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Season 1

  • Karl Arnold in "The Fox" was the show's first family annhilator and set the standards for all the others who'd follow. He would break into houses, take the family residing there hostage, and live with them for several days before stabbing the children and mother to death and shooting the father, making sure to show him his dead family right before killing him. Additionally, in "Outfoxed", it's revealed he actually beat the male children and raped the female ones, and that The Reaper is his pen-pal and goes as far as to maniacally taunt Hotch when he reveals that The Reaper is after his wife and son. He also used his position as a family psychiatrist to gain their trust. Oh, and when the FBI finally caught him, he threw a baby at them. And why does he do all this? His wife left him, taking their kids, because he was too much of a Control Freak, so he does what he does so that the families can see what happens when the father isn't "strong", like him, and kills the father last just to rub that point in. In his own mind, his controlling nature was a sign of good parenting...and he slaughters other innocent families to prove it.

Karl Arnold: And I watched them, for a number of days, always at night. Saw how they lived, how they loved. I would keep them apart, until the last night, until the last supper. Then I would bring them, one by one, down to the basement, the youngest first, father last.....
Morgan: But why, Karl?
Karl Arnold: So he could see what happens to families when the head of household isn't strong... wives wither... children perish... but me? I'm an excellent father.

  • Jacob Dawes from "Riding The Lightning". A sexual sadist who killed upwards of eighteen girls with carpentry tools, he takes pleasure in taunting the families of four of them by refusing to reveal where their bodies are. He was so wretched that his death is a CMOA for a main character. He acts incredibly smug about knowing where the bodies are and the FBI having no clue. Then, as he is being strapped to the Electric Chair, Hotch lets him know that one of his victims (his wife's son that he ordered her to kill) is alive and well and he was fooled and betrayed by his partner and never realized it. The look of anger and defeat on his face as the hood is pulled down is beautiful to watch.
  • Jackson Cally from "The Tribe" is a chilling example of what you get when you combine extreme sociopathy, charisma, and bigotry into one man. A cult leader native to Terra Mesa, a mostly-white New Mexico town known for tensions with a mostly-Apache town nearby, Cally preys on troubled teenagers interested in Native Americans, indoctrinating them into being willing to kill for him under the pretense of "helping" the Apache reclaim all their ancestral land, while keeping his true goal - attempting to foment a race war that would wipe the Apache out - a secret from them. He first sends his cult to massacre the residents of a college dormitory built on former Apache land in gruesome ways, such as decapitation and impalement, mimicking Native American war rituals, in hopes the Apache would be blamed and the whites would retaliate. When the FBI rule out the Apache as suspects, Cally has his men decapitate the leader of a local racist group, his wife, and his two young children and impale their heads on pikes for the FBI to find. His final and most wicked gambit, however, is to dress up his men as members of the racist group and send them on a wholesale massacre of the Apache town's school. When foiled and caught by the FBI, Cally's only justification for his actions is that he hoped to show the world what "savage animals" the Apache "really are."

Season 2

  • Carl Buford from "Profiler, Profiled" is a sleazy pedophile who hides behind the facade of a respectable youth center manager. As a child, current BAU member Derek Morgan looked up to him as a father figure in light of his dad's death, and Carl took advantage of it and raped Morgan. Like with Morgan, he'd rape other black boys (Up to fifty in total), and would make sure that if they ratted him out that they'd have a lot to lose. In recent years he's killed about three boys via strangulation and framed Morgan for their deaths in order to cast suspicion off of himself. And in the case of one Rodney Harris, Carl's abuse was so bad that it was one of the factors that led the man to becoming a serial killer. The worst part about Carl though is that he doesn't view himself as being in the wrong at all, claiming that he "loved" Morgan and said that Morgan could have said no at any time, despite telling the boys he raped to man up if they showed signs of resisting. When his fellow prison inmates find about what he did and murder him out of disgust, it's hard to shed a tear for the scumbag.
  • Charles Holcombe from "Legacy" is a callous Serial Killer with over sixty victims to his name, and is dedicated to wiping out junkies, prostitutes, vagrants, and the homeless due to viewing them as subhuman filth that is worthless to society. Using a meat-packing plant that he inherited from his late father, Holcombe re-outfitted it into a brutal maze-like Death Course where he forces his victims to play a sadistic game: escape before sundown or die horribly. What follows is his victims being put through horrible physical agony where they're forced to crawl through rooms filled with broken glass, endure being sprayed with gas, and run from hungry attack dogs. All the while during his game, he torments his victims with footage of him dissecting his previous victims alive to let them know what to expect if they fail. When his latest victim, a prostitute named Maggie successfully completes the course, Holcombe reveals that he had no intention of ever letting her escape and knocks her out with a spray of gas before hauling her off to slaughter. Ruthlessly obsessed with his mission to the end, Holcombe's final moments before being gunned down are him attempting to finish off Maggie while screaming "Just let me do my job!"

Season 3

  • Francis Goehring was a sexual sadist who tortured and degraded his wife, and when she left him, he abducted women who looked like her, gave them similar treatment, and murdered them when they tried to escape, or when he got bored with them.
  • Floyd Feylinn Ferrell, from "Lucky", is a Satanist who believes in Satan solely because it allows him to indulge his murderous impulses. Murdering numerous women, Floyd wracks up a sizable body count of over a dozen, with the added sadistic twist of force-feeding pieces of them to his next victims and eating the rest himself. When he kidnaps a woman named Tracey Lambert, Floyd butchers her and feeds her to her own search party, something he maliciously reveals to a priest. Faking his mental issues, Floyd returns ten seasons later in season 13's "Lucky Strikes", where is held at a mental health facility for ten years, where he is finally granted supervised release and proceeds to manipulate a troubled young man into cannibalistic murders to eventually force his suicide and make him take responsibility for all of Floyd's past murders to free himself, even partaking of the flesh of said man's murders himself.
  • Before the next example mentioned below, there was another criminal who went by "the Reaper", Glenn Hill from "True Night". His screentime totals to twenty seconds tops, but in that time, we see him order his street gang to rape a pregnant woman to death while he forces the woman's fiance to watch and subsequently attempting to eviscerate the fiance. Why? No reason given, one assumes they were just in the mood to do that and simply went with the first people they encountered. The twist? He's the episode's victim.

Season 4

  • The Boston Reaper. Dear god, the Reaper. That man is Nightmare Fuel personified. His bloodied evil grin at the end of "Omnivore" will haunt you in your sleep.
    • Let's go into a little more detail on why he deserves to be on this list. He disappeared years ago after a long, unsolved killing spree (his last victim was actually himself, having learned exactly where one can be stabbed non-fatally so he could inflict multiple wounds on himself, allowing the Reaper to disappear without casting any suspicion in the right direction). After returning, one of his first acts is slaughtering a bus full of passengers, and although he's caught at the end, he escapes due to memorizing the layouts of every prison he might be sentenced to. Then he goes after Hotch personally, stabbing him in painful, non-fatal ways as a form of torture (and there may also have been a sexual aspect to the torture we didn't see). It gets worse, as then he goes after Hotchner's family - he kills Hotch's ex-wife while Hotch and the BAU team listen over the phone and insinuates that Hotch's son is next. Fortunately, Hotchner gets there in time to avoid that, but the Reaper attacks him and Hotch ends up beating him to death with his bare hands out of sheer rage and need to defend himself and his son. The Reaper is acknowledged as such a Complete Monster in-universe that, when she hears the end of the tale, Strauss, who is leading an inquiry into the events in which she has repeatedly tried to implicate Hotch in some way, is shocked and lets him go with her full condolences for what he's gone through.
      • Rossi deduces that he is also sexually aroused by teenage girls and by torturing them, because when they are his victims, he usually takes his time before killing them. What an absolute creep.
  • From "Remembrance of Things Past", we have Lee Mullens, a.k.a The Butcher, a "retired" Serial Killer who was widely feared in the past. Thanks to his job as an electrician, Mullens could use the tools of his trade to electrically torture blonde women that he'd kidnapped, and would also attack them with sharp objects as well as sodomize them. While this would go on, he'd force them to call their loved ones and tell them that they were going to die, but that they were enjoying the torture Lee would inflict on them, who would then stab them to knife in the slowest, most painful way imaginable. He racked up about twenty victims, including his own wife when she found out about him, and forced his son Colby to watch when he murdered her. After retiring due to the BAU's David Rossi making it too dangerous for him to continue "hunting", he forces Colby (Who he's shown to be verbally and physically abusive towards) to help him murder more women. Despite being somewhat pitiful due to his Alzheimer's in the present day, Lee isn't sympathetic in the slightest: he was a sadistic monster in the past and present, and shows no regret for the crimes he's committed whatsoever.

Season 5

  • "Mosley Lane" gives us Anita, the creepy old lady who grew up in a funeral home and has her husband kidnap young children for her to raise as her own. When the children get either too old or too troublesome, she has her husband Roger dump them in the crematorium out back. They're considered by fans as the worst villains in the series, even worse than the Reaper. Anita is the far more evil of the duo, even molesting several of the children on top of beating them. She's the one who does the burning too. One of the first children she took, Charlie, has developed Stockholm Syndrome, which Anita uses to make him snatch more children for her.
  • "A Rite of Passage" has two, Omar Morales and Ronald Boyd. Morales is a sleazy Mexican Mafioso who enjoys dismembering bodies and sending bits of them to the victim's family. Boyd, the unsub of the episode, murders helpless illegal immigrants with a machete as they Run for the Border, and while it's possible racism may be a factor, it's far more likely that he simply enjoys killing and targeted illegals because they're not supposed to officially "exist" and he could therefore get away with it. He also eviscerates the incredibly sympathetic Hispanic sheriff who had been helping the FBI with the investigation. Both of them are dead by the end of the episode.

Season 6

  • James Stanworth from "25 to Life". Not only did he stab Carrie Sanderson and her little daughter Abby to death, but also managed to place the blame on Donald Sanderson, sending him to jail. He also killed another woman to satisfy his psychopathic urges that he couldn't manage to keep hidden anymore. Unluckily for him, this last murder puts the BAU on his tracks. He's also a Corrupt Corporate Executive who is trying to become a corrupt politician. He's heavily hinted to be well-connected enough to have gotten away with everything...if only he hadn't committed the third murder.
  • Lucy, from "Supply and Demand" is a rather different sort of monster from most of those on this list. The head of a human trafficking ring, Lucy has her gang kidnap young men and women and pimp them out to snuff film aficionados and other sexual deviants, staging live shows in which the victims are tortured, and even killed, by her men and/or clients. The victims are beaten, drugged, and otherwise mistreated to ensure compliance, and are kept caged in between visits from Lucy's clients. A psychological sadist, who derives gratification from being in control, Lucy frequently has her men lock in her in the cages, so that she can enjoy the victims' terror and win their trust while pretending to be a fellow victim; she takes unholy glee in revealing that she is, in fact, the one in charge. She's also the one who scouts the victims out in the first place, visiting college campuses, while posing as a student, and then staging her own abduction alongside any students she has befriended. When Lucy discovers that Renee Matlin, one of her victims is an undercover cop, she proceeds to play a game of Russian Roulette with her, then has the other woman savagely beaten, gloating the whole time. Interrupted by the police, Lucy manipulates Max, her right-hand man into being killed by them, planning to frame him for her crimes. Found out by David Rossi, Lucy's last act is to pull her revolver and try to blow him away.

Season 7

  • Just two episodes into the season, "Proof" gives us the truly unique Benjamin "Cy" Bradstone, an utterly horrifying Serial Killer who tortures and kills women who remind him of a girl he tried to rape as a teen and who later went on to marry his brother in ways that destroy their senses, at one point pouring sulfuric acid down a girl's throat. The reason he's truly unique is that he's mentally disabled, having been deprived of oxygen in the womb, and unlike the similar UnSub in "The Uncanny Valley", this isn't played for sympathy at all; on the contrary, it's mentioned that although he's disabled, he's smart enough to know that his disability means people will be more likely to trust him and uses that as a lure to snatch more victims.
    • He tries to rape his own niece because she reminded him of his first victim. He's also a raging sadist who injures women out of misogyny and is absolutely gleeful when he tells his brother what he's done. He's not a handicapped man taking out his anger on the world. He's a sadistic psychopath who happens to be handicapped.

"What I did to your daughter, you can see on this tape. But what I did to your wife? Now that's a video I wish you could see."

  • Randy Slade from "Painless". A teenager with a very bad case of god complex, whose sociopathic tendencies weren't noticed due to his school achievements. One day, he walked into the school cafeteria, where he dared everyone to look at him, shooting them if they didn't. He then killed himself with a bomb that caused even more victims.
  • Clark Preston from "A Thin Line", a crooked real estate developer who hires crooks to commit crimes in neighborhoods so people will leave them and he can buy up their property dirt-cheap, not caring about who gets hurt in the slightest. He only gets worse from there. He starts a mayoral campaign, having his faithful toady murder entire families (including a baby in one case) and pin it on innocent black and Hispanic people to add fuel to his blatantly racist campaign platform. Fortunately, unlike a lot of wealthy perps on this sort of show, who use their resources to expertly cover their tracks and pull a Karma Houdini, he was dumb enough to use an ordinary phone to relay his orders to his toady, allowing the FBI to get him in the end.
  • Malcolm Ford from "The Company", the man that kidnapped Morgan's cousin and kept her hidden for eight years. He not only abused Cindy sexually, he brainwashed her into being completely submissive to him and only failed to keep her beholden to him by locking her son away from her. He's manipulative enough to know exactly how to handle the FBI, as well as using an entire network of men just like him in order to flee the state.
  • J.B. Allen from "Foundation", who abducts little boys, rapes and tortures them for years on end, then, once they get too old for him, murders them by burying them alive. Not to mention the bite marks found on Angel and the fact that he had to get his teeth recapped...just imagine how many kids he had to bite and how hard he bit to have that happen.

Season 10

  • Alex Zorgen, while not a Serial Killer himself, runs a human trafficking ring that sells women, regardless of age, to serial killers and other criminals online. In 1993, prior to creating this ring, he abducted a woman named Donna Goldhard, and kept her as a Sex Slave, repeatedly raping and torturing her for the next 22 years. From one of those rapes came a son, named Kyle. In the season premiere "X," Alex, along with his family, kidnaps a woman and uses his website to auction her off to a Serial Killer. As the season progresses, Alex has Kyle stalk the BAU's newest member, Kate Callahan, by posing as an attractive high school senior online to gain their trust of her niece Meg, and her friend, who are both 14 years old. He sends his wife and son to kidnap them in the season finale "Hunt," but Kyle only catches Meg. Alex murders Kyle, his own son, without showing any remorse and simply moves on with his plan to sell Meg online to a serial killer. He was later arrested by the BAU, but Meg has already been sold. When they ask him where Meg’s captor is keeping her, he refuses to cooperate and just taunts Kate about the things her captor is going to do to her. Having no regard for anyone, including his own family, and only caring about selling women to his online human trafficking ring and making money out of it, Alex Zorgen is The Sociopath in its worst form.

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