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Bansheera's a nightmare even for her own side!

Though Power Rangers is a children's series, it isn't free of this trope and it features some villains who are particularly evil and despicable.

In Space

  • Darkonda from Power Rangers in Space, unlike many villains in The Zordon Era (first six seasons), had no qualities or loved ones to balance his evil. This sadistic and ruthless Bounty Hunter feigned loyalty so he could manipulate his way to becoming "King Darkonda.” Years before the series began, he was tasked to kidnap the young Karone and stop her dream of becoming a Power Ranger by having her memories altered and raised to be the villainous Astronema. When her older brother, Andros, learned it was Darkonda who kidnapped her, Darkonda proudly boasted that it was one of his finest accomplishments, frequently bragging about it to Andros for enjoyment. He was also involved in causing KO-35’s population to abandon their colony, using methods as the Barillian Bug infestation; he took the planet and its riches for himself. His crimes in the series proper include using the same bug creatures to infect the Rangers; forcibly fusing with his rival Ecliptor and use him a shield; and attacking the survivors of KO-35 with a monster that turns victims into coral whilst framing the Rangers for it. When Astronema learned the truth and Ecliptor refused to betray her, Darkonda mortally wounded him and had him turned into a cyborg, with implants that prevented him from rebelling. When they recapture Karone, Darkonda has cyber implants forcefully put on her, completely erasing any goodness in her. In the final episode, he makes his last bid for power by directly attacking Dark Specter with two torpedoes capable of destroying a planet. He fails and Dark Specter devours him while being destroyed by the last torpedo, crippling the evil forces. A power-hungry, untrustworthy, gleefully evil psychopath who endangers all around him whilst lacking a single redeeming quality, Darkonda is one of the vilest creatures in Power Rangers history.
  • The above-mentioned Dark Specter is the evil entity behind all other villains before who all fear and obey him, and is known as "Grand Monarch of Evil". Being evil incarnate and incredibly powerful, he can spread evil and brainwash people by Mind Control (he was the one who brainwashed Astronema/Karone and turned her into his personal right-hand henchwoman). His goal was to take over the entire universe, no matter how much destruction he had to leave in his wake in order to achieve this. Since he is a dark, demonic galactic overlord, is behind all the villains, and can spread darkness across galaxies, he is definitely one of the most evil villains in Power Rangers.

Lost Galaxy

  • From Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, we have Deviot. In a show full of villains with standards, Deviot had none. He was a manipulative, treacherous Starscream who would cheerfully throwaway his men's lives, thought brainwashing was a useful tool, and had no loyalty to anyone. Deviot destroyed Scorpius to get his hands on the cocoon that had been intended for Trakeena to awaken her true potential. When Trakeena, and not he, inherited control of the army, he sends two of his men to kill her; when she survives the assassination attempt, he kills the assassins to cover his tracks. He later brainwashed Loyax into fighting the Rangers, leading to his death as well. Then he hurtles the Terra Venture into another dimension, and finally fights Trakeena for the cocoon, until they both fall in. The absorption of his evil soul drives Trakeena completely over the edge, leading her to murder her mentor, Villimax, for refusing to fire on civilians, use her men as suicide bombers, and try to regain her human form by stealing the Life Energy of innocent people to power herself up. Totally untrustworthy, and out only for himself, Deviot proved that on his own, or influencing Trakeena, he could do more damage than any other villain in Lost Galaxy.

Lightspeed Rescue

  • There's also Queen Bansheera from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue; even in shows for adults, you'd be hard-pressed to find a worse boss. She has four main minions, and she's responsible for the deaths of all of them, draining the life from one, blowing another to smithereens simply for being in the way, and erasing the minds of the last two (one of said minions was her son!), forcing the Rangers to kill them. In addition, Bansheera attempts to open a gateway to the demon realm, allowing all demon-kind to pour out and overwhelm humanity until they're all wiped out completely. She's notable as the only Power Rangers villain to get a Fate Worse Than Death, as she ends up falling into the local Hell equivalent to be tortured for all eternity. What makes it fitting that one of her minions is the one who ultimately seals her fate, saving the Red Ranger in the process. Just shows that even when you try to make an imported version of Grandienne, you still get a monstrous bitch.

Wild Force

  • Master Org, the Big Bad of Power Rangers Wild Force: was unlike any villain before him or after, as he was a human who chose to be a monster. As Dr. Vicktor Adler, he was once friends with the parents of Cole Evans and even lusted after Cole's mother, hoping propose to her until learning Richard had already done so. Cole's conception and the scientists showing more interest in their family than in him only fueled his belief of being betrayed. After discovering the remains of the original Master Org, Adler swallowed them to gain his powers, using them to murder his former friends, Cole only surviving due to being hidden. Years later as the "resurrected" Master Org, he led the Orgs on a quest to destroy all of humanity, taking his frustrations caused by the Rangers out on the generals and dukes trapped in stone, all of them still very much alive and begging for freedom. When Jindrax and Toxica discover his deception, he brainwashes them into serving him. After they are freed and leave him, he decides to deal with the Rangers himself. He captures them and gleefully reveals to Cole he murdered his parents, which he "enjoyed every minute of." After being defeated and seemingly losing his powers, General Org Mandilok throws him off a cliff to his death. But he then gets revived merged with the true Master Org. Using his new servant Onikage, he had Toxica manipulated into getting herself killed and then murders Mandilok himself. He lies to Jindrax about being forgiven only to order Onikage to kill him. In the two-part finale, now in a new monstrous form, he destroys the Wild Zords (the zords in this season being alive with their own thoughts and emotions) along with Animus, and sends the Animarium falling into the Earth. He then covers the city of Turtle Cove in toxic rain, summoning an army of his Putrids to wipe out all humans, declaring Orgs as the rulers of the planet. Motivated by hatred and rejecting any offer of redemption given, Master Org showed than even in Power Rangers, humans were capable of great evil.
    • One thing that must be considered is how and why Adler chose to become a monster. Most other villains were either born that way, had a Freudian Excuse, were raised to be evil, from a species who were Exclusively Evil, or otherwise had no choice over what they were. Dr. Adler is so monstrous because of the simple fact that he has no real excuse at all for being a monster (along with other villains in this page) like nearly every other Power Rangers. He became the second Master Org solely to enact a petty vengeance on two perfectly innocent people who had no idea they'd even incited his anger in the first place.
    • Cole outright says only someone without a heart would do something like Adler did. Cole then checks and confirms Adler doesn't have one, having lost it to his self inflicted monstrosity long ago.

Dino Thunder

  • Mesogog from Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Despite having the sympathetic Anton Mercer, Mesogog is the evil alter ego who is determined to separate from Anton. Now, for his atrociousness: he lied to Trent (White Ranger) when he made the trade for the Dino Gems when he said he would give Anton (who he had separated from) back, then he tries to kill them. To power his machine, he takes the power from his right hand man Elsa when she points out he needed a power source to give it a boost to start it. He Mind Rapes his henchmen when they fall behind or fail or just to keep them in line, and he uses Mind Rape on his own minions more than on his enemies. And the fact that his master plan is to bring about a new Dino age. If you think about it, that would mean countless people would lose their lives.
    • What makes Mesogog even more terrifying is that he is completely emotionless. He does all those atrocities and feels absolutely nothing. And that voice: he didn't even raise it ONCE. And when he laughs, which is rarely, it is enough to make you shiver.

Mystic Force

Operation Overdrive



  • Power Rangers Samurai, despite being Lighter and Softer than RPM, has two Monsters:
    • Serrator. In "Broken Dreams", we find out he was the one who cursed Dayu and Deker, by tricking Dayu into becoming Nighlok: he said that he would restore Deker in exchange of Dayu becoming a Nighlok, and after she accepts, Serrator reveals that he made Deker half-human and half-Nighlok. Dayu realized that Serrator tricked her and he laughed at her misery. This is what made Dayu a miserable and tormented person. Mia, after seeing this, feels sorry for Dayu and Deker. Also, unlike usual Deal with the Devil examples, it is Serrator who came to Dayu and probably did that when he heard Dayu's call for help and wanted to ruin her life and screw her and Deker's lives, and usually, in deals, The Devil tells what the person has to sacrifice or what he will do to that person, but Serrator didn't tell Dayu about what would happen to Deker. And in his official debut episode, "Something Fishy" from Super Samurai, he destroyed an entire mooger army to show his power to Master Xandred. And he did all of this in only small amounts of episodes.
    • Master Xandred qualifies too. When he isn't drinking his medicine and yelling at people, he shows how evil he can be, being the Big Bad and all. He treats his followers horribly, threatening to kill Octoroo at one point, attempts to kill Deker because he was meddling in his affairs, and his plan revolves around killing Jayden. Also, unlike Octoroo, who sends Nighloks to cause misery, Master Xandred summons an army of moogers to cause meaningless chaos in the human world and destroy everything. In episodes "Broken Dreams" and "Test of the Leader", we see that his moogers destroy entire buildings, meaning that he is responsible for hundreds of deaths of innocent humans. He brutally punishes Arachnitor when he tried to usurp him by mutating him into a mindless slave. He also ruined Dayu's harmonium and attempted to erase her memory. She even says "I knew you were evil, but this..." It seems that Xandred's cruelty truly knows no bounds.


  • Vrak started off as The Dragon to Admiral Malkor in Season 1. After the deaths of both Malkor and Vekar, Vrak resurfaced in the season 2 two-parter "Vrak Is Back." Capturing both Orion and Robo Knight, Vrak slowly drained Orion of his energy and used it to brainwash Robo Knight. Vrak sent Robo Knight to kill the Rangers while he proceeded to drain Orion of the last of his power, intending to kill him and use his energy to power three giant drills that he could use to destroy Earth. In addition, when his subordinate Metal Alice helps Vrak and his near death, Vrak just leaves her to die, showing that he doesn’t care anything about her. He returned after his older brother, Prince Vekar, is defeated, cruelly mocking him for being too weak and actually thanking the Rangers for killing him so that he could claim the throne for himself. Having kidnapped Robo Knight and Orion, he drained the life force of the latter, forcibly reprogramming the former to attack his former friends while constructing drills that burrow into the Earth's core. He tricks the Rangers into destroying his two remaining monsters, who become new drills to complete his plan for hostile takeover of the planet quicker. Lacking empathy for both allies and enemies, Vrak is one of the franchise's cruelest aliens to invade the Earth.

Power Rangers (2017)

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