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There once was a troper, it's said

Who wasn't quite right in the head
Told to write a haiku
He knew not what to do

And wrote down a limerick instead


Omega 3 oils
This format is Japanese
Do not eat the fish.

—SheepInWolfClothing (Referencing the recent radiation scares, originally posted on Brain Food)

One two three four five.
One two three four five six sept.
One two three four five.

—Wanderlust Warrior

How do I write haiku?
I believe it's supposed to be
Six, eight, and six. Correct?


I shall feed him and love him and call him George

Why don't the bad guys just shoot James Bond?

While I was browsing TV Tropes one night

I came upon a frightful scary sight.
A page not made for meter sweet as love--
Iambic, it is called, pentameter,
Far greater than Haiku, I say, for lo!
Haiku is far too short for epic tales.
Long-suffering Odysseus once sailed
Across the wine-dark sea back to his home.
This meter I am writing in right now
Could tell a tale like that no problem, but
Haiku just fails at being poetry.


I can't believe you!
I defy you to show me
Any "wine-dark sea"!

—Sensei Le Roof

I couldn't think of
Anything cool to say here,
But I like Swiss cheese.


Calamity Jane

They just don't get it.
Wait... this isn't laconic?
I hate poetry!


My house is on fire...
The worst part about this is
It's a little hot.

—RL Yoshi