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Kilgrave wants another woman dead. And this woman happens to be his own mother.

"You are deluded Captain. You pretend to be a simple soldier but in reality you are afraid to admit that we have left humanity behind. Unlike you I embrace it proudly, without fear!"
— Red Skull to Captain America, Captain America: The First Avenger

Whether a part of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe or not, the sheer amount of Marvel movies over the years have given us all kinds of different villains to contend with their respective superheroes, some being nastier than others. Much nastier.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • In the first Iron Man movie, we have Obadiah Stane who is the second-of-command of Stark Industries. While he appears to be a somewhat gruff yet affable man on the surface, Obadiah is in reality a power hungry maniac who secretly acts as a weapons dealer for a group of terrorists known as the Ten Rings. Having grown an unhealthy lust for money and corporate power, Obadiah set up for Tony Stark to be killed by the terrorists so he can end up in control of Tony's company which gets a convoy full of troops obliterated and Tony is set up to be tortured at the hands of the terrorists (he was supposed to be killed, but the Ten Rings found him more useful alive than dead). After Tony came back to America and the Ten Rings found the remaining scraps of Tony's armor, Obadiah betrayed the terrorists and had them killed while he stole the fragments and created the powerful, tank-like Iron Monger armor. However, his scientist team could not replicate the arc reactor needed to make the armor work, so Obadiah ambushed Tony at his home, had him drugged, and then took the arc reactor that Tony uses as his heart, leaving him to die by succumbing to shrapnel shard wounds after mocking him about his failure. After testing out the armor by slaughtering a few S.H.I.E.L.D agents, Obadiah fell in love with the armor's capabilities and fought the revived Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit in a brutal fight to the death where he had no qualms with putting civilians in mortal danger (Including a family with children) just to piss off Tony. The last threat he made before his demise was to deliberately kill anything and everything Tony holds dear to him, Pepper Potts included.
    • The third Iron Man movie gives us the equally despicable Aldrich Killian, the self-centered, misogynistic, narcissistic leader of the A.I.M corporation. When he was a young scientist, he'd wanted to get funding from Tony Stark for his A.I.M project, so he tracked Tony down to Switzerland at a New Year's Eve party and asked him about it. Tony told him to wait for him on the rooftop to discuss it, but Tony broke his word and never showed up. This enraged Killian so much that rather than jumping off the roof to his death, he decided to devote his life to creating a better mechanics business empire than Tony Stark's. After recruiting Maya and funding the research on the Extremis virus, he started using Extremis in experiments on human test subjects, seeing it give the human body strength, resilience, and even regenerative properties. However, the virus soon started backfiring and causing the test subjects to spontaneously combust. Rather than stopping the experiments, Killian devised a despicable plan around them. He hired a washed up British actor named Trevor Slattery to play the fictitious leader of the Ten Rings, the Mandarin, in terrorist videos claiming that the explosions caused by Extremis backfires that killed countless people, including the test subjects, were deliberate terrorist attacks on the US. Behind the scenes, he made a deal with the Vice President of the US that he'd use Extremis to cure his disabled daughter and then make him leader of the country if he'd aid him in his conspiracy to ultimately kill the president and pin it on the Ten Rings. Killian was already funding the Ten Rings (for endeavors that included the group's alliance with Obadiah Stane and abduction of Tony Stark in the original film), and with the Vice President as a puppet leader, Killian would have complete control over the war on terror. When Tony found out that Killian was behind everything, Killian had already captured Pepper, who had once been a friend of his, to use as leverage. He then captured Tony and chained him to the wall for torture, taunting him with the knowledge that Pepper had been injected with the Extremis virus too. If she didn't die from it, then Killian would keep her as his "trophy." During this moment, he also murders Maya in cold blood by shooting her in the heart. He then has his henchmen abduct the President on his plane while also knocking the plane open and sending all the passengers falling to their near deaths. His depraved "finale" he'd planned was to put the President in the Iron Patriot armor and set him ablaze with burning oil, as a symbolic death of patriotism. During the final battle with Tony in which Killian fought using his own Extremis-based powers, Killian revealed that as The Man Behind the Man, he's not just using "the Mandarin" as a cover: he is the Mandarin himself.
  • Surprising absolutely nobody, Johann "The Red Skull" Schmidt in Captain America: The First Avenger is one. Kills people even after he gets what he wants for no real reason? Check. Has no loyalty to anyone but himself? (Seriously, he's The Starscream to Hitler.) Check. Plans to annihilate all 'enemy' cities, including his own capital? Check. He even has POWs used in torturous experiments and plans to rule the world as the God he fancies himself as. His ultimate plan is to use the power of the Tesseract to blow up one half of the entire world, which he would then build his empire on and go to war with the half of the world left undestroyed and unconquered. Armin Zola even states that Schmidt has no care for the Nazi cause and ideals: he just wants to burn the entire world before ruling it utterly, all out of hatred, malice, and sheer evil.
  • Ronan the Accuser of Guardians of the Galaxy (film) is a genocidal Kree renegade who hates the very idea of a peace treaty between the Kree and Nova empires. He very clearly demonstrates his stance by capturing a Nova Corps. member and smashing his head in with his Universal Weapon. Throughout the movie, Ronan seeks of a way to destroy the planet Xandar, the capital of the Nova Empire, and take the lives of everyone on it. He also works for the Mad Titan Thanos, and under his order has committed numerous murders, a number which includes Drax the Destroyer's wife and children. When Drax confronts Ronan over this, the latter claims not to remember any of his murders because But for Me It Was Tuesday, until their next encounter where Ronan does remember murdering the Drax's family and retells it with delight; it just took some jogging of his memory. He also wipes out an entire prison in his search for Gamora, who has betrayed Thanos, and in addition, kills many innocents, even children, For the Evulz. When he gets a hold of one of the Infinity Stones, he plans to begin a galactic conquest of his own starting with the obliteration of Xandar, where he kills a significant number of the Nova Corps. and orders his ships to divebomb the capital, and ending with Thanos.
  • Thor: Ragnarok: Thor's elder sister Hela, Goddess of death, sealed away by Odin when her bloodlust and cruelty grew too great, helped Odin conquer the empire of Asgard until he finally sought peace. After murdering his guards, Hela was finally subdued and sealed but massacred the Valkyries until only one remained when they sought to prevent her escape. Upon returning to Asgard, Hela slaughters all its soldiers when they resist her and tries to claim the sword of Heimdall to open the gate to the other Realms. When Heimdall saves the population of Asgard, Hela attempts to have her undead soldiers slaughter all of Asgard's people while forcing Thor to watch them die, even killing her own right-hand man, Skurge when he takes a stand to defend Asgard's civilians. Monstrous, sadistic and insatiable, Hela seeks to open the gate to all other Realms so she can conquer everything and continue her work of, as she put it, "drowning the Realms in blood and tears."

Marvel Television Universe

  • Marvel's Agents Of Shield has the Clairvoyant, aka John Garrett, as the Big Bad of the first season. Heading the Centipede Project as a powerful figure in HYDRA, the Clairvoyant has superpowered individuals abducted and experimented on, implants his soldiers with Explosive Leashes, which he utilizes should they fail him or outlive their usefulness, had Coulson tortured to reveal the secret of his revival, and frequently kidnaps and threatens the lives of the loved ones of his "employees" in order to ensure their complete loyalty. At one point he implanted a SHIELD Agent with an Explosive Leash and forced her to work for him, work that included massacring a subway train full of bank security personnel to get what they were guarding. Later he implanted an Explosive Leash in Mike Peterson as well, abducted his son, and turned Mike into the cyborg villain Deathlok against his will. Despite his cheery demeanor, Garrett has no loyalty or empathy for anyone, not even to his undyingly loyal right-hand man, Grant Ward, whom he nearly killed to further his own plans. Later, he would force Ward to attempt to murder his two friends, Fitz and Simmons, in order to prove he's not weak. Ultimately, his true interest was extending his own life, and once he'd achieved that he went on to plan world domination.
    • The second season gave us Daniel Whitehall, a HYDRA leader who is a true believer in the Red Skull's cause of eliminating The Evils of Free Will, as well as a Control Freak and a sadistic sociopath. We've seen him perform murderous human experiments with the Obelisk designed to test how quickly people died after touching it (as well as implicitly tricking Crusher Creel into carrying it around with him to see how many people he would accidentally kill after doing so); we've seen him brutally torture, eviscerate and kill a woman via surgery to get his hands on her powers of lasting youth, and he tells us that he was sloppy at the time and that he's now mastered the art of keeping victims of this procedure conscious while he does it without anesthesia; he's organized killing sprees so he could frame them on S.H.I.E.L.D.; he's ordered the Bus shot down after forcing its passengers to hand over Raina; and he wants to use both the Obelisk and the city it leads to to create a weapon of mass destruction explicitly so he can use it to kill millions if not billions of people. Oh, and he tortures and brainwashes people, including loyal S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, into becoming his slaves. He was planning to torture Skye to death to spite her father - as he did to her mother - and was going to force him to watch; he was also smiling as he was about to shoot her father just before Coulson gunned him down. Even after he's gone, the season's main conflict is a continuation of what he'd caused, with Skye's mother revealed to be Not Quite Dead and driven mad.
  • Jessica Jones features Kevin Thompson, better known as Kilgrave, an amoral, mind-controlling sociopath responsible for the ruination and death of countless innocents throughout the series. As a child, Kilgrave turned his parents into his slaves after their painful experiments to cure him of a deadly disease resulted in him gaining Mind Control abilities. Left by his parents when his torture of them became too severe, Kilgrave used his powers for everything from raping women, to ordering people who annoy him to kill themselves, and quickly developed a self-centered and petty personality, doing things like crushing a child's toy car or forcing a man to scald his own face with hot coffee for no reasons other than his own amusement. Turning Jessica Jones into his Sex Slave, Kilgrave became obsessed with her when she broke free of his control after he ordered her to murder Reva Connors. Kidnapping the college athlete Hope Schlottman, Kilgrave raped her, then forced her to kill her own parents to send a message to Jessica. Revealed to have forcibly addicted Malcolm Powder to drugs so as to use him as a pawn, Kilgrave later commands Ruben, Jessica's kind neighbor, to slit his own throat while laying in her bed. When Kilgrave reunites with his parents, he has his mother stab herself to death, captures his father by using numerous innocents, including Hope, as hostages, then has him killed as well when he outlives his usefulness. Cornered by Jessica, Kilgrave orders dozens of people to start killing each other to distract her, and, in an attempt to hurt Jessica one last time, takes controls of Trish Walker, Jessica's surrogate sister, in front of her while promising to rape Trish every day for the rest of her life. Refusing to take responsibility for his numerous crimes up until the end, Kilgrave stood out as one of the most sick, immoral, and depraved villains in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • The Punisher series gives us Agent Orange, AKA William J. "Bill" Rawlins III. A sadistic CIA agent who was the mastermind of Operation Cerberus in Afghanistan, sending special forces to torture and kill targets. In reality, Rawlins used it to his own benefit, and when Ahmed Zubair learned the truth, Rawlins framed him, abducted, tortured and murdered him while continuing to enrich himself via heroin smuggling. Upon receiving accolades and a potential promotion to Deputy CIA Director, Rawlins seeks to close loose ends by having the remaining Cerberus squad members assassinated while also planning the mass shootout that killed Frank Castle's family, alongside many other innocents. When he learns that David knows of Zubair's murder, and has faked his death, Rawlins kidnaps and tries to murder David's wife and children along with him to tie up the end. Upon capturing Castle, Rawlins, his career in tatters, attempts to brutally torture him to death, ranting that Frank, and even Russo, are just "grunts" who exist to serve men like him. A sadist to the end, Rawlins stopped at nothing to always come out on top and destroy those he can simply because he had the power to do so.

Other Marvel Films

  • Captain America (1979): Lou Brackett is an immoral industrialist and, in truth, mad-dog killer who kept his best friend Haden working on a neutron bomb against his will for months by keeping his wife hostage. When Haden is murdered by his men without disclosing where the film reel keeping the last blueprints of the bomb is, Brackett furiously has his men look all over for the reel while disposing of any loose ends like Steve Rogers, whose transformation into Captain America he facilitates through repeated attempts on his life. Brackett kidnaps Rogers' friend and Haden's daughter and threatens to murder them to keep everyone off his tail, planning to use the bomb to murder the entire population of Phoenix to cover his theft of gold depository worth a billion dollars, wiring the bomb to go off if his heart stops to kill everyone in Phoenix anyways in the event of his death.
  • The Punisher (1989): Lady Tanaka is the leader of the Yakuza and intends to muscle in on the Mafia's territory. To do this, Tanaka has the bosses' young children kidnapped with anyone who might interfere murdered, including a harmless babysitter. Tanaka promises to return the children, but her true intention is to sell them into child slavery. When Frank Castle is captured along with his friend, Tanaka has them tortured on a modern-day version of the rack. At the end, when the most powerful mob boss has teamed up with Frank to get the kids back, Tanaka holds a knife to the child's throat and orders his father to kill himself. She admits there's not even a guarantee she'll keep her word,, but says a small chance is better than none.
  • The Fantastic Four (1994): Victor Von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom, was once a friend of Reed Richards who was nearly killed and crippled by an experiment gone wrong. In vengeance, Doom spent the next ten years plotting the death of Reed and anyone associated with him. When the titular team gain their powers, Doom captures them and plots to drain them. In order to steal a diamond to power a laser beam, Doom massacres the Jeweler's gang and takes Alicia Masters as a hostage. Giving the Four and ultimatum of either surrendering to him or have New York City be destroyed by the laser, Doom starts a painful process to drain their powers, and plans to execute Alicia just to torment Ben Grimm. When they escape, Doom fires the laser at New York and confronts Reed once last time. Defeated, Doom lets himself fall just to rid Reed of the satisfaction of saving him.
  • Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1998 TV Film): Arnim Zola is a sinister Mad Scientist who once developed a horrible bioweapon called the Death's Head virus, almost employing its use in World War II to kill all of Hitler's enemies and win the war for the Nazis before HYDRA was collapsed. An aging but remorseless old man thirty years later, Zola gleefully takes the opportunity to remake the virus for the schemes of HYDRA's current head Viper, allowing her to use it to gas HYDRA's command and attempt to gas all of Manhattan to cause millions of deaths in the process. When Zola's mind is read, the only thing that is seen is a passionate, frightening devotion to warfare, destruction, and the death of millions—a dream Zola eagerly hopes to realize through the Death's Head virus.
  • Hailing from the first Blade movie is Deacon Frost, leader of the vampires. A sadistic monster who relishes any opportunity he gets to crush humans under heel, Deacon's beliefs don't fall in line with the older vampire hierarchy that wants to rule over humanity from behind the scenes so they can protect their interests, Deacon simply hates humans and wants them all to be reduced to livestock so vampires can feed on them. In order to complete a sacrifice that would give him godlike powers, Deacon slaughters the vampire elders and kills one in an especially painful way: he allows him to burn alive in sunlight after ripping out his teeth. And of course, Deacon's worst crimes are hardly against his fellow vampires: he kills his human minions with reckless abandon, tries to feed a woman to a zombie, and even sinks as low as to make two attempts on a little girl's life, first by threatening to slice her throat, then by tossing her into heavy traffic. And unfortunately for Blade, it turns out that Deacon was the one who is responsible for turning Blade into a Dhampyr to begin with. He attacked his mother during childbirth with the intention of killing the infant Blade and corrupted her into becoming a monstrous thrall who acts as his private servant.
  • Colonel William Stryker from X2: X-Men United brainwashes Nightcrawler into attempting to assassinate the President of the United States, and was also implied to have brainwashed Magneto into helping Stryker capture Professor X. He later deliberately conducts a raid on a school, kidnapping several of the students for experimentation, brainwashes Xavier and Cyclops, and uses Xavier in an attempt to wipe out Mutants across the world with a Cerebro clone. His brainwashing method? His own son. He is also the reason why Wolverine was imbedded with an adamantium-plated skeleton, the exact same procedure he subjected his second-in-command, Yuriko Oyama, through. In addition, he brainwashed the latter. In one scene, we see Yuriko start to wake up from the brainwashing, only for him to grab her and dose her up again before she can do anything. There's also the fact that the brainwashing serum leaves the victims conscious, but unable to control their bodies, which means that he was abducting innocent people and making them do horrible things and in a state to watch themselves do it! Nightcrawler even thinks that he was possessed by a demon when it's done to him.
    • In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, shortly after assigning James Howlett and Victor Creed into Team X, he led them to a village where a mysterious meteorite was located. He had the chieftain killed when he refuses to give the location, and had some of the team attack the villagers as a result, disgusting James enough to have him quit Team X immediately. The same film also shows how Stryker is no different from his father. The latter kept a mutant unlawfully detained and wanted to bomb the island with mutants who just saved the day even while a fellow agent was also there. The so-called justification being that the law doesn't apply to mutants and the agent was "collateral damage". Like father, like son is so true in William's case, seeing how he has no scruples, as we see from his various heinous actions. Having Victor Creed kill off his former unit, blackmailing Kayla (Logan's girlfriend) into keeping tabs on Logan, faking her death at the hands of Victor Creed via capturing her sister (Emma Frost), getting Logan into participating in the Weapon X program to give him the adamantium skeleton, having Creed round up and experiment on mutants to produce Weapon XI (Deadpool) and having Zero kill a farming family who took Logan in after his escape (framing him with the deed), just to recapture him. Murdered a general when the man called Stryker out on the fact that he was motivated by prejudices. Kidnaped innocent mutants other than Kayla's sister just for experiments. The Three Mile Island incident only doesn't count because it was unintentional on his part. Not that it matters on the list of deliberate malice this long already. Talk about a well deserved death.
  • Even Stryker is nothing compared to Dr. Klaus Schmidt/Sebastian Shaw from X-Men: First Class: In case you're wondering why he has a German name, it's because in the beginning of the movie, he worked as a Nazi scientist for Auschwitz, and then had Erik try to move a concentration camp-coin, feeling that he had a lot of potential after witnessing him wreck a gate. It is in this scene that he also mocks the Nazi belief that blond hair and blue eyes are the superior race. Yes, that's right, he actually MOCKS what would have been considered the most heinous crime in history because he felt that the Nazi belief on a master race was purely superficial. It gets even worse in the same scene: he has some Nazi guards bring Erik's mother in, not to reunite her with her son, but to use her as leverage to make him move the coin, stating that at the count to three, if he doesn't move the coin with his abilities, he'll kill her. Erik fails to move it before three. Erik is so enraged at it that he ends up crushing everything metallic in the room, even the soldier's helmets while the soldiers are wearing it, with Schmidt actually congratulating him for this action, even when his office and lab lay in shambles. In addition, flashbacks that were seen via Emma Frost's telepathic abilities implied that Schmidt also subjected Erik to experimentation afterwards. It also becomes apparent later on that he plans on instigating what history will later know as the Cuban Missile Crisis to start a thermonuclear war so that the mutants will grow stronger and decimate all of the normal humans, abducting an Army Colonel and then having him to agree to the U.S. to place American nuclear missiles in Turkey, and then proceeds to blow the colonel up by absorbing a grenade blast and reflecting it back at him (then again, considering the fact that the Colonel was preparing to blackmail him via grenade and apparently was bribed to do so given his statements, the guy kinda deserved it), and he planned to manipulate the Soviet general. Later, after he learns that Xavier was recruiting mutants to his side, he and his Hellfire group attack the CIA building used to research mutants, recruiting Angel to his side, and also managing to murder Darwin by absorbing Havok's disc energy and force-feeding Darwin the ability, causing him to self-destruct after the latter attempted to fake defection to stop them. He then successfully manipulates (or rather, forces) the Soviet general into delivering nukes to Cuba and later to deliver them past the embargo line, even arranging for the crew to be murdered in order to ensure that it crosses, in case the crew decided to turn back. He then follows the Soviet transport tanker and planned that should something go wrong even after these anticipations, he'll attempt to absorb all of the energy from his sub's nuclear reactor to destroy Cuba and then pin the blame on the U.S., to follow through with his plans to instigate World War III. Not only that, but he's also directly responsible for Erik's conversion into Magneto and his Start of Darkness, when the latter manages to murder him with the very coin he'd tried to have him move.
  • En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse from X-Men Apocalypse rivals Schmidt in pure evil. The most ancient mutant in existence, he is depicted as a warped, cold hearted Social Darwinist who cannot ever be satisfied until things evolve to their highest level. If any people or entire civilizations were not evolving to his liking or worse in danger of regression, En Sabah Nur wiped them out. He desires to have all inferior weaker beings purged from the world so that it is populated only by the strong. As such, he plans to destroy the planet before remaking it and to bring about the complete extermination of the human race, humans with mutant genes included, intending to repopulate the Earth with mutants whom he deems fit to live under his reign. While he talks about building a better world, he also intends to take Professor X's telekinetic powers and use them to take over the minds of all mutants so that they'll act according to his will and not rise up against him, making it clear that he only wants a better world for himself.
  • Sam Raimi's Spider-Man has Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin. While first introduced as a cold, ruthless billionaire businessman and scientist who emotionally abuses his son Harry for not meeting his high standards (and shows more fondness to Peter Parker for meeting them), he begins a downward spiral into madness when he experiments on himself with a super strength formula needed for making the glider weapon his company was devising for the military to work. It enhances his strength, stamina, and agility, but also drives him insane, and in a moment of pure insanity he murders his co-worker, Dr. Stromm. The madness eventually takes shape as a Split Personality that removes all of Norman's inhibitions and taking on the identity of the Green Goblin, this allows him to kill his military sponsors and his board of directors that voted to remove him from the company. While at first Norman always blacks out after his outings as the Goblin, he soon confronts his darker nature and rather than work to overcome it, he succumbs to it instead because it's power can get him anything he's ever wanted. As the Goblin, he bombs an entire building during the Macy's parade and puts countless innocent lives in danger, puts J. Jonah Jameson in a chokehold while demanding he give information about which of his employees takes Spider-Man's pictures, offers Spider-Man to either join him in his crime spree or die, and then attempts to kill Spider-Man after luring him to a populated burning building that he's implied to have set fire to in the first place. If this wasn't bad enough, upon learning that Spider-Man is Peter Parker, he flies his glider into Aunt May's house and wounds the defenseless old woman just to emotionally compromise Peter. ("ATTACK HIS HEART!" as he puts it) At the film's climax, the Goblin abducts Peter's Love Interest Mary Jane and drops both her and a bus full of children off the Brookyln bridge to force Spider-Man into making a Sadistic Choice. When Spider-Man ends up saving both, the Goblin gives him a merciless No-Holds-Barred Beatdown while suggesting that he now plans to rape and torture MJ before killing her in order to make her death nice and slow, just to spite Peter. After Peter turns the tables, Norman pretends to show remorse and have come back to his senses, but while preparing to literally stab Peter in the back with his glider. The glider ends up impaling and killing Norman instead, but even in death his evil presence corrupts Harry and tears him and Peter apart in the following two sequels. In this sense, Norman Osborn was the Bigger Bad of the entire trilogy.
  • Daredevil has Bullseye, a swaggering Psycho for Hire who prides himself on his unerring aim and his total lack of regard for human life. Retained by Wilson "The Kingpin" Fisk as a troubleshooter, Bullseye is a mess of barely contained violence, who regularly murders in his offtime. Over the course of the film he kills a man for insulting him in a bar, chokes an elderly woman to death for talking too much on a plane, murders another man in order to steal his motorcycle, and stabs one of Fisk's guards to death with pencils after deciding he'd rather not go through security. That's in addition to killing Nikolas and Elektra Natchios (and two of their bodyguards) on Fisk's orders, and trying to hunt down an already wounded Daredevil for the heinous crime of making him miss. An arrogant braggart who loves showing off against weaker opponents, and who is reduced to a sniveling wreck when beaten, Bullseye is completely void of redeeming qualities.
  • Blackheart from the first Ghost Rider film is pretty much what happens whenever a whiny brat happens to be the son of Satan himself. A self-centered whiner who can't handle the fact that his father bestowed the power of hellfire to mortal human Johnny Blaze, Blackheart takes it upon himself to usurp his father and become the new king of hell in his place. To that end, he seeks out the Contract of San Vengaza which holds the damned souls of a thousand people who made deals with the Devil, and he goes out of his way to slaughter innocent people such as a bar full of bikers and its staff and a kind-hearted priest for no reason other than the fact that he likes it. After devouring the souls that the contract holds, he makes it clear before his timely defeat at Ghost Rider's hands that along with overthrowing his father, he wants to twist the mortal plane into a literal Hell on Earth with him as its master.
    • Mephisto is the ultimate ruler of Hell and seeks to spread his influence on Earth. In the first film, he seeks the contract of San Vengaza and collect the thousands of souls he bargained with, and tricked Johnny Blaze into a deal that cursed him with the Ghost Rider to save Johnny's father from cancer, only to kill Johnny's father the next day to let Johnny know he's his property. Later, Mephisto sends Johnny to kill his rebellious son Blackheart. In the sequel, Mephisto reveals that in order to walk on earth he needs a human body; not only does this limit his power but his current body is now dying. Among is previous host bodies where Joespeh Stalin, Idi Amin, and John Wayne Gacey. To create a permanent and powerful host body, Mephisto conceived a child with Nadya Ketch. It's also revealed that in order to create the Ghost Rider, Mephisto dragged the angel of justice Zatharos into hell, torturing and twisting him into insanity. When Nadya and her child Danny escape, Mephisto masterminds a demonic conspiracy of murder to get his hands on Danny in preparation to destroy the boys soul, possess him and bring about The Antichrist. When Johnny, Nadya and Moreau disrupt this ritual, Mephisto makes a final attempt to flee and abduct Danny before his final confrontation with the Ghost Rider.
  • Ajax, real name Francis Freeman, is the Big Bad in Deadpool and proves to be a surprisingly serious villain for the darkly comedic film. The leader of an operation that purports to create superheroes, Francis uses his recruiter to lure in people with nothing to lose before he implants the potential for mutant genetics into them. However, to awaken the mutant gene, Francis subjects them to hideous, around-the-clock torture to produce the necessary stress to awaken it. Wade Wilson himself is eventually placed in a chamber that alters air levels to always make him feel that he is asphyxiating. After this awakens Wade's mutant gene, Francis comments he could fix Wade's ruined looks, but mocks that would be no fun and shuts him back in the device anyways. When Wade escapes, Francis impales him and leaves him to burn alive in the ruins of the lab, along with any other prisoners remaining. The superhero operation is also revealed to be a front: the victims are fitted with collars to turn them into slaves and sold to the highest bidder for the remainder of their lives. When Wade, now Deadpool, is hunting him, Francis tries to lure him out by kidnapping his former girlfriend Vanessa and then locking her in the asphyxiation device right in front of Wade.
  • In Logan, Dr. Zander Rice is the head of the X-23 experiment and a cold-blooded, xenophobic mad scientist. Before heading the X-23 experiment, Rice orchestrates the near-total genocide of mutantkind with a sterilizing virus that eradicates the X-gene, with survivors butchered by his second-in-command Pierce and his Reavers to be used for raw material. To create a perfect killing machine afterwards, Rice has numerous women forcibly impregnated with the X-gene afterwards, taking their mutant children afterwards and murdering the women once their use expires. Rice conducts torturous experiments on the children afterwards to breed them into mindless assassins, with full emphasis on treating the children as “things” – a mindset which leads to some of the children committing suicide. Rice ultimately breeds a clone of Logan he dubs X-24 to serve the project's purpose and orders the children all killed, dispatching Pierce to commit further atrocities in his pursuit of the children once they escape. Once Rice himself comes into the fray, Rice looses X-24 onto an innocent family and callously watches as it butchers the entire family and Xavier himself, later rounding up all the children just short of the Canadian border and threatening to kill them all before Logan. Completely devoid of any compassion or feeling towards the subjects of his horrific experiments, Rice ultimately becomes one of the most deplorable characters in the series, mutant or otherwise, in his pursuit to control mutantkind.
    • Donald Pierce is the smug, psychopathic cyborg in charge of the Reavers, Transigen's primary military might. As the head of security for Trabsigen, Pierce took full part in not only the hunting down, butchering, and vivisecting of many mutants for their raw materials, but also assisted in the X-23 experiments alongside the aforementioned Zander, entailing the forcibly impregnantion of numerous women with mutant genes, murdering them after they give birth, then raising the resulting children as tortured lab rats to be turned into submissive slaves and assassins in adulthood. When the children began rebelling, either through violence against their captors or by killing themselves, Pierce was tasked with putting them all down, and proceeded to execute several of the children. After many of the kids escape with the help of the nurses, Pierce tracked down the head nurse, Gabriela, brutally murdered her, then went on to begin hunting down the escaped children, primarily focusing on the young Laura. During his hunt for the girl, Pierce forces the mutant tracker Caliban into submission by searing his flesh, tortures and likely murders a gas station attendant who spotted Laura, and eventually unleashes the Wolverine clone X-24 onto a small family housing Logan, Laura, and Professor Xavier, showing nothing but amusement as the family and Xavier are cut down. In the end, Pierce lays a trap for all the escaped children, rounding them up for a mass execution, beats and holds one of them at gunpoint to force Logan to stand down, and ultimately releases X-24 one last time to kill Logan. Motivated only by power, cruelty, and xenophobia, Donald Pierce may be one of the few non-mutant villains Logan has faced, but he is easily one of the most depraved.

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