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Dick has turned into what he always truly was.

"You are alone, child. There is only darkness for you, and only death for your people. These ancients are just the beginning. I will command a great and terrible army... and we will sail to a billion worlds. We will sail until every light has been extinguished. You are strong, child. But I am beyond strength. I am the end. And I have come for you, Finn."
—The Lich to Finn, Adventure Time, "Escape from the Citadel"

While most villains from Cartoon Network and Adult Swim are mostly Jerkasses at their worst, there are some who take their villainy to the next level. Ben 10 and it's shared universe have their own page.

Adult Swim

  • The Boondocks has Ed Wuncler Sr. who starts out as a seemingly friendly business man who's mildly racist. By his 2nd appearance we see the man for what he truly is: a greedy monster who will go to any lengths and sink to any depths to get what he wants. What act cemented this you ask? He tricked an 8-year old girl into working in sweatshop conditions, threatened her father when he tried to get her back, lied about the pony he promised her, and finally stuck her with a $300 bill while he peddled his cruelty-free lemonade.
    • Later, he gave Robert his dream of a soul food restaurant while knowing the whole time what would happen. The restaurant's food was so addictive that people lost their jobs, crime rose, and property values lowered. They eventually got into a lawsuit that shut down the restaurant but Wuncler got what he had planned on: the deed to the nearby Meadowlark Park so he could develop it.
      • Another episode involved him fixing a game of kickball so Huey would start to lose and get agitated in the process and unwittingly hurting a little girl. Then he made Huey think that he had gave said girl a permanent limp so he would leave the sport and Wuncler's own team would win again. And when he wanted Huey to return for his own benefit, he was willing to blackmail him. Ed Wuncler Sr., ladies and gents: a greedy monster deserving of his last name.
        • He had his grandson and his friend set up bombs in a building to kill ONE man. Then, as a result of the building's destruction and the man's death, he would have released merchandise about the single man just to make MORE money than he all ready did, never mind the fact that he's the richest bastard in the entire town. Plus, when his Grandson is dragged out of the house at gunpoint, screaming for his grandpa to help him, Wuncler's response? "Well, go ahead, SHOOT HIM!" Sure, it sounded like an empty threat, but really, deep down, knowing Wuncler, he would have let him shoot his grandson and not have cared at all.
      • His son Ed Wunceler II, the Big Bad in Season 4, manages to be every bit as bad as his grandfather, and in some ways even worse, as he's an outright slavedriver and primarily does it For the Evulz rather than for money and business! Not only that but he also doesn't seem to care about hurting children as several children are seen in his slavery park, and he later attempted to slice off Huey's foot.
    • In "Smokin' With Cigawettes", we had Lamilton Taeshawn, who was a slight parody, but still monstrous none the less, and only at the tender age of seven. What made him so horrible you may ask? He recklessly drove around endangering people's lives and refused to apologize when his grandmother asked him to. He proceeded to violently brutalize her when she refused to buy him fried chicken. After that atrocity, he used the same car to spray a combination of urine and hot sauce at innocent people and dropped a doll off a freeway just to cause traffic problems. If that wasn't enough, he then stole her handgun and used it to blackmail Riley into being his friend, planned to rob Ms. Van Housen's house for no reason, and then shot her dog. He shot her dog because he claimed it would bite him, despite the fact that it was chained at the time and nowhere near him. His psychiatrist, Dr. Doomis (a spoof of Dr. Loomis from Halloween), tried rehabilitate him by spending the last 2 years trying to get him into the system and away from society. When said psychiatrist finally turned him into the police for the dog shooting, he blamed Riley, stalked him, and tried to strangle him to death. In the end, he was so evil that the aforementioned psychiatrist leaped from a building just to finish him off after he had fallen off it. The real kicker is that Lamilton is based on an actual kid, who really did take a joyride in his grandmother's hummer and later attacked her over chicken wings. Some of the things Lamilton says are quoted from him.
  • Metalocalypse has Eric von Weichlinghammer, played by Ihsahn of the black metal band Emperor, who makes "special leather" from the skin of models.
    • To put that in perspective, this is a band that is routinely (indirectly) responsible for mass deaths on a global scale. Seeing him working is their Nightmare Fuel.
  • Moral Orel actually has one clear-cut example, but surprisingly it's not Clay Puppington, it's Cecil Creepler. He's a pedophile ice cream man who tries to lure kids into his van with treats. One of his intended victims is Shapey, a seven-year old with a mental age of three. Season Three really pushes him into this with the reveal that he's also a serial rapist who specifically targets dark haired women and Miss Sculptham dyed her hair to lure him out. The episode was so dark it partially led to the series being cancelled.
  • Dan Halen from Squidbillies. He is, in one episode, actually called the personification of evil and a blight on the human race that predates recorded history. Actual examples are shown, such as being a ranking officer in Hitler's Third Reich, spreading the bubonic plague in medieval Europe, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs, and nailing Jesus to the cross. He also overloaded the Large Hadron Collider to intentionally create a black hole to dispose of a prostitute's body, then throws his own mother in as an afterthought.

Dan Halen: Do you think this is the only illegal thing I have to do today?

  • Professor Impossible from The Venture Brothers. On the surface, he's a dorky Mr. Fantastic Expy. But then you find out he keeps his wife isolated because, unlike the Fantastic Four, their powers were useless. Then, when Doctor Venture nearly has an affair with his wife, he responds by leaving him to die in the cold. Brock is barely able to save him, and when he tries to get Ventures son, Hank, treatment (he'd recently swallowed a serum that made him a living bomb), rather than help him, he was ready to shoot. Then, in his second appearance, he's still keeping Sally imprisoned and acting artificial and cold towards his own infant son and forgetting he even exists. Then he breaks down when his wife finally leaves him and is coerced into becoming a supervillain by Phantom Limb, who says it's not much of a stretch for Impossible. He's not joking.
    • And a later episode reveals that he's been using Sally's brother Cody, who's skin bursts into flames when it comes into contact with air, as a power source by constantly keeping him awake, and therefore in constant pain. And he doesn't even show the slightest hint of guilt. Bastard.
  • In the Darker and Edgier fifth and final season of Samurai Jack, the High Priestess is the leader of the Cult of Aku, and a fanatical zealot dedicated solely to appeasing the dark god she worships by any means necessary. Drinking Aku's essence and giving birth to septuplets with Aku's dark energy within them, the High Priestess dubs them the Daughters of Aku and proceeds to horribly condition them into unfeeling weapons who's sole purpose is to kill Samurai Jack. The High Priestess systematically abuses them for years on end, searing their flesh with hot coals while they're still young and putting them through brutal, life-or-death training routines where every slight distraction means torture and beatings — sometimes simply for things as minor as looking outside. Having the Daughters graduate by having them massacre her own devoted followers, the High Priestess sends the Daughters into the world to kill Jack and callously brushes off the deaths of most of them at Jack's hand, even furiously attempting to kill Ashi, her only surviving daughter, with her own hands after she finally turns on the High Priestess and sides with Jack. An unfeeling fanatic who'd sold her soul to darkness and is able to rival her own dark god in evil, the High Priestess justifies her cruelty simply by stating Jack must die at any cost — regardless if that cost is her own flesh and blood.
    • In that same season, the Dominator is a sadistic Torture Technician seemingly motivated purely by a desire to hurt people. Slaughtering a village of innocents and abducting all of their children, the Dominator painfully transforms all of the children into psychotic killing machines to be used as weapons, and tests them out on Jack and Ashi once they try to retrieve the children, with complete knowledge Jack's refusal to hurt innocents makes him easy prey. The Dominator brutally tortures Ashi upon capturing her with clear lascivious intent, gloating that children are easily manipulated tools — and that Jack's refusal to hurt them only makes him a "righteous fool."

Cartoon Network

  • Eddy's brother from Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy. Eddy has always talked about how good his brother is and how awesome he is. After one of Eddy's failed scams awoke the wrath of the cul-de-sac kids in the Grand Finale, the Eds try to find Eddy's brother to get his help. When they find him, he acts likes a normal big brother and seems like he's going to protect Eddy from the other kids, that is, until he shows off his True Colors. First, out of freaking nowhere, he forces Eddy to play "uncle" for old time's sake, in which Eddy's brother twists Eddy's leg while he just roars with laughter. Then he beats up Eddy by throwing him on the iron door of his car house, causing Eddy much physical pain. Eddy tries to walk out of this, but his brother just won't let up. When Eddy tells his brother to "give it up", he just pretends to act shocked and says he thought Eddy wanted to hang around with his "hero", while smirking mockingly. Eddy is at cracking point by this time but he still attempts to play the nice little brother and says he does. Edd has enough of the abuse he's witnessed and attempts to chew Eddy' brother out, but he just gives him the most epic Slasher Smile in cartoon history before beating up Edd too, with Eddy used as a club, also while he proudly admits to having bullied Eddy in this exact way in his whole life. The cul-de-sac kids. who were witnessing all this, have enough and gang up on Eddy's brother, but it's Ed who defeats him by doing something smart this time by taking off the hinge of the iron door, which slams down on Eddy's brother. To the brother, who's so used to being the one dishing out pain rather than receiving it, the sensation is new and causes him to fall to the ground unconscious. Eddy is saved but he's already emotionally broken, as all his secrets about his brother and his Jerkass Facade are revealed from his mouth. But what the cul-de-sac kids witnessed gives them the heart to accept the Eds, while Eddy's brother is left for the Kankers, who plans to give him "mouth-to-mouth". In about five minutes of screen-time, he hit all the criteria for this trope and ended up a dark, unrepentant, irredeemable villain.
    • Adding to it, he comes right out and says this abuse is what he'd done to Eddy his entire life. And he is proud of doing so. ("'Cause he's little. He's always been little.") What truly separates this guy from all the other often Jerkass characters from the show is not only that he's a grown man and a true sadist, but it's that he deals in psychological abuse coupled with the physical abuse, which is only animated in a cartoonishly animated slapstick manner to avoid showing how brutal such treatment would truly look. (And even then, the bruises Eddy receives from the beatdown look very severe!) To drive the point further home, the cul-de-sac kids had spent the entire movie chasing the Edds down take revenge on them. After seeing Eddy's brother do this to him and Edd, they completely accept them after realizing what Eddy's childhood must've been like living with this monster, and seeing Eddy overcome him. Even the Kanker Sisters are disgusted by him.
    • Oh, and where does all this transpire? Where does this guy live? A trailer at an amusement park. Yes, the implication is obvious: he gets to torment kids every single day. His whole LIFE is just getting off on bullying those smaller and weaker than him.
  • Katz from Courage the Cowardly Dog. Since the show has Negative Continuity, his motives tend to change. In his first appearance, he ran a Hell Hotel where he fed all his guests to spiders for no explained reason. In a later episode, he ran a health spa where he transformed his guests into machines and forced them to fight for his own amusement. There was also that one time he got tired of winning second place at the annual sweets baking contest. His plan to prevent this from happening? Kidnapping the champion and turn her into taffy. In all of these appearances, he didn't seem to get much gain for these action, but did them all with a Slasher Smile on his face. And for the record, what does he do when Courage escapes the prison and beats his death trap? Tries to strangle him with his bare hands. In short, he's an Ax Crazy Serial Killer played straight...on a kid's show!
    • Mad Dog from "The Mask". An abusive, possessive, and violent gangleader bent on outright murdering his girlfriend Bunny's best friend, solely because she's her best friend, and buries Bunny up to her neck when she tries to run away the first time. The next time, he runs her down with a car when she tries to escape with Courage. He seems to show compassion to Bunny once, but the rest of his behavior makes it rather obvious that he's just trying to manipulate her into remaining under his paw, a tactic used commonly by abusers in real life. Considering his actions have driven Kitty to be completely unable to face reality and believe all dogs are pure evil, it's frightening to imagine just what he was like to her to make her like that. What makes him stand out is, like Katz, he's played dead straight with no real element of comedy to his character. The most terrifying thing about Mad Dog is that his abuse is played so disturbingly straight that he resembles a real-life abuser...
    • "The Great Fusilli" gives us the titular crocodilian himself. Fusilli initially seems like a charming (if somewhat sinister) traveling magician taking his show on the road, and allows Courage as well as his owners Eustace and Muriel to perform for an imaginary audience. However, his true evil nature is revealed when Courage stumbles upon a back room full of lifeless human puppets. It turns out that Fusilli is a Serial Killer of sorts who uses enchanted strings that turn people into lifeless puppets, effectively killing them so he can play around with their lifeless bodies for his entertainment. As one would expect Courage defeats the villainous magician, but not before Eustace and Muriel have been turned into puppets, leaving Courage to essentially play with their lifeless bodies in order to pretend that they're still alive. Thankfully negative continuity is in effect, but it's still considered to be among the darkest, creepiest, and most downright disturbing episodes in the series for a very good reason.
  • Trigon the Terrible was the Satanic Big Bad of the fourth season of Teen Titans and the father of Raven. In the past he'd conceived Raven solely to serve as a Human Sacrifice to become his portal into the realm of mortals so that he could destroy the Earth and all life on it, just as he did to Raven's homeworld of Azarath, and Raven has been repressing her powers and emotions in order to avoid letting this come to pass. After Slade died in Season 2, Trigon rescued him from Purgatory and offered him his life back were he to serve him in bringing Raven to her destiny. Trigon later came to Raven in a vision, emotionally abusing her and cruelly attempts to break her will so that she submits to his demands of her. When Slade asks for his promised payment, Trigon calls the deal off because, thanks to Trigon's own manipulation, Raven had come to him willingly rather than Slade delivering her to him and he attempts to incinerate Slade on the spot. Trigon then destroys the world immediately as he arrives, turning all mortal life to stone (don't worry, they get better!) and creating a Hell on Earth for him to rule. He then plots to expand this destruction to all worlds in the dimension so that he could conquer the universe and make all who still live worship him as their deity, and when the Titans fight back, he not only brings out their own dark sides to torment them for his amusement, but he tries to murder his daughter, whom he openly deems to be worthless to him. And he's the incarnation of all evil, so it's natural that he's as evil as it gets.
    • Arch Enemy Slade borders on this trope as well. A cold, manipulative criminal mastermind and the show's earliest Big Bad, his main goal in the first two seasons was to find himself a young apprentice whom he could mold into being just as cruel and ruthless as he was. First targeting Robin, Slade came up with various schemes to test the Boy Wonder's mettle before finally infecting Robin's friends with nanobots that would destroy them from the inside out should Robin not follow Slade's every command, with Slade even promising that he would make Robin watch as he killed his friends. When his plans for Robin were thwarted, Slade next turned his attention to Terra. Taking advantage of her status as an outsider who would never be accepted because of her destructive powers, Slade manipulated her into joining and befriending the Titans, betraying them and finally trying to kill them, after which he had Terra and an army of his machines Take Over the City by force, with there being heavily implied casualties. After Terra finds herself in over her head while fighting the Titans and retreats, Slade physically abuses her for defying his orders. When Terra then tries to quit her apprenticeship, Slade reveals that the suit he gave her to enhance her powers also gave him complete control over her body and powers, and vowed that he would never let her go. Though Slade dies when Terra rebels against him, he is eventually resurrected by the demonic Omnicidal Maniac Trigon, to act as The Dragon. Ever The Sociopath, Slade took a vicious pleasure in his work towards the ensuring the apocalypse, torturing Raven and mind raping her with visions of her destiny as The Antichrist who'd sell out all of humanity to Trigon, all in exchange for Trigon giving him back his flesh, blood and soul. Even when Slade rebels against Trigon and assists the Titans against him, it isn't out of altruism, but because Trigon refused to honor their bargain. What truly makes Slade so heinous is that he is the embodiment of a child predator, and he plays it completely straight.
  • The one-shot villain Professor Dick Hardly from The Powerpuff Girls, despite being human, is more of a monster than most villains of the show. Introduced as the sleazy college roommate of Professor Utonium, Dick quickly sees the potential of the Powerpuff Girls as a way to get rich quick. Getting the girls to supply him with Chemical X, Dick makes his own knock-offs of the girls and starts a business selling these copies as superheroes. Due to Dick's greed, however, these knock-offs have been created with minimum materials and Chemical X, meaning that, even though they are aware, they are mentally stunted and physically deformed. When the effort of superheroing causes the knock-offs to literally fall apart, Dick's happy because it means he gets to sell even more copies. At one point Dick notices one of his knock-offs is a perfect Buttercup copy, his response is to order the girl melted down for her "excessive" Chemical X. The episode's climax has Dick capturing the Powerpuff Girls and killing them slowly by draining them of their Chemical X while their father was watching. When Utonium offers to be a slave, making Chemical X for Dick for the rest of his life if Dick will let the girls live, Dick only laughs and says he'll kill the girls and keep Utonium as a slave. Greed incarnate, Dick was notable for being the only villain on the show to be played completely straight, with no humorous quirks to detract from his viciousness. He's one of the show's most evil and memorable villains despite only appearing once in the entire show. That may explain why he's the sole human character to die in the entire show.
    • The only recurring villain considered to be even close to pure evil is Him, who's actively described as the most evil being out there. That's right: in the context of the Powerpuff Girls universe, Dick Hardly is worse than the Devil.
  • In Sym-Bionic Titan, we have General Modula (despite the fact that it remains to be seen if he is truly in control or the same one they once knew), who is making himself into a big one. First of all, he betrayed his own homeworld, slaughtered and enslaved the inhabitants, and actively hunted down any resistance he could find. He treats his own mooks as cannon fodder, and if they fail to meet his expectations, he kills them without even moving from his spot.
    • The unnamed Galalunan commander from "Escape from Galaluna" is a smug, ambitious traitor who uses his front as an obstructive, obnoxious military head to ensure the death of captive hostages while pinning their deaths on Lance and leaving him to hang. In truth having allied with Modula, the traitor sells out his entire planet to the Mutraddi forces to see the royal family killed and its populace decimated and enslaved, looking over the carnage and gloating that the only reason he sold his planet out was to lead Galaluna into an age of "conquest and strength" — and the prospect of a vast reward from Modula.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door had one in Grandfather from Operation Zero. While the rest of the villains were funny or sympathetic to some degree, Grandfather has zero redeeming qualities. He's an Evil Overlord who ruled the world with an iron fist a long time ago, before being defeated by Numbuh Zero. His first act after being revived is to try to turn everyone in the entire world into SenorCitizombies just because kids annoy him. Unlike the other villains, Grandfather doesn't value family, being an utterly Abusive Parent. His Moral Event Horizon is turning Father into the fucked-up person he is, making him responsible of every bad thing that happened in the series. Not even his "love" for his favorite son is a redeeming factor, since he tried to burn him with no remorse.
    • What's even worse is that children were shown working like slaves in his Industrial Age factories, and to anyone who paid attention in history class, that actually did happen and it was a Fate Worse Than Death.
      • Even worse: in Real Life, the factories were at least building something useful. Grandfather made them work like slaves to create tapioca pudding, solely for his own consumption. He made children work like slaves for something completely trivial and solely for himself.
  • Adventure Time: The Lich is an evil, ancient sorcerer and the "last scholar of GOLB", who returns time and time again from seeming destruction focused solely on one thing: the destruction of all life. First mentioned in passing at the end of Season 1, in reference to his defeat at the hands of the hero Billy, we meet him in person in the Season 2 finale. He's an Omnicidal Maniac, not because of some great tragedy in his past that's explained to us - he just wants to wipe out all life. He almost takes control of Finn with his Compelling Voice and takes up Body Surfing at the destruction of his physical body, turning Princess Bubblegum into an Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever Eldritch Abomination. He later ends up killing and possessing the body of Billy as part of a complex gambit to get a Reality Warper to grant his wish for the extinction of all life across The Multiverse; murdering dream Prismo as well as Prismo's physical body, the latter solely For the Evulz, then breaking the universe's worst criminals our of their cosmic jail, all in order to create an unstoppable army for himself to lead in wiping out all life, one planet at a time. He ends up getting turned into a harmless baby named Sweet P afterwards, but even then, a version of the Lich from a parallel reality manipulated that world's version of Finn to gain access to the multiverse and build up a mountain of broken bodies, even mentally torturing Sweet P for nights on end to try and turn him back into another of himself as his last scheme. The Lich is also heavily implied to have been involved with the destruction of mankind and one of the reasons why the show takes place in a world After the End, as his ongoing quest is to eradicate all life forms simply because he desires to be the end of all things, and unlike GOLB's other spawn, the Lich is fully sentient and aware of what he does. Permanently changing the tone of a once-zany show with his presence, the Lich and his endless devotion to the destruction of all life immortalize him as the most horrifying villain in the series.
    • The Lich is as vile in the comic book canon as he is in the cartoon, continuing his crusade to destroy all life after his defeat in Princess Bubblegum's body, taking physical form again to use a Bag of Holding to suck up thousands across Ooo, with the ultimate intent to suck up the entire planet and throw it all into the sun. Even destroyed, the remnants of the Lich's power continue to horrify and torment Finn, with an echo of the Lich's power creating a dungeon to Mind Rape the heroes — taunting the Ice King/Simon Petrikov with an image of his old love Betty and forcing him to watch as she fell apart in hopes of it breaking his spirit and driving him to suicide — and twisted a sentient tree into a horrible monster, both in preparation to eventually recuperate and destroy life again.
    • Dr. Gross, from season 7's "Preboot" and season 8's "Islands" miniseries, was formerly a scientist and doctor on the series of islands founded by Minerva Campbell as a refuge for the remnants of humanity, training children to become "Seekers", with no hesitation in brainwashing them and having them brutalize their own friends to prevent any escape from the islands. Dr. Gross eventually turned to twisted experiments on sentient beings, with her recklessness accidentally unleashing a virus that killed off two-thirds of all humanity on the islands—to her complete apathy. Escaping the islands, Gross continued her experiments, scheming to return to the islands and forcibly augment all humanity into cybernetic abominations like herself, even trying to cut apart Finn and his friends to use as raw material. An unfeeling scientist with zero empathy, Dr. Gross proves that, sometimes, Humans Are the Real Monsters.
  • In Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures no Monster of the Week was as horrible as the succubus/vampire known as Elise Lenior from "Eclipse." Appearing as an innocent young woman on the run from evil men, Elise maintained her youth and beauty by draining the life from beautiful, innocent women. The man hunting her had lost his sister to her years past. Elise murdered the men who tried to tail her, and later mind controlled Hadji into her slave to bring Jessie to her for her food source. When her right-hand man protested about Elise trying to replace him with Hadji, Elise declared he was right and sucked the life from him as well. When her deadline of an eclipse was approaching, Elise abandoned all pretense of charm and subtlety and assumed her monstrous true form to kill everyone and drain Jessie's life.
    • James Compton, from "AMOK", is a former special forces operative thought killed-in-action but now working as a freelance mercenary for whoever can hire him. Paid by a private party to investigate a hindrance to the drug trade in Borneo, Compton assumes the identity of "Mitchell Stramm" after his party is seemingly wiped out by the native Amok monster, winning his way into the Quest's family's good graces and finding the village that's been disrupting the drug trade. Smugly betraying the Quests at this point, Compton opts to simply massacre every last native man, woman, and child in the village to remove them as an obstacle, gloating that his employers will pay him handsomely for each head he brings back to them, attached to the bodies or not.
    • Dja'Lang Mukharno, from "Diamonds and Jade", is a puppeteer and brother of Kumar who exploits his people's old traditions for personal benefit. Coaxing his weak-willed brother into routinely selling off a rare gem to greedy buyers, Dja'Lang summons a shadow demon to brutally kill the buyers and anyone else in the premises to keep the money and the gem. Dja'Lang attempts to kill the Quest family and their friend Jade alongside the cops in the area when Jade sets Kumar up, and when Kumar loses the gem to the Quest family, Dja'Lang turns the shadow beast on him with full intent to murder him for his failure, laughing that he should have killed him years ago.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars gave us General Pong Krell during the Umbaran four-parter. Essentially a Fantastic Racist Jerkass General Ripper who abuses the clones and treats them like cannon fodder, perfectly willing to throw them away with strategies bound to fail. Then he orders the death of Jesse and Fives, as well as a court martial for disobeying orders after they saved the day by doing so. Then he truly crosses the Moral Event Horizon-he plays two armies of Clone Troopers against each other by saying that there were infiltrators, having them kill each other. Shortly after that, he confesses he'd been trying to lose as many clones as possible because his plan was to sabotage the Republic war effort from within in order to ingratiate himself to Count Dooku and become the Sith Lord's next apprentice just to escape his premonition of Order 66. When he's ultimately exposed as the traitor that he is, Krell begins to violently rampage through the Clones' ranks, brutally killing many of them himself before he is ultimately subdued and captured. When questioned, Krell straight up admits that, in addition to his plan, he simply enjoyed manipulating and murdering his own Clones simply because he found them "inferior." And when Rex prepared to execute him for his crimes, Krell sadistically taunted the Clone Captain by mocking his emotional turmoil in one final act of spite. Sadistic, brutal, and smug even to his final breath, Pong Krell is the single best example of the corrupting influence of war upon the Jedi Order.
    • Keeper Agruss the Zygerrian is a slaver, which is bad in itself, but goes above and beyond the call of duty on that. In particular, he has no problem casually murdering dozens of slaves if it means breaking a Jedi, tortures and kills other slaves for Obi-Wan's defiance, not only making his help unproductive but actually alienating those he seeks to protect. He truly earns his credentials at the end. The Republic has arrived and it's quite clear he's lost. What does he do? Set the system to dump the slaves into the abyss, smashes the panel to prevent Obi-Wan from saving them (Ahsoka manages to get them to safety), then gloats about how Obi-Wan can't retaliate because he's a Jedi. His death at Rex's hands was very deserved. Even the queen had a redeeming moment at the end. This guy was just straight-up evil.
    • Dr. Nuvo Vindi is the Monster of the Week for the season 1 two-parter " Blue Shadow Virus" and "Mystery of a Thousand Moons", and the Mad Scientist who recreated the titular virus, a disease that kills all who contract it and which no lifeform is immune to, after it had been wiped from the galaxy. Vindi not only brought the virus back, he converted it to an airborne strain so it could spread more easily. Vindi's ultimate plan is to send a virus-laden bomb to each key Republic star system, creating a galaxy-wide plague that could kill entire planetary populations. When his operation iss put at risk by the Republic, Vindi just decides to prematurely activate the bombs while they're still on world, with the intention of killing everyone on Naboo, himself included. Though hired by the Separatists to perform these actions, it's clear that Vindi takes great joy in his work, and sees unleashing the revived virus as passing judgement on the galaxy that once "murdered" it.
    • Wat Tambor, Foreman of the Techno Union and former Emir of Ryloth, is a vile force even among the Separatist Council. Using his position as Emir to oppress and starve the Twi'lek populace of Ryloth while having resistance fighters massacred even after forcing them into surrender, Tambor responds to the Republic's attempts to liberate the planet by using Twi'lek people as living shields to dissuade them from attacks. Tambor eventually gives up on the planet, ordering Twi'lek villages full of women and children wiped out and trying to firebomb the entire planet to wipe out it and its populace to spite the Republic, attempting to make off with its riches to further salt the wound. As Foreman of the Techno Union, Tambor leads horrendous experiments against sentient creatures on Skako Minor, using fallen Clone Echo as a living computer and forcing him to experience the last moments before his "death" for months on end and trying to use his organic decimator to slaughter Anakin and the Bad Batch when they try and free him — testing its effects on a Poletec subject before them and cruelly dismissing it and Echo as mere Techno Union property. Vile, smug, and cowardly, Tambor endlessly spoils for others what he cannot have for himself and wreaks a uniquely long list of atrocities in his service to the Separatists.
    • Darth Sidious, naturally, who was planning on performing possibly lethal surgery on infants, while in a red-tinted laboratory that even the most mad Mad Scientists would be afraid to work in, over a lava lake on the planet which is basically the Star Wars version of Hell. Later when he faces his old apprentice, Darth Maul, he takes great delight in murdering his brother right in front of him, and afterwards, sadistically tortures him with Force lightning while hinting at a Fate Worse Than Death for Maul. In the Lost Missions, he has Fives drugged and rendered insane in order to prevent him from telling the truth about Order 66 which led to the latter's death. When he felt that Asajj Ventress was growing too powerful, Sidious commanded Count Dooku to kill her, ignoring his protests and mockingly praising his apprentice for his "loyalty" when Dooku believed that he had carried out the order. And when Yoda sets out on a vision quest, Sidious takes the opportunity to try and destroy the vulnerable Jedi Master, using Sith sorcery in an attempt to corrupt and kill Yoda. As always, Darth Sidious is a malevolent, sadistic monster who employs exceptionally cruel methods in his quest for power.
  • Believe it or not, Scooby Doo has had these!
    • The last-revealed villain of Zombie Island, Jacques. He seems like a Nice Guy at first, a jolly old Mr. Exposition. Don't let it fool you. The cheerful ferryman thing? A lure to get people to trust him, so he can take them to Moonscar Island where he and his accomplices suck out their souls, turning them into zombies and gaining immortality. His initial appearance contrasted with the revelation of his evil deeds and his true nature makes him chillingly similar to a believable Serial Killer. What's especially jarring is the contrast between him and the other 2 antagonists of the piece; specifically, they are Woobies Destroyers of Worlds who were cursed by accident, and now have to kill to live. This guy, though, accepted the curse willingly, it's implied to stave off his old age, and with full knowledge of the fact that he'd have to kill probably thousands. Not only does he have no problem with that, but he enjoys it! It seems rather unfair, then, that his accomplices share in his punishment.
    • Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated has one in the form of the Bigger Bad, the Nibiru Entity. A member of a normally benevolent inter-dimensional alien race called the Anunnaki, his own kind considers him the most evil member of their entire species. He's spent untold centuries corrupting and manipulating the people around him, especially the Team Pet of mystery solving teams, by perverting his species' ability to use animals as mediums to communicate, all working towards freeing him from his crystal coffin prison. In the process he's ruined and ended countless lives through his Unwitting Pawns (including Professor Pericles, whom the Entity turned into a murderous psychopath and Complete Monster in his own right) without a second thought. When he's finally released in the Series Finale, he proceeds to gleefully eat his loyal minions alive along with Mr. E. He follows this by turning Crystal Cove into a fiery Hell on Earth and devouring the entire town's population with sadistic glee, planning to move on to the rest of the universe when he's done, all for the sake of endless power. When Mystery Inc finally kill him, erasing him from time in the process, we see what Crystal Cove would've been like without his influence; a normal town with everyone living good, happy lives, showing just how much pain and misery he was truly responsible for. For this reason, the Entity is the single most evil being to have ever existed in the entire Scooby Doo franchise.
  • The Secret Saturdays: V.V. Argost, big time. As the Himalayan Yeti, Argost murdered people for pleasure, preying upon the humans who wandered through the mountains and taking "souvenirs" off their bodies. Two of his victims were Drew and Doyle Saturdays' parents. When confronted with this, Argost only says he can't be bothered to remember all of the people he's killed. Throughout the series, Argost was obsessed with finding Kur, a god who had the power to control all cryptids. Eventually Argost discovered that Zak Saturday, was Kur himself, and so Argost began plotting to steal the boy's power. Eventually Argost managed to succeed in this by draining the god power out of Zak Monday, the evil Alternate Reality counterpart of Zak Saturday. This had the side effect of killing the boy. With his newfound powers, Argost ordered his cryptid army to wage war against every major human capital city, with the ultimate goal to Kill All Humans and rule all cryptids. Though already possessing a god's power, Argost craved more power still, and so he killed Zak Saturday to drain his power as well, just as he did to Monday. Ever the showman, Argost took to committing atrocities with a theatrical flourish and dry humor, relishing the screams of his victims and considering the destruction of mankind as just another one of his grand performances.
  • In Code Lyoko, XANA is a rogue multi-agent program living on the virtual world Lyoko that evolved to the point of achieving sapience. Gaining a desire to rule over and/or destroy humanity, XANA tries to kill his creator, Franz Hopper, as well as his daughter Aelita. Trapped inside the supercomputer for a decade, once revived, XANA regularly launches many vicious schemes upon the real world, not caring about the sheer amounts of potential casualties that would result from the attacks. XANA shifts strategies to absorbing Aelita's memory to gain the power to leave the supercomputer and into the network, the success of which nearly killing Aelita in the process. Using the internet to access supercomputers across the world, XANA gradually builds a robot army to rule over humanity. In the mean time, XANA tries and almost succeeds in destroying Lyoko, taking William as his personal avatar and slave to his will. When Lyoko is revived, XANA decides to lure out and kill Franz Hopper by using Aelita as bait and plans on keeping the latter as his eternal prisoner. In the one episode where he appears before the heroes, XANA shows sadistic enjoyment in trying to kill them all.
  • Krytus, the 3rd Big Bad from Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. He's known as the most malicious being in the entire multiverse (this was said by another Big Bad!) and evil incarnate. He restarted a eons old war between the Red and Blue Sentients simply because he saw the Blues as weak and inferior and desired to conquer the entire multiverse. When Sage froze the Red Sentients, the war continued and Krytus carried out a genocide on the Blues. At one point, it's revealed that he had several thousand Blue Sentients tortured to death and the one who managed to enter hibernation to escape him was punished by having his body sabotaged, dooming him when he woke up. Krytus's first action after being freed from his prison is to throw the one who released him off a cliff! He then spends most of the series trying to kill Sage (his own sister), who is a pacifist who only wants peace. At one point, after being forced into an Enemy Mine with Vert to escape the Shadow Zone, he sets up an ambush for Vert the moment they're out of it, unlike previous villains who normally had the honor to let the Battle Force 5 go after an Enemy Mine. Not even the other villains are safe from his wrath, as he starts an Enemy Civil War among the Vandals through Grimian. But what solidifies this is at the season finale, when he and Sage finally have a confrontation. After asking Sage Was It Really Worth It? to imprison the Red Sentients, she replies that if she hadn't, Krytus would've endangered not only the Blue Sentients, but the entire multiverse. Krytus actually agrees with her, fully admitting that not only does he know what he's doing is evil and wrong, he doesn't care so long as he can conquer the multiverse. The only reason he tried to free the Red Sentients was because he wanted an army to conquer the multiverse with, not out of concern for them. He's also the sole Big Bad to earn a Fate Worse Than Death, being imprisoned in ice on another world for all eternity.
  • Would you believe Totally Spies had one? Helga Von Guggen is a greedy fashion designer who, to save money on materials, decides she'll start making "seamless" fur coats. How does she go about this? By kidnapping innocent people, injecting them with a serum that turns them into Petting Zoo People, then skinning them alive in what appears to be a giant industrial crusher. She later designs a line of apparel that crushes people who wear them, with heavy implications that it manages to kill an innocent shopper off-screen in the opening minutes of the very episode it was introduced. Is it any wonder that she became one of the show's main villains? Seriously, how's this for an Establishing Character Moment?

Helga: Do you like the coat? It's genuine lawyer.

  • In Martin Mystery, a series filled with supernatural beings and monsters that have some semblance of redeeming traits, the ghostly Gatekeeper from season 2's “They Came from the Gateway” is wholly bereft of them. Keeper of the gateway to the underworld and longing to take over the human world, the Gatekeeper violently turns the head of the Center, MOM, into his slave and proxy while sending out monsters to kill her young agent. Hungering to “feast on the bones” of anyone who opposes him, the Gatekeeper's ultimate goal is to swarm the entire world with monsters from the underworld and rein in the bloody slaughter of mankind, even managing to unleash his monsters on several populated cities throughout the planet to wreak wanton havoc before he's ultimately stopped.
  • Scarlett from Total Drama. It was revealed that before the series had even started that she had been traumatizing her brother by making his own toys attack him for years on end simply for pulling her hair once. She then shows her complete disregard for human life when she takes control over the island and demands Chris to hand her the reward money. When he refuses to give into this extortion attempt, she attempts to blow the island up. And this is after she lured all the contestants into a room to attack them with evil robots. The kicker is that in her audition tape, she has a globe with knives embedded into it, implying what she's planning against the entire world.
  • The aptly-named Atrocitus from Green Lantern the Animated Series. He is the leader of the Red Lanterns and the reason that Razer's wife is dead. He is dedicated to the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps, having many of them murdered by his Red Lantern followers. First showing his ruthlessness in ordering a colony world full of innocent civilians destroyed, Atrocitus later revealed he had destroyed worlds to fill survivors with rage and recruit them as Red Lanterns. Unlike his comics counterpart, a Tragic Villain at worst and an Anti-Hero at best, Atrocitus in the show delighted over the pain he caused innocents and took sadistic pleasure in his actions. Even though he himself had once lost a homeworld, he gloated over inflicting the same agony on others like Razer.
    • The Anti-Monitor, the next Big Bad after Atrocitus, is an Omnicidal Maniac obsessed with nothing less than the obliteration of everything in the universe that isn't himself. Built to be a knowledge-gathering robot, the Anti-Monitor quickly realized his superiority to all life in the cosmos, and was banished to another dimension soon after his proclamation to destroy everything in his path. The Anti-Monitor proceeded to turn trillions of planets in this alternate dimension into antimatter which he then consumed to make himself stronger, and, though making a deal with the last remaining planet's population to not consume them should they build him a portal back to his own dimension, the Anti-Monitor drained their sun of nearly all its life before he left, ensuring that the planet would still die soon after he was gone. Once back in his home dimension, the Anti-Monitor reactivates the Manhunter robots across the universe and orders them to kill everything they see, and, when confronted by Hal Jordan, the Anti-Monitor tries to force him to watch as first his friends, then entire worlds, are consumed before him. Even when beaten, the Anti-Monitor desperately tries to strike a deal with Aya to assist her in her plans to destroy reality itself to save his own hide. A megalomaniac who couldn't stand anything living except himself, the Anti-Monitor's narcissism was only matched by his petty sadism.
  • Hero: 108: Twin Masters is a malevolent entity who wishes to plunge the Hidden Kingdom into everlasting chaos. Originally a prince with aspirations of conquest, Twin Masters had since become a master of chaos energy, altering their plans to decimate the Hidden Kingdom and lord over the remains as a despot. Several of Twin Masters's plans are designed to cause massive damage, including forcing Oyster-Rahmas into draining the oceans; trying to revert all life to its prehistoric state; changing the course of an asteroid to crash into Hidden Kingdom; creating a chaotic storm with Mighty Ray's eyes; and, in the finale, absorbing all life energy into themselves as well as condemning their former minions to die alongside Hidden Kingdom. Forming a deep hatred for First Squad—Lin Chung in particular—Twin Masters corrupts Commander ApeTrully with their chaos energy and forces him to attack First Squad against his will. Drunk on their love for carnage and destruction, Twin Masters darkened the setting of an otherwise lighthearted show with their presence.
  • Over the Garden Wall: The Beast is the appropriately named evil entity that dwells in the forests of The Unknown. He lures victims and sings to them, convincing them to let despair take them over and die, so that they could turn into Edelwood trees. The oil within the trees is their souls and he uses them to keep the flame of his lantern, which houses his own soul, lit to live. While it may seem he's attempting to survive, his actions make it clear it's out of a desire to live on to claim more victims. He fools the Woodsman into thinking he murdered his daughter and trapped her soul in the lantern so that he'd chop the trees and grind them for him while he moves on to find more victims. He takes interest in Greg and Wirt and stalks them throughout the mini-series. When Wirt falls into despair, Greg offers to take his place. The Beast makes Greg do pointless tasks that he says will help them get home when in fact they are meant to exhaust him so he'd freeze to death. At the end, he makes the same deal to Wirt as he did to the Woodsman, clearly lying because he knows Greg will die and Wirt will spend the rest of his life as the Beast's pawn. An unfeeling demon who views all around him as pawns and food, the Beast cements himself as the most vile creature in Cartoon Network's first mini-series.