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Joker expresses his desire.

"It's not just enough to destroy the world. I want to destroy all hopes, all dreams, and all miracles in the world. That is when true despair will come."
—Joker, Smile Pretty Cure

Like Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure packs in a lot of surprisingly nasty villains in spite of its bright, innocent appearance:

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

  • While most villains are Laughably Evil, Faux Affably Evil, or simply cases of Generic Doomsday Villain who don't have much to their names, Lord Akudaikahn, the supposed Big Bad of Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star is a Complete Monster through and through - as is perhaps fitting of the somewhat Darker and Edgier tone of the season. At first, he doesn't seem very different from his predecessor, The Dark King of Futari wa Pretty Cure...but then, when he punishes Michiru and Kaoru's Heel Face Turn by paralysing them and burying their unmoving but still alive bodies in the depths of a huge lake, so that they will suffer eternally for their betrayal, the viewer sees that he's much worse than any previous villain. He's an Omnicidal Maniac who kills for pleasure, hates everything other than himself, and revels in destruction.
    • The real Big Bad, Gouhyan. He initially just seems to be Akudaikahn's sly right-hand man that his other minions pick on. He starts to show a bit of his true colors when he takes Michiru and Kaoru back to Dark Fall while they're making their Heel–Face Turn, where they're punished by Akudaikahn for doing so as mentioned above. Then he crosses the Moral Event Horizon when he captures and painfully tortures Flappy and Choppy for information. And when the Pretty Cure defeat Akudaikahn, Gouhyan kills him for his failure and reveals he was the one who created Akudaikahn and Dark Fall in the first place to destroy Earth and the Land of Fountains. By creating Akudaikahn, he's indirectly responsible for all of his crimes, and in the next-to-last episode, he actually manages to completely destroy the world. Why did he do that? Because he wanted to remain the only form of life in the universe. Luckily, the damage is completely reversed when the Pretty Cure, with the aid of the revived Michiru and Kaoru, kill him.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5

  • Yes! Pretty Cure 5 is Lighter and Softer than Splash Star...but the villain of its second season, the Director of the Nebulous Evil Organization Eternal, is another Complete Monster in the franchise. His organization's whole point is to steal treasures and valuables from other worlds and keep everything of value for himself only. Okay, fine, that's bad, but not irredeemable. However, he also thinks that things which have no value must be destroyed - and he sees no value in humanity, friendship, love, and life itself - to the point that, come the end of the series, he has decided to make the Cure Rose Garden into a wasteland, thus killing every form of life in both worlds. And there's also the fact that he murdered his loyal Dragon Anacondy as soon as he had no more use for her, despite knowing that Anacondy had served him faithfully out of love. His disregard for life was already made apparent when he went to Earth, where he leveled the Pretty Cure's entire school simply because he saw it as worthless. There's also his collection, which includes various living creatures frozen in stasis, precious objects stolen from people, and anything else he finds valuable. What's more, while his implied relationship with Flora in the past can be seen as Pet the Dog, he undermines even that when he almost kills her with no remorse in the finale, proving that the only reason he developed feelings towards her was simply because of her beauty and nothing else. This guy is so bad that even Nozomi Yumehara, a sweet girl who tries to see good in anyone and has a story of redeeming villains such as Despariah and Dark Dream, was convinced that he was beyond redemption and needed to die.
  • Kawarino in the first season was The Dragon to Despariah, but he ends up being much worse than she is. He enjoys manipulating people and crushing their dreams just because he can. The Nightmare organization may never have been a nice place, but Bloody, Kawarino's former superior, notes that Nightmare at least had teamwork before he took charge. He claims to be working for Despariah's immortality, but this seems to be just an excuse to spread despair. He Mind Rapes the Pretty Cure with his despair masks to turn them into Nightmare's slaves. Then he starts giving his minions the black mask, which gives them a power-up at the cost of their minds. When Hadenya and Bloody refuse to wear it, he shoves it on them anyway. He blasts Bunbee off a building when he tries to leave Nightmare. It's revealed that he was the one who tricked Nuts into opening the gates to the Palmier Kingdom, meaning he was responsible for its destruction and all its citizens becoming brainwashed employees of Nightmare. In the end, when Despariah contemplates a Heel Face Turn, Kawarino is shocked and outraged at her before Bloody comes back to kill him.

Fresh Pretty Cure

  • Fresh Pretty Cure: Lord Moebius is the absolute ruler of Labyrinth. He wishes to expand his rule and control all the parallel worlds in existence. The people that live under his rule are forced to comply to his every order or risk death due to him directly controlling their lifespans. Labyrinth is a place where free will is not allowed, and happiness does not exist in. Moebius sends his most loyal subjects to attack Earth and create sorrow among the populace in order to find the power he needs to control the worlds. Not even those subjects are safe from him. Eas tortures herself nearly to death to defeat Pretty Cure by his command, and when she fails he ends her lifespan almost immediately. Later he tries to kill Westar and Soular in an attempt to get rid of a couple Cures slightly faster, even though they had been nothing but loyal to him the whole time. When he gains the necessary power, he takes control of all the worlds and turns the people into his mindless slaves. Eventually it's revealed he was an A.I. created to take care of the people of Labyrinth, before he decided they would be better off under his complete command, arrogantly believing that they would live more worthwhile lives with their souls controlled by him. Once defeated Moebius is asked what makes him happy. He answers that he regrets not being able to control Pretty Cure and blows himself up in an attempt to kill them.

Smile Pretty Cure