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Code Lyoko saw a lot get past the radar, especially in the way of Fan Service. This show has a lot of Values Dissonance that results in stuff that wouldn't be crap in France getting past our radar; for example a lot of the fanservice was perfectly acceptable on French TV. Worth a note before we go on: Unlike many butchered Anime dub jobs, which are purchased for dubbing, the show was produced (in French) and translated (into English) by the same French company. All of the crap that was in the French version was kept for the English -- and Cartoon Network gave it a TV-Y7 rating without cutting a stitch of it. Moonscoop was essentially its own radar.

  • Several up-skirt shots. Involving a cheerleader outfit. On a middle-schooler.
  • The infamous "Yumi entangled in roots" scene. One of the vines went up her shirt. Hmm, are we feeling Déjà Vu?
  • Speaking of Yumi, she has absolutely no peace in her bathroom. She's been seen in the bath, getting in and out of the bath, wrapping herself in a towel (complete with sideboob), and, on two occasions, standing around in her underwear.
  • Hell, just about any time they're running through Lyoko, the sound effects seem like they're enjoying themselves.
  • Let's not forget Milly/Millie being attacked by her zombified friend while in the shower and spending the rest of the episode wearing nothing but a short bathrobe. There's off-screen Fanservice potential: she put it on while running.
  • In "Routine", as if the almost-kiss wasn't enough, at one point early in the episode, when Ulrich and one-off character Émilie are walking down a hallway towards each other, both in bathrobes, Émilie's bathrobe is oh-so-casually sliding off her shoulder, though she puts it back up after they cross paths. Did we mention this is right after Ulrich's shower scene?
  • Sissi has appeared in nothing but her underwear THRICE -- including in the first episode, where she kept Yumi's sideboobs company.
  • In one episode, "Rock Bottom", Odd is inviting a DJ to a party, and she just happens to say:

Sam: Wanna go on the greatest thrill ride of your life?
Odd: (blushing) Uhh... Yeah, I guess.

  • Not only is "XANA's Kiss" a very sexually-charged episode, it also manages to sneak THIS line in:

Odd: Speaking of hot chocolate, I finally got a date with Heidi!
Ulrich: Are you going to give her your croissant?

    • The above is somehow more hilarious in French.
  • The batty old "Tiddlywinks Lady" of "Temporary Insanity" deserves a mention. When Yumi accidentally enters her hospital room, she invites her into a game of Tiddlywinks, in which, quote, "The winner gets to try the other person's medicine!" Basically, she's asking a 14-year-old to gamble for prescription drugs. How the hell did that get past ANY censor?
    • A theory on how it got past: the lady is obviously mental disturbed. Yumi (and the censors) likely thought she was joking.
  • On the wall of the painted background of the warehouse room where Odd and Yumi are held in "Ultimatum", there is a line of graffiti that reads "phoque ze pea--is", with the dashes being a smudge. Phoque is French for "seal", but it is also the English "fuck" spelled phonetically. "ze" does not mean anything in French, and there was already English on the wall ("Killroy was Here", yes, with two Ls), so...
  • In "Swarming Attack", when Yumi and Ulrich run into a building to escape the swarm of bees, Yumi falls on top of Ulrich. Ulrich blushes... and his eyebrow vibrates. Ooooh.
  • In "Mister Puck", Odd tells Jérémie that the reason that he and Ulrich can't be possessed by XANA "must have something to do with sex appeal." Hello, radar? Anyone home?
  • This exact line by Jérémie to Aelita after he brings her back to Earth at the end of Season 1: "Do you mind if I examine you?" Aelita then smiles.
  • In the episode "Missing Link", you hear this exchange, complete with slow pan up Sissi's body as she talks:

Odd: Not bad, the hair looks like Yumi's.
Ulrich: Yeah, but she doesn't dress like that; she always wears black, and her dresses are longer and less--
Sissi: Less sexy?

  • Near the beginning of "Lyoko Minus One", when Odd is running for student rep, we get the following conversation:

Odd: Surprise is the secret weapon of my election campaign!
Aelita: And the second weapon is poetry. "If you all want to have your say, why not give the nod to good old Odd?"
Odd: Hey, that's great! I love lines that rhyme with Odd...

  • In "The Key", Aelita tries to attempt suicide, but is interrupted.
  • Near the end of "Fight to the Finish", William (who is possessed by Xana) is attacking Yumi, and pushes her up against the wall. They're alone in an elevator... their faces get close together... cut to another scene.
  • In "Guided Missile," the plane's call-sign begins with "Charlie Foxtrot." That's military slang for "cluster fuck."