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    From SuperFuckers

    We understand that the TV show is begging to be mocked. Its very existence fills you with rage. How could a little venting be bad when it feels so good?

    We understand how you feel. It's human nature. But it is not what the wiki is about.

    Creating a trope for the sole purpose of listing shows you despise ("Moron Fodder: Shows that you'd have to have a single-digit IQ score to enjoy!") is a bad idea. It's an exercise in stating subjective opinions as if they were objective facts. It's excellent kindling for an Edit War, or even a Flame War, which we really don't want.

    Slipping a review into an example is also a bad idea. It just leads to Natter, which leads to edit warring and other useless, off-point stuff.

    If you would like to express your opinion about a work, use the Reviews section. You get to it by selecting the Reviews button at the top of any work's page. And if the button doesn't already exist, you can make it by selecting the "Create New" button and choosing Reviews from the drop-down menu.

    The opposite of this trope is Gushing About Shows You Like. Related to Fan Haters, Hatedom, and Hate Dumb.