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  • Community: The Dean and Jeff everybody.
  • And Troy and Abed.
    • The 'Somewhere Out There' duet.
    • From "Politics of Human Sexuality"... Troy, on playing basketball with Abed: "It's impossible to guard you -- your eyes are too gentle and mysterious."
    • From "Romantic Expressionism":

Annie: "Troy... the other day, after Spanish, I thought he was trying to hold my hand, but... he'd just mistaken me for Abed."

      • Troy describing Abed as his other half.
      • "They're just jealous."
      • It's heavily implied in their Kickpuncher tag that they've recreated at least one sex scene together.
    • In Physical Education, after Abed says, "Truth is, lots of girls like me, because, let's face it, I'm pretty adorable," Troy can be seen nodding in affirmation.
    • Their "Awesome Elevator" routine, in which they sink down to the ground and very quickly switch shirts before rising back up again. Troy follows it up with a somewhat suggestive "That was awesome."
    • The end tag of Modern Warfare has Troy obsessively re-recording a voice message for Abed... about meeting up with him in ten minutes. His level of fretting is not unlike that of a dedicated significant other, and this is acknowledged by Jeff as he cuts in to get the recording process over with.

Jeff: Hey Abed. Your girlfriend will meet you at the flagpole in ten minutes. Goodbye.

    • In "Epidemiology," Troy is shunned by a group of girls who are put off by his and Abed's excessively nerdy Halloween costumes, and realizes how far he has fallen from his Jerk Jock days in high school. Blaming Abed for his loss of social status, he changes into a "sexy" costume and proceeds to treat Abed as an embarrassment and liability... however, shortly afterward the party is overcome by a zombie epidemic with Troy and Abed as the last people standing. They end up trapped in the corner of an Abandoned Warehouse with a window allowing only one person to escape. Abed sacrifices himself in order to get Troy through the window, and in the last moments before Abed is overcome by the zombies, Troy looks back and says "I love you"... to which Abed responds with the classic "I know" from Star Wars. The whole moment is incredibly romantic and drips Anguished Declaration of Love, especially considering the fact that Troy has no apparent reference in mind when he chooses to tell Abed that he loves him. In fact, Abed turning the moment into a reference is the only thing keeping the scene from being viewed as a legitimate confession on Troy's part. Of course, neither of them remember it afterward, but the point still stands.
    • Everything to do with Abed in "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons". Aside from his flirting with Jeff and implications that his character wants to have sex with Jeff's... he ultimately has sex with Annie's character, while she plays an attractive man called "Hector the Well-Endowed", which Abed wrote for Troy.
    • After Troy and Abed spend almost the entirety of 'Early 21st Century Romanticism' competing over a girl (in a way that they specifically designed to be a civil as possible so that neither would compromise the other's feelings), she eventually chooses Troy. Troy's almost immediate reaction is to ask her what she didn't like about Abed, becoming defensive when she implies that he was not a romantic option because he's "weird", and storming out to rejoin Abed and have a heartfelt conversation with him.

Troy: There's someone out there for us.
Abed: Happy Valentine's Day.
Troy: It is now. (They hug, and the aforementioned girl walks past, giving them a strange look.) Ignore her.

    • In 'Biology 101' Troy and Abed officially state that they "have an announcement to make..." (cue uncertain looks from the rest of the group) ...they're moving in together. Later, we discover that they name their apartment Trobed. Seriously.
    • After Shirley's pies burn in her timeline in Remedial Chaos Theory, she accuses the rest of the group of being "horny toads who sit around all night just making googly eyes at each other". This prompts the rest of the group to give each other significant looks, the combinations of characters consisting of Annie and Jeff, Jeff and Britta, Britta and Troy, and Troy and Abed (complete with suggestive eyebrows on Abed's part). Also worth mentioning is the fact that apart from the latter, all of these pairings have definitively been canon at some point.
    • In "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps," the study group is telling scary stories. Britta's, Abed's, and Annie's stories all feature two main characters who are involved in some sort of romance. The next story is Troy's, which opens with... he and Abed as Top Gun fighter pilots. Troy is carrying an injured Abed bridal-style through the door of a cabin. Then Pierce (a "crazy, old, racist doctor") drugs them, and they wake up under a blanket together on an operating table. Pierce pulls the blanket off and reveals that he's sewn them together. They proceed to look at each other and yell "FORCED TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER!" ... a situation they appear more than content with.
      • What amps up the homoeroticism even more is the fact that in the purple prose romance story right before Troy's, Jeff bridal-carries Annie in the same way that Troy carries Abed in his story.
    • The entire "Contemporary Impressionists"/"Digital Exploration of Interior Design"/"Pillows and Blankets" story arc. After Troy's sincere and loving defense of Abed's Cloudcuckoolander status to the rest of the group, Troy and Abed get in what is implied to be their first real argument (after Abed's childishness and irresponsibility crosses a line Troy isn't willing to support), and the storyline is played like a rift in a romantic relationship. This spills over into the rest of their interactions, until everyone from creepy air-conditioning-repair magnates to evil goatee'd alternate versions of themselves are telling Troy and Abed to split up. This leads to a small disagreement over pillows and blankets causing them to sever ties with one another, only coming in contact in order to take out their hurt feelings on each other in the most dramatic and damaging way possible. Eventually, they are forced to acknowledge that they like each other so much that they are drawing out their "breakup" in order to delay the actual moment of separation, and begin to repair their friendship from the ground up. This is one of the most heavy, angsty, and character-driven arcs of the season, and is played to display the full depth and impact of Abed and Troy's relationship.
    • "Virtual System Analysis" really drives this home. For the sake of context: the last time one of Abed's emotional nosedives pulled the show into genre-bending surrealism, the event was triggered by his mother's abandonment. This time, it's Troy spending time with someone else, which puts a pretty intense spin on exactly how dependent Abed is on Troy for even a relatively stable emotional life. Doubles as both Fridge Logic and Tear Jerker.
      • The same episode gives us Abed (rather pettily, for him), "simulating" Britta and Troy's date and deliberately portraying Britta as an insufferable jerk, while Troy wistfully daydreams about "going home to Abed". Meanwhile, the real Troy takes time out of lunch to call Annie and make sure that Abed is doing okay. Seriously, the two of them might as well be telepathic and sewn together.
    • So, so much in "Curriculum Unavailable". Troy attempts to convince the therapist that his and Abed's adventures are "very manly"... while attempting to cuddle with Abed on the couch. He then remembers himself and offers Abed a hasty handshake. A flashback shows both Troy and Annie attempting to comfort a distraught Abed during the Daylight Saving's time-switch with hugs and caresses... also, when faced with the prospect of Abed being committed to an institution, Troy tearfully breaks down and begs the psychiatrist not to take Abed away.
    • In "Digital Estate Planning," Abed's avatar decides to abandon the study group partway through a computer game in order to stay with a female character and help her rebuild her life after Shirley and Annie murder her parents and burn down her house. Later, the group meets up with Abed again, and he informs them that his "wife" can make babies for him. Troy jealously retorts "Oh, and I can't?"... only to seem upset when he realizes he can't.
    • "The First Chang Dynasty": Troy has been claimed by the air-conditioning repair school, and is told to give a final goodbye to his friends. He says a quick farewell to everybody in the group (including Britta, with whom the writers had been ship teasing Troy for several episodes)... and then, upon coming to Abed, leans in and whispers something inaudible in his ear. Abed later claims that he said "I know you hate when people do this in movies", but the moment is still rather ambiguous.
    • "Introduction to Finality": Abed practically experiences a months-long mental breakdown ( culminating in his temporary transformation into Evil!Abed ) after Troy's departure for the air-conditioning repair school; Troy also spends his months away pining for Abed. When Troy finally leaves the AC annex and is reunited with his friends for the first time, he comes upon Abed and Britta hugging, and asks "Can I cut in?"... only to completely ignore Britta's offered hug and embrace Abed.
  • Abed is a bit of a Ho Yay magnet. In the fried chicken mafia episode, Abed seems to have seduced Shirley's dread-lock guy away from her. In "Mixology Certification" Abed spends almost the entire evening being hit on by a gay man at a bar.
  • The episode "Physical Education" has a scene where Jeff has a pool match with his new billiards instructor. It features both of them getting naked and the instructor walking up to Jeff while both are still naked and then kissing him on the lips.
    • In the same episode, The Dean checking out Jeff's ass as he strips to his underwear and then carefully filming Jeff's naked pool match and going to give Jeff a congratulatory hug but stopping when he notices that he's sweaty.
  • We also have the dream sequence where Britta and Annie are in very short Cheerleader uniforms and push each other into a pool of bubbly water.
    • And the episode where they get in an oily wrestling match on the quad with guys throwing money at them, which actually happened.
    • And in the episode "Romantic Expressionism" the group discusses inter group romance, which leads to everybody looking at everybody else. Most notably Britta and Annie stare at each other for a few seconds as if they are contemplating a relationship. Annie gives a cute smile, and they quickly turn away from each other. Played for Laughs of course.