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In the beginning the earth was without form, and void.
But the sun shone upon the sleeping earth,
And deep inside the brittle crust, massive forces waited to be unleashed.
The seas parted, and great continents were formed.
Mountains arose, earthquakes spawned massive tidal waves.
Volcanoes erupted and spewed forth fiery lava,
And charged the atmosphere with strange gasses.
Into this swirling maelstrom of fire and air and water,
The first stirrings of life appeared.
Tiny organisms, cells and amoeba, clinging to tiny sheltered habitats.
But the seeds of life grew, and strengthened, and spread, and diversified, and prospered.
And soon every continent and climate teemed with life.
And with life came instinct, and specialization, natural selection, reptiles, dinosaurs and mammals.
And finally there evolved a species known as man.
And there appeared the first faint glimmers of intelligence.
The fruits of intelligence were many:
Fire, tools, and weapons,
The hunt, farming, and the sharing of food,
The family, the village, and the tribe.
Now it required but one more ingredient:
A great leader to unite the quarrelling tribes,
To harness the power of the land,
To build a legacy that would stand the test of time:

Opening lines, Civilization and Civilization IV

Baba yetu, yetu uliye
Mbinguni yetu, yetu, amina
Baba yetu, yetu, uliye

Jina lako litukuzwe
—"Baba Yetu" (The Lord's Prayer paraphrased in Swahili), Civilization IV
Beep... beep... beep... beep...
Leonard Nimoy, quoting Sputnik I after the discovery of Satellites, Civilization IV
Your head would look good at the end of a pole.
The Player declaring war, Civilization IV
We grow tired of your insolence. Prepare for WAR!
The Player declaring war, Civilization III
I have discovered. I have led. I have conquered. I have inspired. I have built a civilisation to stand the test of time. What will your civilisation stand for?
Civilization V trailer
Our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!
Everyone who has the Nuclear Fission tech, Civilization and Civilization II, and Gandhi in Civilization V.
"O for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention! A kingdom for a stage, princes to act, and monarchs to behold the swelling scene. Think when we talk of horses, that you see them, printing their proud hoofs in the receiving earth; for 'tis your thoughts that must deck our kings, carrying them here and there, jumping o'er times, turning the accomplishments of many years into an hourglass. For the which supply, admit me chorus to this history; who prologue like your humble patience pray, gently to hear, kindly to judge, our play."
The Shakespeare's Theatre Wonder in Civilization II
We laugh at your empty threats.
The Player when rejecting a threatening opponent, Civilization
You will pay for this in time.
—A option for The Player after being mocked by another civ in Civilization V.

They believe you are a warmongering menace to the world!
You made an arrogant demand!
They covet lands you currently own!
They believe you are trying to win in a manner similar to them, and they don't like it!

—Your advisors regarding AIs in Civ 5.

Win with Science, Culture or Napalm
Watch out Gandhi might drop the A-Bomb
Try to show your neighbours you love them
Or just beat the dog-shit out of them

If the entire world is civilized, the barbarians will be gone.
—Civ 5 manual, "The End of Barbarians".

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