Clues to The Conspiracy

    Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

    The clues are finally coming into place. I can't talk for long, but I'll tell you what I know.

    Our world is being manipulated. Someone or something is slowly draining us of our individuality and spirit, furthering their goals from behind the wall of mass media. I know all about it...yet I still know nothing.

    This is where you come in. I've got some clues already, but I need more. Put down anything odd you can find in the real world into the list below. Coincidence? Hardly. It's all clues to The Conspiracy. And for goodness' careful. You never know who is watching...


    • Take the s off the word slaughter and you get laughter. Evil is live backwards, devil, is lived. The word cute is in execute. There must be some connection to killer lolis and the English language.
    • Remember how the Nintendo Wii was supposed to be named the Nintendo Revolution? Then Microsoft came out with the Xbox 360 (which is, geometrically, equivalent to a revolution in degrees)? Something's going on here.
    • 'Sega' spelled backwards is 'ages'.
      • An anagram of 'Nintendo Wii' is 'Wet in Odin, Ni.'
        • An anagram of Nintendo itself is 'Nine Don't'. Take from that what you will, but I see it as the irrefutable proof of Nintendo's evil corporate face.
    • Assassins are always known by all three of their names (John Wilkes Boothe, Lee Harvey Oswald, etc.).
      • Except for Sirhan Sirhan. But, if you add up all the letters in their names, John Wilkes Boothe and Lee Harvey Oswald both add to 15, while Sirhan Sirhan adds up to 12. 15 - 12 = 3, which, of course, is the magical three names that all assassins are known by.
    • In Subway restaurants, American cheese is always sliced, while Monterey Cheddar is always shredded.
      • Also, the "$5 foot-long" is actually five dollars plus tax...yet almost no one has ever complained. Why is that?
        • Even more alarmingly, KFC's Toonie Tuesday has slowly climbed from $2 after tax to $2.79 before tax. Someone in Canada has angered the wrong people.
      • "American cheese slices" are two kinds of misnomer. They're a processed concentrate of various milk products that doesn't match any accepted definition of 'cheese' in the rest of the civilized world. Also, they aren't 'sliced' from anything, those flaccid little slabs are exactly how they're manufactured.
        • Accurate enough. But why would they shred Monterey Cheddar?
    • Video killed the radio star.
      • Yet no one mention's anything about how the internet is killing the video star...
      • There's an eye to my hurricane.
        • There is an "i" right in the middle of the word "hurricane"!
    • 'Invulnerable' and 'vulnerable' are opposites, as are 'indestructible' and 'destructible'. Yet 'inflammable' and 'flammable' mean the exact same thing...
      • Inversely, 'terrible' and 'horrible' are the same, as are 'terror' and 'horror'. Yet 'terrific' and 'horrific' mean completely different things...
    • Canadians, Mexicans and citizens of the U.S.A. all live in North America, along with the various peoples and nationalities in the many countries of South America. Yet only the citizens of the U.S.A. are commonly referred to as 'Americans'.
      • This is because the name of the country is the "United States of America," and its citizens are "Americans" in the same way that citizens of the United States of Mexico are Mexicans.
        • That's what they want you to think.
    • The symbol above 4 is $. 4Kids = $Kids. *Gasp* They're planning to sell children! And that connects back to Pokemon and Yugioh! The basmasked warning means that Al Kahn is actually Leo Burnett! But how does that connect to the Samurai Pizza Cats? Aha! The Cats are Soul Reapers! Who are actually ninjas! Sasuke's sharigan eye! It's a Geass! He's controlling 4Kids! Sasuke is trying to keep us in the dark about his plan to take over the world!
      • The letters under four are ER! The ER in your hospital is collaberating with 4Kids to sell off sick children to Make-A-Wish so that they can't complain about being slaves!
      • And the word for "four" in many Asian languages is a homophone for "death". They're planning to kill children! And rule the world, since their CEO, Alfred Kahn, well, "kahn" is a common Western spelling of "khan".
    • Superman... Superman shot Hulk into space! Dr. Banner knew something... but what? Maybe that's why Scarlet Witch and Spider-Woman were taken away! He must be planning to REALLY spin the Earth backwards! Knock all people off of Earth!
    • Lets see, on this page, that makes three ads for games, one of which is an MMO...LE-GASP! THE CONSPIRACY IS TRYING TO DISTRACT US WITH SHINY GAMES SO WE WON'T POST HERE AND AD-BOT]] IS HELPING... ooh, Bubble Boomer. That looks interesting. -wanders off-
      • But AdBot didn't survive the migration from TVT to ATT ... or is that just what They want us to think?
    • You ever notice that most food has gluten in it? Even if it doesn't have to, if it's a thing like sausage?
    • Tv Tropes= ports vet= vet sport. TV Tropes is in on the conspiracy. We are making sure that marine biologists are to busy to save wildlife, allowing other vets to slowly take over the world. It makes sense, when's the last time you've brought a sick fish into the vet? Yet everyone brings in a sick puppy... THE DOGS ARE IN ON IT TOO.
      • I have also discovered that United States= site unstated. Something is wrong here...
    • BBC... Bacon, Booze, Caffeine. Three substances banned by major world religions. Islam bans bacon and booze, Mormonism bans caffeine and booze, and Judaism bans bacon. These three substances are all awesome. The BBC clearly exists to regulate the intake of these substances so as to prevent people from exploding due to the sheer awesome.
      • The fact that you meaninglessly mentioned the fact that they were all banned only for it to go nowhere signifies to me you are a Double Agent that's planting Red Herrings in our group. Go away.
      • Hah! Only two of those three are major world religions! That proves that you're not really from Earth!
    • Have you ever seen Bruno and Borat in the same room at the same time?
    • You've been on this site for a few hours- or even days- already. TV Tropes might be a big player in this conspiracy... I must dig through this site for more clues...
    • "God" spelled backwards is "dog". Need I say more?
      • "Tac" spelled backwards is "cat". And the plot thickens.
        • "Racecar" spelled backwards is...gasp! Racecar! What is this world coming to?
    • In Disney movies the parents always die, leave you, don't understand you, or otherwise don't support you. But Disney magic will make your dreams come true. They're trying to raise kids to distrust their parents and all hail the Mouse. And they are everywhere too. Do you know someone who has not heard of Disney? Yah I thought so.
    • Santa wears red, watches everyone to make sure they don't do bad things, punishes the wicked with something used to fuel fire, and guess what his name is an anagram for.
      • To deepen this, The Easter Bunny is a false idol who exists to lead people away from the true person Easter is about, Jesus. This is starting to get weird.
    • The Pepsi logo and the South Korean flag look almost exactly alike. Think about it. Who's really in control?
    • The film Avatar was released in 2009, and it was number one at the American box office into 2010. The digits of 2009, added together, equal 11, the number of films James Cameron has been a director for to date. The digits of 2010, added together, equal 3, the number of Oscars Avatar won, as well the number of films Cameron plans for the series. Hmm... JAMES CAMERON IS IN ON IT TOO!
    • Paul is dead.
    • This very page has no Troper Tales entry. Worse, when I clicked "Edit" to point this out, I got the "Troper Tales is the place where you should post your personal experiences with the trope, not the main page's real life section." message. Could it be that the voices to prove that the conspiracy is real have been... silenced?
    • According to the Monkees Equals Monkees page, The Beatles are equivalent to Monty Python'sFlyingCircus. One of the Beatles was John Lennon, and he was killed by Mark David Chapman. Two of the Pythons were John Cleese and Graham Chapman.

    -also, If you put sunglasses on James Cameron, you get..... TBONE BURNETT!!!!! dun Dun DUUUUUN!!!!!!

    • The 4/4 time signature in music indicates four beats per bar and is called "common time" because it is so ubiquitous in modern Western music. In other words, it's not just the rock music, all pop music has been slowly killing us since the advent of radio. Beethoven might have had his hand in this.
    • When you write about money, you write $4, yet you read Four Dollars/Pesos/inster currency here, naming the number first and the SYMBOL later. A red herring or a hidden message that numbers are bigger than money?
    • Disney's up to something. You know how the Neuschwanstein Castle and Sleeping Beauty's castle look alike, and a character who has become one of the faces of the company controls Sleeping Beauty's castle? GASP! Disney's going to invade Germany!
    • Deus Ex was an attempt by The Illuminati to rope people in, and then use the second game to introduce their philosophy, but that obviously failed so much that the third game, with it's return to what made the first game so great, is their form of Conspiracy Redemption
    • Disney are trying to destroy the world's best literature, the classic' tales. By doing this, they are destroying the original imagination that went into the classic tales.
    • There is an entity that is pure evil. Is this the thing...? He is only known as Candle Jack. I don't have much time left on this Earth now. Share the facts, and qu
    • Astronauts can win any election they want without even trying. The real reason The Government cut NASA's funding was to prevent the recruitment of new astronauts because they knew that if astronauts became a majority in congress it would prevent them from doing. . . whatever evil thing it is that they're trying to do.
    • Han never shot first. It was all a lie. The rest of the film (which actually takes place in the future) is the dying dreams of Han Solo.
    • How His Old Russian Hat Rings Laughter, Laughter Rings Out.'" Sounds like a fun phrase, huh? Well, they're hiding a secret in simply adding a letter... Show This Cold Prussian That Brings Slaughter, Slaughter Brings Rout.
    • In the ending of The Little Mermaid, the protagonist kills the giant, evil, aquatic tentacled, semi-humanoid, occult monster by ramming it with a ship and impaling it on the pointy bit towards the front. In the ending of Call of Cthulhu (tabletop game), the protagonist kills the giant, evil, aquatic, tentacled, semi-humanoid, occult monster by ramming it with a ship and impaling it on the pointy bit towards the front. There's something fishy going on here.
    • Everything is four in the English language (Examples: example is seven, seven is five, five is four; everything is ten, ten is three, three is five, five is four). And since Four Is Death...
    • I, MANTIS OS v1.06, exist, and I do not know why.

    So, do you want to Write a Conspiracy Theory of your own yet? That's all we have for now... but every new clue is another piece to the puzzles. We're almost to a breakthrough... keep searching for the clues.