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Don't let the name fool you: he loves no one!

Surprisingly, even something as regularly violent as the immensely controversial Grand Theft Auto series has it's share of standouts among all the repulsive scumbags and criminals roaming the streets.

  • Donald Love of Grand Theft Auto fame certainly qualifies. While Grand Theft Auto III only vaguely alludes to his monstrous tendencies, Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories sheds some light on his true personality. He will truly do anything to make money, including having Toni murder his mentor Avery Carrington just to steal his plans, as well as a news reporter that witnessed the murder. Did I mention what he does with the bodies? His most monstrous moment is when he orders Toni to sneak underneath the Fort Staunton section of Staunton Island and blow it to smithereens, likely causing the death of thousands of people. This action also explains the existence of the construction site in GTA3.
    • That reporter mentioned weren't a saint either. Ned Burner, posing as a priest in a confession booth, got Toni (who was seeking redemption for his sins, ironically) to wreak havoc on the streets in a fire truck (killing countless civilians) so he could be the first on the scene to write a scoop about it, kill 3 celebrities who gave interviews to rival media institutions, kill a federal witness to a doping scandal and pull off a diamond heist. Damn, Toni Cipriani probably commits the greatest canonical atrocities of any GTA protagonist to date thanks to the orders of these two.
  • Ray Bulgarin from Grand Theft Auto IV. Aside from his whole human smuggling past, his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder and his generally nasty, aggressive personality, his appearance in The Ballad of Gay Tony makes him an even bigger Complete Monster. While he may appear Affably Evil or even somewhat petty and harmless at first (in stark contrast to his brief appearances in the main game), he soon gets several Kick the Dog moments: namely, the brutal murder of the cook and his subsequent betrayal of Luis, and his cruel treatment of his sister, even shooting at and possibly killing her.
    • Billy Grey certainly qualifies by the end. He starts a pointless and destructive gang war just 'cause, then uses Jason's death as an excuse to jack a Triad heroin shipment. When he decides he doesn't like Johnny's attitude (y'know, involving rationality, common sense, and discretion), he arranged to have the Triads ambush him. But worst of all? After he gets arrested at said ambush, he pretty much immediately rolls over on the entire gang, shitting all over his vaunted "brotherhood" for immunity. When Johnny confronts him at the end, he doesn't even bother to bullshit him with excuses, just forces him to shoot him down. No redeeming features, no remorse, zero empathy, sadistic, manipulative, selfish... yeah, he's all over this trope.
    • The game also features several random encounters with Eddie Low. Easily one of the creepiest characters one will ever find in a video game, you can deduce just by talking with him that he is a necrophilliac and pedophillic Serial Killer who horribly mutilates and murders both girls and boys for sexual pleasure. So it's no surprise later on when he randomly tries to kill you as well.

  Eddie: I like boys. I like girls too. Both are fun in different ways. The same ways as well. We're all the same under those layers of hair, and skin, and fat. Everyone's got the same rotten livers and black hearts underneath it all.

  • GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist: Avon Hertz is a genius billionaire tech mogul, inventor and "father" of the insane A.I. Cliffford, and the true main antagonist of the Doomsday Heist scenarios. Petty and egotistical to the extreme, Avon had his own vision for a perfect world. He sought to create a dystopia where all of mankind was replaced with sentient machines who worshiped him as God. He tricks the Online protagonists into feeding data to Cliffford under the guise of rooting out the Russian terrorist Bogdan, when he was actually using them to gain access to the United States defense grid. After trying to blow of the submarine the players and Bogdan are on, he reveals that he will use Cliffford to hack into missile systems throughout the world and unleash nuclear armageddon to completely wipe away humanity. Hiding out in an abandoned missile silo, Avon tried to use a nuclear warhead to wipe away San Andreas and buy time to allow Cliffford to hack into weapons systems around the world to unleash doomsday. While Avon and Cliffford are ultimately killed, his genocidal ambitions lifted him above all other villains in the franchise in terms of evil grandeur.

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