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The various Gundam series have a habit of trying to show war in various shades of gray, and as a result, most villains (if they can even be called that) are tempered with sympathetic human qualities. However, there are still exceptions to the rule...

Gihren Zabi emulating Adolf Hitler.

Universal Century

  • In the first Mobile Suit Gundam series, there's Prince Gihren Zabi, eldest son of the Zabi family and the franchise's original CM. A cold, Machiavellian personality, Gihren doesn't care about anyone's lives, including those of his own family members. He takes being compared to Adolf Hitler as a compliment, turns his little brother's funeral into a political rally, uses chemical weapons to exterminate vast swathes of earth's population, and later blasts his own father and General Revil into oblivion just so they wouldn't reach an armistice. When his sister Kycilia (no angel herself) confronts him about what he's done, Gihren's sneeringly offhanded disregard for her anger cements his status as an utter hollow psychopath. Had he won, he admits that he would have reduced the earth's population to less than a billion and kept it that way so that they could never rise up against him. Sidestories like The 08th MS Team and The Plot To Assassinate Gihren only add to his list of crimes—he was The Man Behind the Man to Mad Scientist Ginias Sahalin and his Apsalus Project, and arranged (through his secretary, Cecilia Irene) two elaborate false assassination plots with himself as the supposed victim in order to frame Kycilia and garner public support for clamping down on his political opposition. When Det. David Schiller became an Unwitting Pawn in one of these schemes, he was rewarded by seeing his entire family (members of the anti-Zabi faction) imprisoned or executed. Decades after his introduction, Gihren, who only cares about himself and nothing else in life, remains the standard to which Gundam's other monsters aspire to emulate or match.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket stands out among Gundam series as the one with the most Grey and Gray Morality, and yet it does have one Complete Monster, Colonel Killing, the high-ranking Gihren loyalist who took part in Operation Rubicon. The name itself should be a dead giveaway, but just for the lowdown: this bastard deliberately sabotaged Operation Rubicon, causing the death of the whole Cyclops Team (only Ensign Newbie Bernard Wiseman survived, and only because he got lucky). And he did that just to give his superiors an excuse to destroy the colony with nuclear weapons. He's also a firm believer in We Have Reserves and Klingon Promotion, and when his commander overrides the order of destroying Side 6, he shoots him dead and usurps control of the operation from him. Luckily, the attack fails thanks to a timely intervention of the Earth Federation forces, but all the suffering the protagonists of this mini-series go through can ultimately be traced back to him.
  • Yazan Gable from Zeta Gundam is a thuggish Psycho for Hire whose whole reason for joining the Titans is so he can satisfy his bloodlust by killing members of the AEUG and their supporters. He has no interest in the rules of warfare, murders solely because he is good at it, and has the disturbing warcry of "I'M GONNA VIOLATE YOU!!" Worse yet, he's a Karma Houdini who makes his escape at the end of the series, despite having killed three main characters, arranged the death of his superior officer (for the heinous crime of not letting him fight a pointless battle), and earned the enmity of every named character in the show. It's worth noting that he was likely the inspiration for Ali Al-Saachez and Decil Galette, two of the worst characters on this list, and does all of this while being a Badass Normal in a show full of Newtypes.
    • For that matter, Titan's second-in-command, Bask Ohm, is just as horrible. He beat the shit out of Captain Bright for opposing to his orders, had Kamille Vidan's mother, Hilda, put in a capsule in outer space without a spacesuit just to retrieve the Gundams stolen by the AEUG (this leading to her horrendous and heart-wrenching death), ordered at least two massive colony gassings, etc. Heck, ex Cool Big Sis Reccoa Londo may have defected to the Titans for a really stupid reason, but even she was more than happy to blast Bask away as soon as she could. He's got a Freudian Excuse of the Being Tortured Makes You Evil type, but it obviously doesn't come close to justifying his brutality.
  • While Gundam ZZ's Glemmy Toto was never a nice person, at least in the anime, he gets enough characterization and is funny and quirky enough to neatly avoid this trope. In the manga's Alternate Continuity, though, his evilness is cranked Up to Eleven. He doesn't even start out sympathetic and is immediately shown to be coldly manipulating Puru and treating her as nothing more than a weapon to be used against his enemies (complete with a Nightmare Fuel worthy description of the poor girl's brainwashing). When Puru does her Heel Face Turn, Glemmy tries to kill her himself. And during the desert arc, Glemmy orders his men to destroy a defenceless village just to draw out Judau and his friends (which leads to Puru's death at the hands of her Evil Twin, Puru-2). It is immensely satisfying when, during the final battle, Judau takes a page out of Kamille's book and disables Glemmy's Queen Mantha with his Newtype powers, before ramming a HUGE beam saber up Glemmy's cockpit. He's eventually revealed to be a clone of Gihren Zabi, Gundam's original CM, which goes a long way towards explaining how he turned out.
    • The original show, in the meantime, has Axis-Zeon Ace Pilot Rakan Dahkaran. An Expy of Zeta's Yazan Gable, Rakan is, like his inspiration, a brutal, nigh-unkillable Blood Knight with a tenuous grasp of personal loyalty, albeit with some actual command talent thrown in. Cold-blooded and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, Rakan is not above harming civilians. This is best demonstrated in Episode 35, where he impassively guns down hospital ships and evacuation craft fleeing the Dublin Colony Drop, in order to make sure that nobody escapes the blast radius. He kills longtime Gundam veteran Hayato Kobayashi when the latter tries to stop him, and following his defection from Haman's forces willingly kills many of his old comrades, including Mashmyre Cello, before being stopped by Judau.
  • Carozzo "Iron Mask" Ronah from Mobile Suit Gundam F91, who wanted to eradicate most of humanity using his dreadful Bugs, all according to his twisted concept of aristocracy. The manga shows in sickening detail how brutally and efficiently his creations did their work. And previous to his final fight with Seabook Arno in The Movie, Iron Mask used his mobile suit's hands to grab his own daughter, Cecily, and throw her out in space when she questioned him. Luckily, her spacesuit saved her.
  • Mobile Suit Victory Gundam has Fonse Kagatie. The Prime Minister of the Zanscare Empire, he cynically exploited the messianic Newtype Maria Armonia's harmless pacifist cult to create a brutal military dictatorship, with Maria as his powerless figurehead. Whilst, as the de facto ruler of Zanscare, he was responsible for green-lighting all of its atrocities (which included the mass execution of dissidents by guillotine, burning entire towns to flush out the League Militaire, and genocide by giant motorbike), and his worst act by far was creating and deploying the Angel Halo. The Final Solution to Zanscare's war with the Earth Federation, the Halo was a psychic Doomsday Device designed to wipe out all intelligent life on Earth via Mind Rape, allowing Kagatie's empire to move in and take the planet unopposed. For extra evil points, its power source was Maria (later replaced by her eleven-year-old daughter) and thousands of her followers, who he tricked into believing that they were broadcasting messages of peace and goodwill rather than committing total planetary genocide. This also meant that they served as human shields for the Halo, ensuring that every bit of damage it took was measured in innocent lives.

After Colony

  • Gundam Wing doesn't really have many of these, but Chief Engineer Ken Tsubarov really pushes the envelope. A Blood Knight by proxy who enjoys watching his Mobile Dolls slaughter enemies a tad more than is healthy, he supported Disc One Final Boss Duke Dermail in the hopes that the latter would trigger an enormous war for his Dolls to fight in. When Lady Une revealed that she liked the automated Mobile Dolls because they cut down on human casualties, Tsubarov decided he wants his Dolls to have the chance to kill people, and plenty of them. So he betrayed Une, seized control of the colonies, attempted to murder the captive Gundam pilots by cutting off their oxygen, and gunned Une down when she tries to interfere. Before his demise, he underwent a huge Villainous Breakdown, turning his Dolls loose on the civilian population while ranting like a madman about how, through them, he would achieve invincibility.
  • The Spin-Off novel Gundam Wing G-Unit, on the other hand, adds two more to the mix:
    • Dr. Berg, a Mad Scientist suffering from a terminal case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder who is willing to betray and murder in order to complete his research and create the most powerful Gundams ever, as he takes pride and joy in inventing newer and newer ways for humans to kill each other. He has no regard at all for human lives and only considers people as guinea pigs for him to toy with. It is also revealed later on that he arranged for the death of Dr. Burnett and his wife, the parents of series protagonists Odin and Odel, in order to divert fundings from their research to his own weapon manufacturing...and the reveal sends Odel, who is normally quite The Stoic, into an Unstoppable Rage and drives him to kill Berg. Unfortunately, the mad doc initiates a Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum and activates his Grand Shirio's doomsday program to destroy the colonies and drop itself on Earth to pollute it with its nuclear engines. Odin barely manages to avert disaster.
    • Big Bad Valdor Farkill, the Black General of Death, so nicknamed for his skill in battle and for the enthusiasm he puts forth in slaughtering entire companies of enemy soldiers. He estabilishes himself soon after his introduction by coldly disposing of Broom Brooks - the third member of the Quirky Miniboss Squad - just because he had outlived his usefulness, and then by blowing up several shuttles filled with civilian refugees just because. And he gets progressively worse, to the point that, by the time he betrays and kills his loyal henchwomen, Tyke Bomb sisters Solys and Luna, he has already estabilished himself as the most despicable villain in the After Colony era. He's also an extreme megalomaniac who believes it is his destiny to fight and kill Well-Intentioned Extremist Anti-Villain Treize Kushrenada, for no better reason than a desire to be forever remembered in history books. His final fate is most appropriate: he suffers a Villainous Breakdown when Roche breaks the news that Treize has fallen in battle, which robs Valdor of the glorious fate he envisioned for himself, exposes him as the pathetic Smug Snake he really was...and ends with Odin making Valdor Half the Man He Used To Be.

After War

  • Major Nomoa Long from Gundam X. A former scientist for the Space Revolutionary Army, he was dumped on Earth by his superiors following the devastating aftermath of the war and began plotting revenge against them. While this is at least understandable, the extremes he goes to in his pursuit of vengeance are downright depraved - his plan was to use the Fort Severn laboratories to create a strong enough Artificial Newtype (and we know how those unfortunate people are created and how unstable they often end up becoming) in order to power up the Patulia, a nightmarish Mobile Armor that is literally Powered by a Forsaken Child: this horror needed a Newtype (who ended up being Artificial Newtype Carris Nautilus) to be used as its power source, and it would slowly and painfully erase the victim's mind, turning him or her into nothing more than one of the Patulia's own components. Does Nomoa care about any of this? No, he just wants the Patulia to destroy all those who have wronged him somehow, and he'd sacrifice anyone to achieve that.
    • There was also Seidel Rasso, leader of the Space Revolutionary Army. He turned the Cloud 9 colony into a Police State, suppressed all dissent, and preached a Master Race philosophy founded on the notion that since Newtypes could only be born in space, the colonists should control the destiny of the surviving human race. He KNEW all this to be bullshit, yet kept all information about Newtypes on Earth quiet while gearing up for another war. During this effort, he destroyed the rebell colony of Satelicon and it's entire population with photon torpedoes, imprisoned and executed his right-hand man, Nichola, for suggesting peace talks with the New Earth Federation, and tried to use a Kill Sat to exterminate all the humans remaining on Earth. When the supercomputer DOME revealed that Newtypes were really no different from the rest of humanity, Rasso refused to accept it. Pushing his own lies to the end, Rasso's last act was to violate a ceasefire between himself and Bloodman, ranting about how Oldtypes like the NEF president were all scum who deserved to die.

Correct Century

  • Gym Ghingnham of Turn a Gundam is many things, none of them pleasant. He's a cunning and ruthless manipulator with an intuitive grasp of Obfuscating Stupidity, a brutal warlord whose spurious 'warrior philosophy' is chiefly an excuse for hurting people and can be dropped at a moment's notice if it gets him into trouble, and an entitled Psychopathic Manchild who sees war as a game and human lives as points on the scoreboard. He threatens to rape his guest/prisoner Kihel Heim, casually murders his subordinates on the slightest pretext (up to and including an impromptu weapons test for his new suit), and attempts to restart the Dark History, the centuries of apocalyptic warfare that nearly brought about the extinction of humanity, because he thinks it'd be fun. His crowning moment of evil likely comes when he kills his own Dragon for offering him assistance in a battle...only to then turn around and beg for help from another subordinate the moment the fight is going against him.

Cosmic Era

Anno Domini

  • Perhaps the reigning champion in Gundam villainy (despite his fanbase), Ali Al-Saachez from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, a self-admitted Psycho for Hire and Blood Knight who loves war and wants it to never end, manipulated Setsuna into killing his own parents, killed Saji's Hot Scoop Intrepid Reporter sister for the fun of it (in fact, many fans suspect he did more than just killing her) after revealing to her just how evil he is, and generally only exists to make the world a much, much worse place. Burning down an entire country is all in a day's work for this beast. It also says a lot about his character that he actually finds empathy disgusting.
    • Ali Al-Saachez's boss and the show's Big Bad, Ribbons Almark. In the first season, he didn't seem so bad, particularly in comparasion to Ali. Then came the second season...To sum up his character: he's an Innovator who shut everyone but the Innovators allied to him from VEDA, the super computer Tieria relied on. Responsible for the death of Aeolia Schenberg and leader of the genocidal A-Laws in the second season. He views himself as a God as well.
      • That's putting it mildly. Here's a list of his atrocities. To start off, he manipulated Alejandro Corner to do his bidding by pretending that he cared for the man and, once he served his purpose, allowed him to die (and mocked him right beforehand). He created the Trinity siblings simply so that he could use them as an excuse to give the world GN Drives and then sent Ali Al-Saachez to kill them (his own children of sorts) when he was done with them. He created the A-LAWS in the second season, so all of their atrocities can be traced to him, sends Ali to burn Azadistan down, and later uses a Kill Sat to blow a major Middle Eastern city off the map. And then there's what he does to Ill Dark Action Girl Louise Halevy, a mentally and physically unstable orphaned rich girl who he has finacially support A-LAWS with the promise that she would get her revenge against the Gundam who killed her family (which he delivered on, but that doesn't make him any better - especially since the pilot of said Gundam was the Sole Survivor of the Trinity siblings, another Dark Action Girl...who could be considered as his daughter). He intended to make her the world's first true Innovator (and partially succeeds) so that he could have a measure of control over one. When his Manchurian Agent, an Innovator girl named Anew Returner, was about to defect after she fell for Lyle "Lockon Stratos" Dylandy, he re-brainwashed her and forced her to attack Lyle, so Setsuna had to Shoot the Dog. And that's just naming a few. Perhaps the only good thing he does in the entire series is saving the life of Child Soldier Soran Ibrahiem, aka Setsuna F Seiei, when he was young. And that was only due to little!Setsuna's sheer awe at seeing Ribbons' Gundam stroking Ribbons' ego, as opposed to kindness.

Advanced Generation

  • Put the worst aspects of Ribbons Almark, Colonel Killing, Ali Al-Saachez, Yazan Gable, and Muruta Azrael in a blender. Then add in Ginias Sahalin's insanity and stuff all of that into a seven year old boy. That is Desil Galette from Gundam AGE in a nutshell.
    • Here are the specifics of his atrocities: as a high-ranking pilot for Eden and Vagan (also known as the Unknown Enemy), he uses his position to spearhead genocidal attacks on space colonies that stand in his path. It is heavily implied that one of the victims of his attacks included Yurin's family's space colony, leaving her as an orphan with nowhere to go. But he doesn't just use his power to kill those who belong to the Earth-Race. In episode 5, he gundam-jacks the AGE-1 (no thanks to him being a Deliberately Cute Child) to test the Gundam's capabilities. By testing the Gundam's capabilities, he means brutally killing his own comrades just to keep his piloting skills fresh. And then, in episode 12, he forces Alzack Birmings to give up Yurin. Once getting his dirty hands on Yurin, he forces her to fight for Vagan. And by forcing her to fight for Vagan, Desil means imprisoning Yurin inside a pink mobile suit (complete with chains) and taking control of her mobile suit, leaving her helpless as Desil vastly damages the Gundam. And then, when Yurin takes the hit for Flit and dies, the monstrous brat utterly shatters the Moral Event Horizon by gloating that Yurin was a mere plaything. Despite all of this, however, Flit allows Desil to live. Having grown up during the timeskip, he's now a power hungry, sadistic madman. He doesn't take the news of his brother Zeheart's promotion to commander of the Earth Occupation Forces well and makes an offhand threat about revealing the true reason why Zeheart failed to destroy the Gundam. As the Second Generation progressed, his obsession over his brother's position causes his already-low sanity to slip even further, eventually encouraging the Magicians Eight to sortie without their commander's permission. Using their anger over the death of two of their colleagues to engage an isolated Diva, he completely exposes the Magicians Eight and brings forth a humiliating defeat that results in the group losing more of their members, which causes Zeheart to completely lose trust in Desil's actions. This all climaxes in Episode 26, when he goes after and attacks Asemu and Woolf and gets help from two Magicians Eight pilots too. By getting help, Desil means mentally forcing his two wingmen's mobile suits to hold up Asemu and leaving them at the mercy of Woolf. As Asemu is dazed from the explosion, Desil closes in, forcing Woolf to push Asemu out of the way and receive the fatal blow. By that time, Zeheart and the last two Magicians Eight pilots decide they had enough of Desil and leeave his Ax Crazy Blood Knight brother at the mercy of an enraged Asemu. Unlike his father, Asemu wastes no time in promptly putting Desil down by completely obliterating every last trace of the sick bastard's mobile suit. One could only imagine what other sickening acts Desil might have done if he wasn't burning in Hell after episode 26, but judging by the sheer amount of the text above, one thing is crystal clear. Katejina Loos might be Gundam's queen of evil, but Desil is indisputably Gundam's king of all things horrifying.
    • What makes him really stand out is that he manages to surpass all the other villains in this entire page even after his series is close to its halfway point. Managing to do that when your series isn't even over yet is pretty jarring (even if he's now dead).

Post Disaster

  • Nobliss Gordon in Iron Blooded Orphans is Greed personified. While he is publicly a beloved businessman and supporter of noble revolutions, Nobliss is in truth a greedy monster who cares nothing for any cause but filling his wallet. Manipulating the young Kudelia Aina Bernstein into becoming the figurehead for the Mars independence movement, Nobliss has her spied on while tricking the revolutionaries into dying pointlessly. When Kudelia reaches the height of popularity, Nobliss attempts to have her murdered to make her a martyr and spark the biggest, bloodiest , most violent revolution imaginable to profit on it from his arms trade. While mostly relegated to the background in the second season, Nobliss continues his corrupt practices by manipulating the media to portray victimized Child Soldiers as villains in the media to help facilitate their slaughter and continue to line his pockets.


  • G-Savior: General Garneaux is the Big Bad. While appearing to be a man trying to save his people, he is later revealed to be the opposite. Desiring a special serum that will save CONSENT from starvation, he plans on destroying it in order to implement a policy of selective starvation, all for the sake of power; he orders Lt. Col. Jack Halle to kill the Illuminati when they break into a Hydrogen rig to steal the serum. Heading to Gaia to acquire the serum from Mark and Cynthia, he starts a war between CONSENT and Gaia as a distraction, using Mark’s fiancée Mimi as a spy.