naturally, Lynx does not want his prize damaged. He could care less about Kid, though.
  • Implacable Man
  • Impossibly Cool Clothes
  • In the Back: What awaits his boss, Lord Viper, at the top of Fort Dragonia.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifter: As an emissary of FATE, Wazuki was transformed into a suitable assassin to kill Serge. Once in close proximity to the FATE supercomputer, Lynx is reshaped again into a feminine personification of FATE.
  • Knife Nut: Apart from the scythe, Lynx carries around some throwing knives.
  • Large and In Charge: When a 6'4 cat-man in black and a spiky hat gives orders, people tend to obey him.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: It is revealed posthumously that he is Serge's father, Wakuzi, corrupted beyond recognition.
    • Though this is revealed so late in the game that one wonders why they even bothered.
  • Meet the New Boss: Like Glenn and Luccia, Lynx is a deliberate throwback to one of Chrono Trigger's characters—in this case, Magus.
  • Mobile Menace: He dawdles at times, but he still has a tremendous lead. Especially when he beats the heroes to Chronopolis.
  • Mouth of Sauron: As FATE's meat puppet.
  • Nice Hat
  • Obviously Evil
  • One-Winged Angel: As FATE's projected self.
  • Recurring Boss: Generally speaking, you face him four times; once as a shadow, the second in Fort Dragonia (as part of a Strike Me Down ploy), the third as Dark Serge, and finally as FATE.
  • Sinister Scythe: In a nod to Magus from Chrono Trigger.
  • Strike Me Down: The second bout with him in Fort Dragonia is a ruse to weaken his body to such an extent that Serge will be helpless after they've switched places.
  • That Man Is Dead: He actually says something of the sort: "On that day, ten years ago, the world was torn asunder. And part of me, in fact, died," but by that point, there had been no hints as to who That Man is. The Reveal doesn't happen until a while after you kill him.
  • Tragic Monster: Sadly, Wazuki is completely gone.
  • Villain Ball: So, uh...Lynx, is there any reason you brainwashed Kid or waited to undo Robo's lock until after Serge showed up? Or was it just so he could watch you do it?
    • The alternate endings, with one notable exception, portray Lynx as doing nothing important or pointlessly wasting time since Serge is no longer on his quest. So yeah, it seems he really did just want Serge to see him do his evil deeds.
    • Dark Serge wastes a good deal of time tear-assing around El Nido and wreaking havoc.
  • Villain Cred: Lynx enjoys a degree of this. The Porrean Army addresses him as "Sir Lynx," despite not holding an actual rank over them.
  • Was Once a Man
  • Wetware Body: FATE was able to slowly subjugate him over time, finally taking him over after he murdered the original Serge.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Home World's Lynx is not actually seen. Word of God confirms that Lynx did go to the Dead Sea with Harle and died there.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: General Viper was handy to up to a point; in particular, assembling the Dragon Tear for Lynx.

"I appreciate your help, General. However, I no longer have any need for you. This fort shall serve as a fine grave marker for you and your dragoons. May you rest in peace."


"I'll kick yer sorry arse so hard you'll kiss the moons!"

A hotheaded but good-hearted thief who comes to Serge's rescue after he is attacked on Cape Howl. Though Kid insists that Serge needs a bodyguard, she is merely interested in Serge's connection to her hated foe, Lynx. Kid is the self-made clone of Schala from Chrono Trigger, who was assimilated by he Time Devourer following the fall of Zeal. Kid was conceived in response to Serge's drowning at the hands of Lynx. In traveling back in time to prevent Serge's murder, Kid caused the Home World dimension to splinter off from the 'real' world.


Serge's childhood sweetheart. Until Kid shows up, of course. In order to recruit her, you have to turn Kid down three times after you first meet her, otherwise she is Lost Forever as a recruitable character. When Serge meets the Leena from Another World, she does not believe him to be the dead Serge but a boy with memory disorder; she joins the player's party to help him recover.


""Humans are, like, totally powerless, dude! With crafty knowledge we may extend our lives a fraction, but we just extend our suffering, too. But in reality, all we can do is leave ourselves in nature's hands and die the way nature intends us to... That is the awesome truth!? Gnarly!"

A hippie-styled physician from Guldove, although he laments not being able to help some of his patients. He'll join you if you opt not to save Kid.


A baby dragon, hatched from an Egg MacGuffin.


A pirate. What more needs to be said? Originally a merc for the Dragoons, Fargo had a major falling out with General Viper, inspiring Fargo to become a marauder full-time. Lynx later fell in with Viper, causing problems for Fargo and his crew. They engendered the legend of the Ghost Ship to avoid detection, and used it to terrorize the high seas.


A formerly human mushroom enthusiast hit with a bad case of You Are What You Eat. Since this is obviously your fault, he demands to join your party in the hopes the Frozen Flame will return him to normal.


A young knight, and Dario's younger brother. He's an excellent swordsman and even has a double-tech with Serge. The path to recruiting him (which requires you to leave Kid to die) has led many a player to exclaim Guide Dang It.


"Wherever there is light, there is also shadow... So it is the light that gives birth to shadow! Ghetz, I now understand, amigo...! But is it too late...?"

Luchador-turned-priest from the Zenan Mainland who, after a rough time on the continent, moved to El Nido to atone. Greco became a wrestler at one point to, as he quoted, fulfill an "appetite for destruction." This dark period was alleviated through the sacrifice of a man named Ghetz, who gave his life to wake Greco up. He is introduced while on an exorcism assignment in Fossil Valley, presumably to get rid of Skelly, whose possessed skull is lying amidst the bones.


Cyborg officer of the Porre Military, and a much-touted "secret weapon." His creator, Luccia's brother, was killed in a lab explosion while grafting a relic from Chronopolis onto Grobyc's arm. This resulted in Grobyc's deployment being back a few years. Ironically, his current overseer, Norris, was behind the bombing as he feared the ramifications of Grobyc becoming too powerful. Grobyc, who admires strength, defects to Serge's party after the latter defeats him in a fight.


A mysterious masked man in Termina. He's one of the three possible candidates you can recruit to break in to Viper manor. Was supposed to be Magus, but they couldn't fit his story in so his backstory was removed at the last minute. The new ending to Chrono Trigger DS implies he is an amnesic Magus.


An enigmatic harlequin in Lynx's employ.


A mermaid from Marbule.


A bunnygirl demihuman found aboard the S.S. Zellbess, raising monsters to compete in "The Grand Slam." She'll join you if you can beat her.


One of the three Acacia Dragoons. He's a bit rough around the edges, but he's not a bad guy really.


A young ferryman from Guldove, who provides transportation to and from Termina. He's a bit hard-headed, and reluctantly ends up having to help out Serge and his friends. Has a crush on Kid, and will join you if you choose to save her.


A cute little girl improbably surviving within the primeval forest. She's stronger than most full-grown men.


A scientific genius of somewhat dubious ethical practice—but for all that she's a bit on the creepy side, on the balance she's more good than evil. While her name obviously evokes Lucca's, she is not an Expy of her but rather a colleague, who entrusted her with a letter intended for Kid.


Korcha and Mel's mother. She'll join you if you take the path not to save Kid.


Another of the Acacia Dragoons, she describes herself as the Diva of the Four Devas. You first meet her in Viper Manor. If Nikki's your guide, you'll learn that she's the sister he was looking for.


Korcha's little (adopted) sister. She'll join you if you take the path to save Kid, but only if you chase her down after she takes your Elements.


A dancer extraordinaire, and Niki's performing co-star. She'll join you after the concert in Guldove.


A voodoo doll made of straw. He is looking for his long-lost brother.


A plant-creature that is a creation of Luccia's. Requires a "Life Sparkle" to activate.


A melancholy rock star. He'll join you on one of the three paths to Viper Manor. Later we learn that he is Fargo's son.


An idealistic soldier from Porre. He'll join you in Home Termina.


Viper Manor's head cook.


An all-around Action Girl with Girlish Pigtails, and lightning fists. She is looking for her lost twin Tia.


A wimpy swordsman looking for an audience at Viper Manor. He'll join you on one of the three paths that lead there.


One of Luccia's experiments. He'll "evolve" in different ways depending on the kind of elements you use in battle.


A talking pink dog. She's the first character you can recruit, and the only character that can join you from either dimension.


Arni's village leader. He'll give you a tutorial at the beginning of the game, if you so desire.


A fairy who will join you if you take the path to save Kid. If you don't, she's, well... eaten.


Lord Viper's daughter. Was Dario's fiancee, and Karsh's unrequited crush.


A skeleton clown whose bones are scattered over the breadth of El Nido. If you collect them all, he can join your party.


A stage magician working on Fargo's cruise ship in Home, in order to pay off his gambling debts. (Fargo, in fact, exploits Sneff's gambling addiction and rigs the tables against him, so as to keep him in debt—and thus servitude—forever.) Is also in need of some serious dental work.


A Mystic who can use her dopplegang skill to mimic any monster she's KO'd in battle—or any monster KO'd by someone wearing the forget-me-not pot. One of her dopplegangs has a use in a rare Triple-Tech.


Is... an alien. He's looking for lost pieces of his crashed spaceship.


The Shrine Maiden in Home Guldove. (In Another, she is an apprentice as the head Priestess Direa is still alive.) She'll join you after you collect all of the Dragon Relics.


A fighting Turnip.


In Another, Van is a melancholy and somewhat spoiled son of a wealthy but emotionally distant businessman, but in Home, his father is an artist so ethically devoted to his craft that he can barely keep himself and his son fed, and as a result his son turned out a lot more practical-minded. The frugal, sarcastic Van is the one who joins your party, since you're after the Frozen Flame and he's hoping it'll pay the rent.

Lord Viper

The beloved lord of El Nido, a general of some renown. He is initially allied with Lynx, but is a good man regardless.


A blacksmith, and Karsh's father.


The Third Acacia Dragoon. HE TALKS IN ALL CAPS. That's... about it, really.



Serge's mother, who serves much the same function as Crono's mother in Trigger, although she is given a bit more characterization (and her own name).

The Shaker Brothers (Solt and Peppor)

Two bumbling henchmen that serve as recurring tutorial bosses and attempted comic relief.


Leena's Disappeared Dad. You'll find him at the center of the Dead Sea in Home. Defeating him re-opens the dimensions to give Serge a chance to retrieve his human body -- destroying the Time Distortion in the process.


The 14th Grandmaster of the Acacia Dragoons, Riddel's fiance, and Glenn's elder brother. Died mysteriously when he and longtime friendly rival Karsh went on an expedition to the Isle of the Damned...

While on the Isle, Dario discovered and was possessed by the evil of the Masamune, and with it tried to kill Karsh. Horrified, Karsh could barely bring himself to defend against him until Dario declared his intent to slate the Masamune's blade with Riddel's blood, upon Karsh went berserk and struck him down. While in Another he is presumed dead, in Home he survived, amnesiatic but still in (and under) possession of the evil blade. Your party can jog his memory with the right memento, triggering one of the hardest, (but most rewarding) boss fights in the game -- victory nets you Serge's Infinity+1 Sword, Riddel's L7 tech, a warm fuzzy feeling at the reunion of the star-crossed lovers and, of course, Bragging Rights Reward.


Was the 13th Grandmaster of the Acacia Dragoons, wielder of the Einlanzer, and father of Dario and Glenn. Was murdered by Radius when possessed by the evil spirit of the Masamune.

The Dragon Gods

Organic Technology from a universe where the Reptites lived (instead of humans), each representing one of the games six magical elements. Originally one being that was split into six by FATE.


A supercomputer built by Belthazar out of the old Mother Brain unit. Originally installed to monitor Chronopolis, FATE was left to fend for itself after Balthazar's botched experiment stranded the laboratory in the distant past. FATE, recognizing that it couldn't allow the facility—or the Frozen Flame—to come into contact with past civilizations, took measures to hide its existence by terraforming the El Nido archipelago and colonizing it with her human staff. FATE continues to subtly interfere in the settlers' lives, ostensibly to prevent them from interfering with history. FATE's goal is to possess Serge's body in order to get control of the Frozen Flame again.

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