Chrono Crusade/Ho Yay

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  • There's a bit of Ho Yay between Fiore and Shader in the Chrono Crusade manga. When we're first introduced to Shader, One of the first things she does is glomp Fiore and shout, "Marry me!" at the beginning of dinner. Is it just Shader being an overly affectionate Genki Girl? Maybe, but then there's the ending: When Satella and Fiore's frozen bodies are found and later mysteriously revived, Fiore ran off before anyone knew what was happening... to Shader. The next time we see her, she's seeing off her little sister Satella from afar before riding off into the sunset with the Catgirl on a motorcycle.
    • This transfers over to the anime, too, where Shader invites Fiore to give her a big hug (looking like she's ready to give the poor maid some Marshmallow Hell), and later tries to get Fiore to wear a dog-ear headband because she thinks it'd be cute.
  • The anime also gives Chrono and Aion some Ho Yay in flashbacks. One scene in particular shows Aion cupping Chrono's face and leaning in so close their lips are almost touching. This became squicky for some fans because the manga later revealed that Aion and Chrono are actually twin brothers.