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Club Penguin Fanon Wiki by numerous CP fans

  • Recommended by XTUX 345
  • Synopsis: a large Club Penguin fan fiction resource which is constantly undergoing expansion. A wiki, it is fully editable by the community and is constantly undergoing expansion, with over 4,000 articles of fan fiction and fanon.
  • Tags: The largest Club Penguin Fan Fiction resource

From His POV by S Lila 315

  • Recommended by Jay Bird
  • Synopsis: A fanfiction containing Moe Anthropomorphism and telling the story of Herbert P. Bear through each of the Club Penguin missions through his point of view. Trope Codifier for most OcXCanon shipping fics, anthropomorphic fics, Herbert-sympathetic stories, etc. This fan-fic basically made the CP fanfic community what it is today, since it's the first continuing fanfiction in the genre.
  • Pairing(s): OcXHerbert

The Chronicles of Hipengy the Playa by Hipengy

  • Recommended by Jay Bird
  • Synopsis: This fanfiction seems to more closely follow actual gameplay rather than Club Penguin's missions. Follows the story of Hipengy, a "playa" who steals the hearts of girls and deals with the occasional Love Dodecahedron. Basically a giant parody of how people act on Club Penguin itself. The most famous CP fanfiction.
  • Pairing(s): HipengyX EVERYONE
  • Tags: Created CP's Crack Fic genre

Secret Agents Wanted by Illyria Lives

  • Recommended by Jay Bird
  • Synopsis: In this fanfic Jezebel Swan, (no relation to Bella Swan ) a poor girl, joins the PSA's Squad Delta. At first she's Only in It For the Money, but later forms a relationship with each member all while she and her teammates uncover a darker side of the island that they once did not know. Seems like a normal, if well-written PSA/EPF-based fanfiction at first, but branches off into a darker and more complex territory a couple of chapters in. Like the above fanfiction, it's humanized and features OCXCanon romance, but the similarities end there.
  • Pairing(s): OcXJet Pack Guy, RookieXOC, etc.
  • Tags: Beginning to border on Dark Fic and Deconstruction along with normal romance fic.