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"Get out or stay and get weird. Your call, warden."


Alice and Bob are in Bob's bed having a... sexual interlude. In bursts a messenger — let's call her Carol — who has some important news to tell Bob. Instead of getting mad or awkwardly excusing himself so he can go take care of this new business in another room, Bob decides this development will not interrupt his activity. Instead, he remains in bed, completely naked, talking with the messenger as if he were sitting, fully-clothed, in his office. This chagrins and exasperates Alice; her reaction can be anything from active, cheek-burning shame to (if this sort of thing has happened before) boredom, impatience or disinterest.

It is important to note that the only people who are likely to engage in Coitus Uninterruptus are villainous characters, or those who are of ambiguous "morality", typically to disrespect and/or deliberately offend the viewing character. A heroic character would usually feel some amount of anger or embarrassment upon being interrupted in this way, and would attempt to protect the modesty of his partner, whom he presumably would not want to subject to the associates' or strangers' gawking. Since perversion is a common trait among villains (as a way of marking them as unsuitable partners), Coitus Uninterruptus is a good way to show that a bad guy is particularly nasty. Villains who are extremely nasty may not even bother to stop the sex act once Carol has burst in through the door, instead continuing to bump and grind away while ordering him or her around. Disgust may register Alice or Carol's face, but neither of them will dare speak a word of protest, since it's obvious such a villain has very little empathy for other people, and might even be in the habit of killing underlings for the slightest infractions.

One less common form of Coitus Uninterruptus is to have a Alice and Bob engage in sex while in the presence of other people, who might watch or simply go about their business, taking no notice. Again, it's usually villains or the morally ambiguous characters who have a tendency for this sort of behavior -- at least in non-pornographic movies—although heroic types who are labeled as "sexually adventurous" might engage in it as well (they'll be less inclined to allow young children to witness it, though). In more recent works, protagonists may engage in Coitus Uninterruptus in order to show their coolness, aloofness, or just plain general superiority to other characters (i.e. "common" people). Or conceivably it could even be used in a stressful or dangerous situation, as an extremely eccentric version of Stiff Upper Lip. Like the villains, they are putting down the lesser characters by showing no respect for their sensibilities while making a general territorial statement.

Related to Make-Out Kids, which is a PG rated version of this trope.

No real life examples, please; this is All The Tropes, not Tropes After Dark.

Examples of Coitus Uninterruptus include:

Anime and Manga

  • This sort of thing happens in far too many Hentai anime to count, although that could be partly explained by sex being a pervasive part of all daily activities in such shows.
    • Undoubtedly, most of the time the one catching the act ends up joining them. Either by force or on their own uncontrollable restraint, things just get more interesting regardless.
    • One of the weirdest cases was in Another Lady Innocent, when a teenage girl walks in on her rich father while he's screwing one of his maids. She hugs him as both of them finish up and doesn't even seem to notice this going on. Then again, A) the maids wear dresses that don't cover anything and B) she has had sex herself with one of the grooms and his sister more than once. So probably she just didn't care.
    • This occurs in the second episode of Moonlight Lady, when Suzuna finds her fiance and her maid, er...having a nighttime stroll. The two keep at it long after Suzuna leaves, well into the beginning of the next episode, what's more!
  • In Kite, the Big Bad Akai walks in on his partner Kanye having sex with what looks like a prepubescent girl. Kanye stops, draws his gun, sighs, says "Oh, it's just you," and then continues on with the sex.
  • Nakago from Fushigi Yuugi experienced both sides of this phenomenon, once as the villain being interrupted (by an underling who burst in on him while he was undergoing a healing sex treatment) and once as the messenger, delivering news to the perverted Kutou emperor, who was engaged with a pair of creepily laughing concubines at the time.
  • The ORGA children from the anime Gilgamesh break into the bedroom of the series' Psycho for Hire with the intention of asking him a few plot-pertinent questions only to find him in flagrante delicto. He's thoughtful enough to answer their questions (although whilst being unashamedly naked for the first few exchanges).
  • In Ninja Scroll, at one point Kagero reports a massacre to her chamberlain. He's preoccupied. She's disgusted...and possibly jealous, depending on how you interpret the face she makes, since she's pretty much the definition of Can't Have Sex Ever.
  • Golgo 13 has occasionally had informants walk in on him while he was screwing a random female, all the while his expression doesn't change one bit.
    • On one occasion, police officers arrested him while he was having sex. When he stood up, he didn't... how shall we put this... "lay down". One cop was surprised, the other disgusted.
  • Happens in Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny, where Kakuka from Kyoushou's Power Trio and his girlfriend Kaku Bunwa like to discuss strategies when they're having sex.
  • Played sickeningly straight in Monster during a scene in which a child wandering around a red light district finds a man about to have sex with a prostitute in a back alley. The man actually tells the child to watch what he's going to do.
    • Made worse by the fact that A) He's a school teacher and B) pays the child afterwards
  • In the rather unsubtle Seinen manga Ubel Blatt, one major villain—a huge man—is introduced raping a small young girl who goes unnamed. When he is interrupted, he doesn't stop—he murders one of the two messengers by punching through his head, then, once he's done, he hands the young girl off to his horse. Only then does he address the messengers directly. Whether she's killed or not isn't shown, but she gets a very long scream for someone who's being trampled.
  • The Big Bad of the Meiou Project Zeorymer manga is a picture-perfect example of the "doesn't stop having sex even after the messenger bursts in" example given at the top of this page.
  • In the beginning of Samurai Champloo, the daimyo's son openly fondles the breasts of one of the women who are with him, while ordering food at Fuu's resturant.
  • Non-villainous example: In Hare+ Guu, the stupid couple lives up to their name when Marie (who was trying to get Hare to like her) asked them how they met and fell in love. They proceed to reminisce and reenact the whole thing, including having sex right in front of the 11 year old girl.
  • Misaki and Usami in Junjou Romantica are walked in on twice; once by Aikawa, second time by Aikawa and Isaka. Usami doesn't seem to care that much, while Misaki tries to flee for his life. Isaka as far as sits on the bedside and says he'll give them ten minutes to finish up and then keeps sitting on the bedside.
    • Usagi is not happy about the interruption. However, considering the fact that he's a BunnyEarsWriter who is notorious with deadlines to the point that Aikawa has almost killed him (literally) on 5 separate occasions trying to get the work in on time, the only thing either Isaka (childhood friend and head editor) or Aikawa (battle-hardened personal editor) think about is those elusive manuscripts (and getting him to even try to promote his books)! Poor Misaki...
  • This trope is played with, er, more than once in the manga Our Kingdom where Rei will frequently be trying to make-out with Akira when someone walks in on them. Akira's reaction? Horrified embarrassment and denial. Rei's reaction? Kick them out (viciously) and get back to what he was trying to accomplish.
  • This, combined with Not What It Looks Like, happens in the second episode of the second season of The Familiar of Zero. Early that morning, Agnes, one of the knights of the realm, barges into Louise's room to report that Princess Henrietta (a close childhood friend of Louise's) has been kidnapped. The camera pans down to reveal... Louise, shirt half open, breathing heavily, and gripping a riding crop. Saito is shirtless, unconscious, and covered in scratches and bruises. Awkward.
    • This trope is averted three times in one episode, twice by Saito and Henrietta, once by Louise and Agnes.
  • In one episode of Yosuga no Sora, Sora walks in on her brother having sex. Instead of stopping when he sees her standing there, he just looks at her as he continues thrusting.
  • In Berserk, a messenger from the King of Midland barges in on the apostle Wyald while he's having sex with one of the dozens of women that are in the room who are most likely there by force since his motto is "Enjoyment and Excitement" which translated to "rape is my pastime."
    • Being the Complete Monster that he is, Wyald goes one better and finishes up with the woman by choking her to death.
  • In Anne Freaks, while no-one walks in on the couple, answering the telephone during intercourse seems nothing extraordinary.

Comic Books

  • In one story in Phil Foglio's XXXenophile ("K'nitchers at an Exhibition"), a human official's wife starts to get frisky with him during a meeting with the extremely non-human locals. Very frisky. At the end of the meeting, he worries about having offended the locals. The wife replies they were more likely to offend the houseplants... and in another room, the head local and his companions have much the same discussion.
  • In The Eternal, Ikaeden goes to talk with Kurassus while the latter is indulging his extreme tastes with some sex slaves, two of whom might already be dead (one's in a gas mask, another's hanging over a fire, and the other is bent over in front of him as he slices up her backside). Not only does he invite his commanding officer in; in the middle of the conversation, he breaks off mid-sentence: "Of course, Ikaeden, I -- their openings are much better when they are cut wider..."
  • In Artesia Afield, the Palatian mercenary captain Daemander gives a Camp Follower the business in the same tent as several of his lieutenants discussing their employer (Artesia herself). It's the second kind, since the lieutenants obviously find nothing strange about Daemander's actions and don't even take any notice. He only stops pounding the girl when he detects Artesia and her two bodyguards in the tent using an invisibility spell.
  • One issue of The Outsiders had Starfire and Jade walking into Shift (a kind of clone of Metamorpho) and Indigo (a robot from the future) having very strange sex in the Pequod. Indigo sensed them coming, but didn't want to spoil the mood.
  • One story in Cherry Comics had Cherry carrying on a phone conversation with her boyfriend while Ellie Dee performed cunnilingus on her.
  • Dominic Fortune has a double example where one man is having sex with a callgirl while on the phone to another man who is being orally serviced by his secretary. Both men are apparently able to keep the conversation going without the other man being aware.

Fan Works

  • Happens in Sirius Orion Black by "VintageOppression", a Sirius/Lupin Harry Potter fic. Made hilarious by how nonchalant the person walking in on them is.



M: Well done on your mission, 007! We're patching you into a live video feed to the Palace and the White House, without first checking to see if you're having sex!

    • Similarly, in Quantum of Solace, Bond answers the door naked. Neither he nor Mathis even allude to the fact that he has no pants.
  • Most famously subverted in Boogie Nights, where the porn-star wife of a man (William H. Macy) engages in Coitus Uninterruptus with other partners right in front of him, on a regular basis; eventually he gets fed up, and ends up fatally shooting her, her lover(s), and then finally himself.
  • The film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves portrays the Sheriff of Nottingham as an unrepentant pervert who won't even allow his sex partners to cover up during Coitus Uninterruptus. Late in the movie, he also attempts to rape Maid Marian in full view of priest and witnesses during their wedding.
  • In an extreme and probably the greatest example, the movie Shoot Em Up has the protagonist in a gunfight with five men, while having sex at the same time. Apparently great sex, to judge by Monica Bellucci's reaction, though that might have at least partially been screams of fear.
  • In the Dirty Harry film Sudden Impact, one of the male villains is having rough sex with a woman, and hurting her, and enjoying that it hurts her, when the phone rings. He continues to have painful (to her) sex with this woman, while on the phone, after answering the phone with an obscene response.
  • Implied in Michael Bay's Transformers, with Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox making out on Bumblebee's bonnet, while the other Autobots look on.
    • And Bumblebee was his first Lemon.
    • If you have sex in the back seat of a transforming car, is it a threesome?
      • It may be, judging by Bumblebee's expression here.
  • Appears (the extreme version) in Shakespeare in Love during a conversation between Kit Marlowe and Richard Burbage. Possible subversion in that none of the characters involved is really a villain, and none of them seems particularly disturbed about it. Marlowe mildly scolds Burbage for wasting his energy, and then proceeds to carry out a perfectly normal conversation.
  • Very early on, American Pie presents: Beta House gives us an example of the "morally ambiguous" variety.
    • Likewise, the third American Pie has Jim talking to his father in his restaurant...while Michelle is under the table (need I say more?). When he's forced to stand up at a certain point, the other patrons are shocked.
  • The scene in Eurotrip where Jamie gets mugged while the camera store girl is giving him a blowjob. Jamie is too ecstatic to care that he's handing over all the group's passports and money.
  • In the movie Where The Truth Lies, Kevin Bacon's character measures his flings by how they react to being seen naked by hotel staff, although usually not during but immediately after sex.
  • Not precisely coitus, but at similar least nonchalant nudity is shown in Tomb Raider, where Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) walks naked in front of her butler, in a show of utter contempt for the idea he put forth of her acting like a proper "lady" (She IS "Lady Croft", after all, in the titled sense) and being a lady entails wearing dresses, not running around naked in front of your butler.
    • Truth in Television - the "hired help" don't count as people when the upper crust bathe and get dressed.
  • Similarly, in Basic Instinct the villainess (Sharon Stone) casually changes her clothes in front of the police-detective hero (Michael Douglas) in a similar show of contempt.
    • Later, Nick has a hostile discussion with Roxy (Catherine's lesbian lover) just after having had sex with Catherine himself as if he were fully clothed, for much the same reason.
  • When Tom Cruise's character in Vanilla Sky is having sex with the woman he loves (Penélope Cruz) he sees her face transform into Cameron Diaz, whom he has bedded before but does not love. He becomes confused and disgusted by what is happening but continues screwing her anyway, until he asphyxiates her with a pillow.
  • Brazilian movie Divã had protagonist Mercedes going after her friend's daughter for advice. The girl is having sex when she was supposed to be studying ("I'm giving it a break" "Yeah, you're giving in"). Mercedes just closes the door and talks with the girl from outside (of course for one of the questions, Mercedes just assumed the moaning was the answer).
  • In one scene of the 2009 Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans, a drug starved McDonagh harasses a couple and illegally searches them for drugs. The girl, who has a pipe and a stash on her, shotguns with him to avoid any trouble. It turns into a bit of tongue wrestling that spirals into them pants-less and bumping bits in front of her boyfriend on the hood of his car. But what really nails this scene to the trope is when the disgusted boyfriend tries to leave and McDonagh shoots his gun in the air and orders his audience to keep watching. He later regrets that it was heroin he smoked with her and not cocaine.
  • In the Australian film Strictly Ballroom, not only does the villain get a phone call while having sex with his wife, but after hanging up he proceeds to gripe about it to her while she's still gasping in ecstasy.
  • In Class Act when Duncan is caught having sex with Damita by his dad. He didn't exactly get out of position. Then again, he was probably stunned by how happy his dad was that he wasn't gay.
  • Subverted in the 2004 movie Crash. Detective Graham Waters (played by Don Cheadle) is having sex when his mother calls asking about his missing younger brother. He hangs up, telling her he can't talk because "I'm having sex with a white woman." The white Hispanic lady in question is not amused at his dismissive treatment of his family and interrupts coitus herself.
  • The Cook the Thief His Wife And Her Lover is a very surreal movie in which the Wife and Lover have sex in the kitchen of a restaurant while the staff continues working around them.


  • An absolutely rubber-stamp instance of Coitus Uninterruptus exists in the James Swain novel Grift Sense .
  • The main villain in Silver Wolf, Black Falcon is mentioned doing this. Though he dismisses the woman (who never appears again and never had a name in the first place) once he realizes how important the message is.
  • In The Culture novel The Use of Weapons, a flashback from the protagonist's life shows Elethiomel pissing off his step-brother through this trope. Cheradenine had heard his sister crying out, and when he goes to see what happened, finds her having sex with Elethiomel, who greets him nonchalantly. Cheradenine then runs out, while his sister cries and Elethiomel laughs.
  • Played entirely straight in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The Man doesn't even pull out or wilt, just pauses for a few seconds while people pass the bush he's behind.
  • When Jagang first corrupts the Sisters of the Light in the Sword of Truth series, it's strongly implied that he is getting a blowjob from several already corrupted ones while he is speaking to them.
  • In Eric Flint's Forward The Mage, the notorious highway robber Rascogne de Sevigneois simultaneously makes love to one of the passengers of the stagecoach he's robbing, and fights a duel with another passenger who takes exception to him seducing another man's wife. It's implied that the only things visible are Rascogne's head and sword arm.
  • The Shadow of the Lion has a rare example with sympathetic characters, when Francesca saves Erik and Manfred from the schiopettieri.
  • Subverted in A Game of Thrones: Maester Luwin walks into the room just after the Ned and Catelyn Stark had sex to deliver a message to the latter. Catelyn reads it then gets up completely naked to burn it in the fireplace. When Ned is taken aback at this, Catelyn points out that Luwin has delivered all their children.
  • In Wizard and Glass, villain Eldred Jonas is having sex with his mistress when they hear an oil patch getting blown up by the heroes. They don't stop, because they "had reached the point where it was impossible to stop, even under threat of death or dismemberment."
  • The book WTF!? Survival Guide lists one of the things to do if your partner gets a phone call during nookie as "Make a game of it!" see how long your partner can remain coherent while you screw her while she's on the phone, and maybe even let the other guy play too!
    • Similarly, in the novel Sleeping Around by Catherine Townsend, the protagonist types up an article on a Blackberry and calls her boss to make sure it's been received, all while her boyfriend is going down on her.
  • Harry Dresden walks in on Ms. Demeter sitting on John Marcone's lap near the end of White Night. Being a Deadpan Snarker to the fullest, he immediately curses himself...for not arriving ten minutes later, as he would have then walked in "in media res", which would have been infinitely more awkward for Marcone.
  • Allen Steele's A King Of Infinite Spaces has a slight subversion. The guy doing it is portraying a slave-owning villain, and part of that is a very public blowjob, all to get the protagonist to man up, escape, and try to rescue his girlfriend. It's part of a Batman Gambit.
  • In the Herman Wouk novel Don't Stop the Carnival, the main character buys a hotel on a Caribbean island, but runs into many problems in the very first day. One of these is that when a middle-aged couple go to their room, they catch the bartender having sex with one of the maids. What really shocks them is that he doesn't even stop, just says something like "Oh, hello, I though you checked out".
  • A rare version of Played for Laughs in one Stephanie Plum novel: Stephanie and Lula walk in on a skip and her boyfriend in the middle of an enthusiastic make-up. Stephanie is embarrassed but former hooker Lula just critiques the woman's performance.
  • In the Dale Brown novel Sky Masters a redshirt takes an alert call while he is getting disinterestedly... serviced.

Live-Action TV

  • Baltar on Battlestar Galactica would often have this happen with his Not-So-Imaginary Friend.
  • Played straight on True Blood: Sookie and Pam walk in on Eric entertaining Yvetta for six hours straight in his basement. He casually leaves the dancer, still chained up, to discuss the whereabouts of her fiance in his altogether.
  • House conducted a meeting with his team while lying in bed with a hooker. Several times. In one episode.
  • Rome's Atia frequently engages in sex whilst household servants are about. This says more about her character than it does about how historical concepts of privacy may have differed from our own. Marc Antony, from the same series, also is a frequent engager of public sex (once stopping his entire legion to rape a shepherd girl) and he's also portrayed as a mean, predatory character.
  • Averted - sort of - in Gossip Girl. Serena walks in and has a whole conversation with Blair, completely unaware that Chuck is under the covers saying good morning.
  • In Episode 9 of Band of Brothers, this trope is subverted, as Captain Speirs walks in on Private Janovec having an "intimate moment" with a German fraulein. Naturally, Janovec gets out of bed and salutes Speirs. (No, not THAT way!)
  • Occurs in Angel's fifth season, though not for the usual reasons—Eve and Angel are under a spell forcing them to carry out Lorne's (unintentional) instructions, and if other people want to walk into the room and discuss what's causing everyone to behave oddly, they'll just have to deal.
  • In the HBO miniseries John Adams, of all things, the title character bursts into Benjamin Franklin's suite to find him engaged in a game of bathtub chess with a French noblewoman. Seeing as how it is 1777 and all, Adams finds the scene so scandalous that he barely manages to stammer that Franklin has been appointed as lead ambassador.
  • Queer as Folk has Brian Kinney, local Casanova, engaging in various sexual acts with a pair of twins. He is interrupted in the throes of passion by a phone call informing him that his father has passed away. The twins express their condolences, and suggest they leave. Brian's response? "Who told you to stop?"
  • Friends brought us Joey's (offshot, though audible) performance in a porn movie. In which he performs this trope as a photocopier repair man.
    • "That's not good for the paper tray!"
  • Used as a standard running gag on the HBO series Sex and the City, in order to underscore the women-characters as being liberated (or jaded) beyond modesty.
    • Samantha and Richard are engaged in sex on his private jet, while both casually converse with the Pilot who walks in, embarrassed.
    • Charlotte is having sex with her husband, Trey, while his mother Bunny barges into their apartment unannounced; rather than being embarrassed and covering up, both simply laugh at Bunny, embarrassing her into never bothering her again (see "territorial dominance," below).
    • Samantha is having sex Basic Instinct style with a villain, when the police barge in to arrest him; unfazed, she calmly asks what the problem is, and the embarrassed officers ask her to "please remove your handcuffs from him, so we can put on ours."
  • In Nip Tuck, Escobar Gallardo uses this to intimidate Sean. Paraphrased from memory: "This[i.e. the random girl he's plowing] could be you... or your wife".
  • The UK comedy Shameless. Fiona walks in on Kev and Veronica in the act. "Sorry, I came in the back way." "You're not the only one." After Fiona's asked what she came over to ask, they're right back at it. Almost before Fiona's even off-screen.
  • In Christopher Titus's comedy special Love is Evol, he tells the story of his own conception. It involves his father going to his ex-girlfriend's (Titus' mother) house which eventually leads to sex. In the middle of it, her new boyfriend shows up, banging on the front door and crying. The elder Titus reviews his options:

I figured I could stop and be offended, or... I could get louder and become the offender.

  • There's a scene in Farscape where Crichton walks in on D'Argo and Chiana. Funny because it happens twice in one episode - the first time Crichton is suitably distraught, but the second time he's so upset that he just sits down right there and starts talking to D'Argo (even casually acknowledging Chiana partway through), prompting D'Argo to say sarcastically, "Well, why don't you just sit down and tell us all about it?".
  • Obligatory Firefly reference. In the episode "Out of Gas", we see a flashback where Mal goes to the engine room to get a status report on repairs to find the mechanic he employed at the time, Bester, busily putting it to a local girl with a starship fetish. Bester had... a hard time pulling himself away from his new friend to tell Mal why the ship wasn't fixed yet. It turned out the girl in question was Mal's future mechanic Kaylee, who proceeded to impress Mal by correctly diagnosing and fixing the engine problem.
    • It's even implied that she had only joined him to get a look at the engines, and was busy diagnosing the problem which he was occupied. She had no problem discussing the ships troubles with Mal, immediately after standing.
      • Kaylee really likes engines.
  • A version of this trope appears in the Torchwood episode "Adrift". Gwen walks in on Jack and Ianto having sex, or getting there (lots of really heavy making out and both are shirtless, but we don't see if there are pants). She's embarrassed and leaves, but Ianto chases after her (after putting a shirt on) to find out what she wanted. Jack makes a half-hearted attempt at putting his own shirt on and likewise goes to find out what she wants. Once they talk to her, Jack immediately calls Ianto back to the other room to continue sexy-time. While Gwen is still standing there.
  • In the UK Coupling Jane and Oliver's first time is interrupted by Steve to tell them Susan was having a baby. Steve and Susan then stay to chat.
  • In the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode "The Larry David Sandwich", Larry answers a phone call while having sex with his wife. She's quite upset about it, and when he hangs up, she tells him to "get off".
  • The Misfits Christmas Special features an embittered, corrupt Priest counting some wads of stolen money and receiving oral sex from a girl in a Santa hat (for extra evil points, she's under the influence of a sex-pheromone-manipulating superpower at the time, so he's actually sexually assaulting her). When he is interrupted by a group of six people, he just holds a conversation with them as though absolutely nothing unusual was happening. Although he does pull a few interesting facial expressions.
  • Snuff Box Matt is interrupted by the girl he's screwing's boyfriend, while being filmed by his own date: "Either go away or stay and watch. Either way, shut up!"
  • In one episode of Brothers and Sisters, Kevin and Luke are just about to have sex when Sarah's great timing makes her knock at their door at this precise moment, prompting Luke to call her "Sarah Interruptus".
  • Recurring sketch "The Shags" in The Fast Show features a couple having sex while, for example, the removal men carry their bed into their new home (they cheerfully tell the jaw-dropped neighbours how pleased they are to meet them).
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In "Smashed" Buffy and Spike are making out so passionately they don't even notice the building is collapsing around them, including a massive beam that crashes to the floor seconds after they've moved out of its way.
  • Happens occasionally in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Lucretia and Batiatus casually discuss business while stripping and being "fluffed" by their slaves before sex, without ever even looking at them. Barca and Pietros also have sex in their cell, within plain view of anyone who walks by; but really, where else could they go?


  • Dar Williams' "The Pointless, Yet Poignant Crisis of a Co-ed":

Well sometimes, life gives us lessons sent in ridiculous packaging
And so I found him in the arms of a Student Against the Treacherous Use of Fur
And he gave no apology
He just turned to me, stoned out to the edge of oblivion
He didn't pull up the sheets, and I think he even smiled as he said to me:
"Well, I guess our dreams went up in smoke - heh, heh"

  • Dillie Keene's song "Dogging," about an older couple making out (and then some) in their new car. Eventually, a crowd gathers, the police arrive and join in the fun as does a film crew and gives the couple a spot on a new TV program
  • In The-Dream's "I Love Your Girl", rapper Young Jeezy who makes a guest appearance describes himself as the "Type of nigga to take a phone call while he serving you".

Video Games

  • In The Sims 2 if you get a pair of characters to "woohoo" in the changing room of a clothing store, any other characters in the clothing store will cheer for you.
    • Which can lead to unintentional comedy if the audience includes the sim's family members.
    • Well, some of them just look exasperated. Especially the cashiers. Also, this works for photobooths too.
    • Better yet, they seem completely oblivious even when "woohooing" in their homes/hotels/etc. They won't "start" woohooing in bed or in the hot tub with other sims in the room, but once they're in the middle of it, any number of sims can walk in and out as they please.
    • It gets slightly disturbing if you get your sim to tell their cat/dog to "try for kitten/puppy". Assuming the cat/dog accepts, upon entering a kennel any sim in the vicinity will then run to the kennel where the cats/dogs are "dancing the horizontal tango", and will then proceed to cheer....
    • Averted in the original The Sims, though—other Sims walking in (in the relatively few circumstances when Sims could actually "woohoo") would cause the woohoo-ers to break it up.
    • Also averted in Sims 3 if you have a couple attempt to go for it at a stranger's house, you'll be called out for inappropriate behaviour and kicked out.

Western Animation

  • In Titan Maximum, Gibbs is such a Magnificent Bastard he is able to do this without even his partner Jodi noticing that he is given instructions to his assistant Claire who is video taping it and even using Authentication by Newspaper to prove the date.
  • In Archer, it appears that the major problem that caused Lana to break up with Archer was his habit of accepting phone calls from his mother during sex, without even pausing the act.

Archer: "It's OK, I can do both".

    • Or receiving oral from submerged hookers in a hot tub while talking to his ma=other.


Web Originals

  • In Survival of the Fittest, Marybeth Witherspoon walks in on Maxwell Lombardi and Clio Gabriella in the middle of coitus. The two killers among the highest ranked in V4 at that time waste no time in pumping her full of bullets.