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Unicron doing what he does best.
"Understand this. So long as you stand in my way- so long as anybody stands in my way, I will respond by killing. Murder on an industrial scale. Because in the final analysis, I would happily wade across a river of corpses, chest-deep in grease and engine oil just to crush the spark of the last Autobot standing. And I would do so not simply as a means to an end, no. I'd do it, Prime, because it would give me pleasure."

In the ongoing war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, there is sure to be a handful of these especially disgusting creeps running amok.

Beast Wars

  • Megatron. To sum it up in one other trope, he's had sucessful bouts with In Their Own Image. Knowing the death tolls to all sides.
    • Even Megatron's personality is nothing short of pure evil. Despite the Predacons supposedly being a team, all of them are expendable to him in order for him to achieve his goals of conquering all. In the Beast Wars finale, he uses the Nemesis battleship to successfully kill not only a Maximal (the most powerful one, too), but two of his own allies, including his absolutely most loyal ally who would have NEVER betrayed Megatron no matter what. The Other Wiki said it best: "Megatron is a cool-headed schemer - a Machiavellian plotter, and a master in psychological warfare, yet also a skilled battlefield commander. Honor is a disgusting concept to Megatron (ironic since he would later develop a form of it himself); he manipulates, lies and bribes to get his way, and is often given to fits of ego, patting himself on the back for accomplishments or making a smooth quote. He often uses his over-confidence and presence as a scare-tactic to intimidate foes and to get his subordinates in rank."
      • Beast Wars Megatron is usually considered more of a Magnificent Bastard by most of the fandom, though. He was, at the time, one of the first children's cartoon villains to be a genuine, credible, intelligent threat, and, even at his worst, he was incredibly entertaining to watch. Beast Machines Megatron is less fondly remembered, while also having lots to do with the series overall, which isn't as well-liked, undeniably, it's due to this trope in part.
      • Who said a Magnificent Bastard can't be a Complete Monster? Again, not mutually exclusive. Consider the fact that Megatron took an energy scalpel to a downed Rampage, cut out a part of his spark, and kept it in a small container on his person at all times. If Rampage attempts to act on his own or needs discipline as Megs sees fit, he gives that little container a squeeze to reassert his authority. Oh, and squeezing that isolated section of Rampage's spark causes Rampage searing, nearly unbearable pain. Though Rampage is abominable and almost completely uncontrollable otherwise, Megatron takes perverse pleasure in this act. The first time he does it? He laughs, all while Rampage is gasping and babbling in agony at his feet.
      • During Beast Machines, Megatron snatches the spark (soul) of every single Cybertronian, Maximal and Predacon alike. He then uses the bodies to make sparkless Vehicon drones for use as his army, and then turns Rhinox, Silverbolt, and even poor Waspinator into his generals. Near the end, he actually absorbs every spark on Cybertron to become all-powerful, and stalks Optimus Primal in a grotesque mockery of his form.
  • Tarantulas. Come on - a demented Mad Scientist who was planted as a mole in Megatron's operation, he spends his free time carrying out gruesome experiments and eating anything he catches in his giant webs - it doesn't matter whether it's organic or robotic, he admits to enjoying the act itself more than the meal. He reprogrammed some protoforms into Predacons, and when one of them (Blackarachnia) defected, he only showed himself caring when the Maximals tried to remove her shell program - by leading an attack on the base to ensure she's permanently offlined, proving the extent of his ego. He also plotted to destroy the entire Ark, which would ensure Unicron's devouring of Cybertron in the past/future. He's so twisted, even by Predacon standards, that even his allies are uneasy around him - a fact he is downright PROUD of. Moreover, he's confirmed to be one of the spawn of Unicron, making him quite possibly one of the most evil beings in existence.

Transformers Animated

  • Lockdown: he killed his old master (as well as The Obi-Wan to Prowl and Jazz) to steal Transformer infants protoforms in order to sell them and tortures his bounty hunting victims by cutting off their specific upgrades and using them to make himself more powerful. He enjoys hunting more for the thrill of the chase and the chance to vivsect his victims than anything else, and thanks to the show being cut short, he is a Karma Houdini.
  • Another true monster is the human supervillain Meltdown. After being mutated by his OWN experiments, he tries to kill his rival, Isaac Sumdac, in a fit of rage. Later, he becomes so obsessed with creating a human transformer, he not only mutates AT LEAST two innocent humans into gruesome hybrids mishmashed with animal parts, he decides to kidnap Sumdac's innocent eight-year-old daughter as his newest test subject (deciding to experiment on CHILDREN in general now). When Blackarachnia breaks him out of jail in exchange for him eliminating her organic half, he double-crosses her and tries to destroy her transformer half - a deed which, if not destroying her soul completely, would have left her with a completely organic body she's disgusted with. It's very pleasing when his own device causes him to melt into a puddle in the climax and INFURIATING when he pulls himself back together at the end of the episode.
    • He also forces the Dinobots to work for him by painfully burning them with his acidic touch until they follow his commands. He hurt them so badly, they were willing to turn on Bulkhead and Prowl, their only friends among the main cast, just to stay in Meltdown's good graces. No wonder Meltdown is the only human villain in Animated played as a deadly serious threat to the Transformers. Dancing aside. But damn, can he dance.

Transformers Prime

  • Silas Bishop is another human villain in Transformers to earn this title. As a leader of the human terrorist supergroup MECH, he was prepared to destroy the government prototype DNGS (which, as previously established, would cause an explosion that would destroy at least three states if it blew up) when it became apparent that he wouldn't be nabbing it. Things got worse when he was willing to capture and torture a Cybertronian via dissection to find out how they work (though the Cybertronian in question WAS a Decepticon and his pain receptors were off), but his status as a Complete Monster was well and truly earned in Crisscross when he allied with Airachnid, a contender for Complete Monster status herself, to get his hands on another Cybertronian (this time, Arcee) and was perfectly willing to let Airachnid kill Jack Darby, a sixteen-year old teenager, and his mother to do it. He even states a few human lives are worth it for Arcee's tech. While it's true that he doesn't do it JUST For the Evulz, it isn't quite clear yet what MECH's intended 'newer world order' is, only that it requires cutting-edge tech to bring about. Judging from Silas' actions, it likely isn't benevolent.
  • Airachnid herself is by far the single most vile member of the current cast. She's a self-styled "ex-Decepticon" who spent her time in the Great War capturing, torturing, and slowly killing any Autobots she could find. For certain victims, like Arcee, she'd go out of her way to find people they cared for and murder them before their eyes as part of her fun. After the war left Cybertron, she struck out solo to pursue a new hobby: hunting endangered (and soon to be extinct) species for sport and collecting grisly "trophies" of her kills. Should she find an attractive species that isn't endangered, not to worry, she'll ensure that they are by the time she's done. After coming to Earth, she's decided to make humans her new toys, as Jack found out the hard way. Airachnid's not under orders or attempting any form of grand scheme, she just finds it fun. She's basically an unholy blend of Tarantulas, Beast Wars Rampage, and Lockdown pressed into a spider's shape and let loose on the universe. Though she has since been forcibly re-recruited into the Decepticons, limiting her opportunities for playtime by her boss forcing her to do evil that actually serves some purpose.
    • As of Crossfire, she defected by brutally murdering poor Breakdown, then tried launching an Insecticon attack to destroy the Nemesis afterwards. Fortunately (for now), she has been frozen in stasis.

The Unicron Trilogy

  • Megatron/Galvatron in this continuity is once again the brutal commander of the Decepticons. While he started out as a Noble Demon in Armada, as well as a lesser evil to Unicron, Megatron still committed a number of crimes in that series, such as enslaving Mini-Cons to use against the Autobots in his war of conquest, trying to kill the Autobots' human allies, murdering Smokescreen with the Requiem Blaster, and trying to destroy Earth with the Hydra Cannon, only showing remorse when Optimus Prime sacrificed himself to prevent the final act. Upon his resurrection in Energon, Megatron completely and utterly discards any and all redeeming features he once had in his quest for power and domination. Leading his forces in destructive raids for Energon, Megatron plans to use the element to revive Unicron and use him as a weapon. Now a callous Control Freak, Megatron uses Unicron's power to subvert the wills of his followers, notably enslaving Scorponok and Starscream and trying to do the same to Inferno, torturing the Autobot to the brink of insanity. By the time of Cybertron, Megatron, having developed a god complex, seeks to use the Cyber Planet Keys to accelerate the Unicron Singularity's expansion to end reality and reconstruct it in his own image. To this end, Megatron views his followers as utterly disposable, cruelly manipulating them, as well as several others, to serve his mad goals. Along the way, Megatron brutally guns down three Autobots, nearly killing them, to test his new weapon. In the end, when questioned on how his minions will survive his apocalyptic plan, Galvatron admits that he doesn't care if they do, proving himself to be a truly selfish monster at his core. A power-hungry, uncaring, self-obsessed narcissist, Megatron demonstrates the worst that someone can sink to when they care only for themselves.

"It's over Galvatron. You don't care about anybody, and nobody cares about you."

  • Unicron himself is a powerful and ancient Transformer who feeds upon worlds and the negative emotions of others. Disguising himself as one of Cybertron's moons, Unicron created the Mini-Cons to escalate the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Hoping to consume both sides once he regained enough power from their conflict, Unicron's plans were foiled when the Mini-Cons gained free will and abandoned Cybertron. Unicron slumbered for millions of years before the Mini-Cons were discovered on Earth. Unicron soon sent his herald Sideways to Earth to keep the war going and help restore him to his full power. Once fully awakened, Unicron attacked Cybertron, killed Starscream, and briefly stripped the Mini-Cons of their free will. Although he was defeated thanks to the combined efforts of the Autobots and Decepticons, Unicron returned with a vengeance. Before the events of Energon, Unicron devoured the home world of Alpha Q and all of its inhabitants. Unicron was heavily damaged when Scorponok blew up the planet in order to stop him, but he was eventually revived by Megatron, who had hoped to turn him into a weapon. Unicron instead possessed Megatron and went off to destroy several planets that Alpha Q had managed to restore. Despite having the ability to restore the planets that he had previously destroyed, Unicron instead prefers to use his god-like powers to achieve the destruction of space itself.
  • Sideways, the chronic backstabber and hidden Unicron servant from Transformers Armada, is a definite example. Not only does he betray universe after universe to Unicron, he's a sadist to boot, who enjoys revealing himself as a traitor at the moment when it will not only help him, but cause the worst emotional wounds.


  • Unicron. He's pretty much The Devil in the Transformers mythos. More so in the comics and the Unicron Trilogy. He is an ancient planet-eating Transformer that was created by a Mad Scientist called Primacron. Primacron created Unicron to help him take over the universe, but he rebelled and destroyed Primacron's lab. He now exists as a multiversal singularity, traveling across dimensions in pursuit of his goal: the eradication of not only all life, but all existence from the multiverse, leaving only a swirling void centered around himself. With that goal in mind, Unicron has devoured numerous planets, scouring the life from them, made frequent attempts to destroy Cybertron (actually his brother Primus), formed cults centered about his worship, and recruited numerous beings, often against their will, to serve as his Heralds. He's a Planet Eater...but, according to most recent accounts, he doesn't need to eat planets to function. He just feels offended by the existence of anything that isn't a part of himself. Meet the metal edition of Darkseid and Dormammu. He also almost destroyed reality itself (as in, almost every multiverse), but thankfully missed a few spots and it formed back around him while he fell asleep.
    • To pick a few examples of his qualifications: Manifesting in the G1 verse, Unicron traveled through space and devoured many inhabited worlds, including the planet of Lithone, forced that world's Megatron into serving him in exchange for his life, transforming him into Galvatron, and launched an assault on Cybertron that left many Autobots and Decepticons alike dead. Appearing in a Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover, Unicron destroyed the nation of Japan, before being driven off. In the 3H timeline, he kidnapped Transformers from across the galaxy and forced them to battle to the death within his body, draining their lives from them in the process. Appearing in the Armada verse, Unicron utilized his Herald, Sideways, to escalate the Autobot/Decepticon war, and made another attempt to destroy Cybertron. When this plan backfired, he bodyjacked the resurrected Megatron/Galvatron and used him to further his own ends, which once again, included the extermination of all life on Cybertron. In the Cybertron comics, (yes, based off of Transformers Cybertron he returned and killed most of his heralds except for Soundwave, just because he could, while also setting in motion a plan to slay all versions of Primus across the multiverse, and reduce all existence to chaos And he got away before Primus could kick his arse. As of his most recent appearance, in the Transformers Prime continuity, Unicron, this time depicted as the Core of the planet Earth itself, tried to wipe all human life after declaring them - essentially his own progeny - to be parasites. Immortal, omniscient, and omnicidal, Unicron remains the single greatest threat to all life in the Transformers universe.
  • Megatron in Transformers: Robots in Disguise is the leader of the Predacons, who arrived on Earth in search of the Autobot Weapon Fortress Maximus under the pretext of raiding Earth for its energy. Upon arrival, he kidnaps Doctor Kenneth Onishi and probes his mind to find the location of Fortress Maximus. After receiving knowledge of the Autobot Protoforms, Megatron corrupts their sparks in order to create his Decepticons. Although initially A Father to His Men if they prove themselves worthy of respect, he discards these qualities upon his rebirth as the Decepticon Galvatron — absorbing the energies of the Predacon Brothers against their will to power his new body immediately upon his transformation, and later reducing Scourge and the Decepticons to mindless drones for plotting to overthrow him with the use of Fortress Maximus. Galvatron's worst actions, however, came during the finale when, after surviving a battle with Fortress Maximus, he transforms into bat form and drains Fortress Maximus's energy to power himself. He then unleashes his bat swarm to brainwash human children with the goal of enslaving them and repeating the process from planet to planet until he's conquered the universe, threatening to harm the children if Omega Supreme or the Autobots intervene. When the Autobots flee into the Space Bridge, Galvatron sends the Decepticons to pursue with the intention of destroying both groups by collapsing the Space Bridge, not caring if any Predacon gets caught in the collapse, all so he could have the entire planet to himself.
  • The Marvel UK version of Galvatron was even worse than most others. In his first appearance, he dares four Autobots to shoot him, shows their weapons aren't enough to stop him, then beats them all senseless anyway. Then lobotomises Jazz and gets him to beat them senseless. By the "Wanted: Galvatron" arc, he's planning to destroy half the coast just to gain a new power source. By "Time Wars", he seems to have declared war on the entire Transformers race, being practically the only opponent in a battle that leaves as many as a dozen dead (it's hard to get an accurate body count). Then he gets swallowed by a time rift and everyone cheers.
    • The Marvel US version got a pretty good introduction, where it turns out he let Unicron destroy Cybertron in return for having Earth, wiped out most of the Autobots, took over North America, and strung Rodimus Prime's body up from the Twin Towers just...because. Never quite that much of a monster again, but did wipe out an entire human military detachment as soon as he set foot on present day Earth. Then he gets defeated surprisingly easily when Fortress Maximus throws him ino a lake.
  • Overlord in the comics is probably the perfect example of the Complete Monster trope in Transformers fiction. He's one of the most powerful Decepticons but unlike the others he doesn't give a damn about the cause, or conquest, or even defeating the Autobots. He just wants to kill anything and everything he can, in as many sick and twisted ways as possible. He horrifies ALL Cybertronians, Autobot and Decepticon alike, and Megatron was so terrified of him that he had Shockwave alter his brain so that Overlord could never beat him. When he took over Garrus 9, he essentially turned it into a cross between a concentration camp and a gladiatorial arena, with torture, murder, and prisoners being forced to fight to the death for his own sick amusement. Nothing any other Transformers villain has done really compares to the pure evil that Overlord is guilty of.
    • We are, of course, talking about the IDW comics Overlord here; the character we see in Masterforce is his polar opposite, sporting traits like honour and loyalty, particularly when he discovers that his boss, Devil Z, fits this trope to a T.
  • There are two non-Cybertronian characters from G1 to earn this status. First is King Nergill, the ruler of an Atlantis-like city that wanted to wipe out the human race and almost did the same to the Autobots. When Nergill allied himself with the Decepticons, he ultimately tuned on them when he decided he didn't need them any more. The second is Lord Chumly, a hunter who became bored with regular game and decided to hunt Optimus Prime for sport. Not only that, but Chumly kidnapped several other Autobots and put them in death traps to lure Optimus to him!
  • Transformers: More than Meets the Eye has Pharma, a former Autobot Medic who went evil. During the war, he saved one of the main character's lives when he was shot in the stomach, and later did a quadruple organ transfer, donating one of his organs to the process. He became the head medic at a medical facility on the planet Delphi, where he received death threats from an elite Decepticon unit who threatened to overrun the place. He began bribing them with organs from dead bots, but as the demand got higher, he began killing living ones to meet the demand. Eventually it becomes too much, and he has two other Decepticons unleash a plague on the facility to kill everyone and cover up his crime. When he's revealed, he shoots a life-support sending about 20 patients into near death states to distract everyone. He then tries to kill Ratchet twice before being thrown off the facility into a Disney Villain Death. He survives the fall and is recruited into Chief Justice Tyrest's group (Tyrest is the guy who drilled a hole in his head and is trying to destroy all Transformers he considers inferior). All the Decepticons admit to being freaked out by him, and when he finds Ratchet again, he separates Ratchet's head and spark from his body and starts torturing him. Ratchet accuses him of being a medic to prove he's the best rather than for any altruistic purposes. Pharma and Ratchet engage in a competition to prove who's the best by fixing someone. Pharma agrees and has one of his co-workers from Delphi, Ambulon, sliced in half with a chainsaw, vertically from head to crotch, and tells Ratchet to fix him. Ambulon dies in agony before the Chainsaw leaves him and later Pharma shoots Brainstorm. Even if he has a smaller body count than the likes of Overlord, and counting on what resources he had at hand, he rivals Overlord on sheer cruelty based on how his victims died.
  • Originally a friendly rival of Rung's, Froid destroyed their friendship when he plagiarised his work, and damaged his reputation. Later in his career, he assisted in the capture of a Serial Killer named Sunder, and accomplice brother Spectre. However, while on a prison ship taking the brothers to Garrus 6, the brothers pulled a successful escape, with Froid as their hostage, though Spectre was killed as a result. After the escape, Froid offered Sunder a perverse offer: in return for Sunder serving as a subject for him to study, Froid would help him cope with the death of his brother and supply him with victims. After convincing Sunder he needed to see his victims in order to feed on them, Froid removed Sunder's eyes to inhibit his appetite. Held up on the planet Scarvix, Froid become rich and famous due to Sunder's abilities to read memories without a patient knowing. All while handing innocence cybertonians to the madman. After coming across the Lost Light, Froid boarded the ship, looking for new victims for Sunder. After reuniting with Rung, he attempted to blackmail his one-time friend into giving him his (Rung's) patient files. When Rung refused, he decided to feed him to Sunder, giving the Serial Killer his eyes Skids to rushed in to warn Rung. In order to escape, Froid opened Sunder's cell, setting free upon the Lost Light as he attempted to retreat.
  • Ultra Magnus of Shattered Glass was locked up in his universe for trying to usurp Optimus (and he got his face ripped off in addition to failing). He and several others travel to earth, where he assimilates numerous Autobots into the Junkion hordes (becoming mindless slaves and dead in all but name). After that, he proceeds to set up a plan to take rarified energon from earth with his sword and destroy it. His plan is foiled when a shield is placed around the earth but his real plan was to actually cause the death of the entire universe! He just destroyed a reality! Even the Normal Decepticons turned against him (They wanted to be the conquerors) and were appalled when they realized the extent of the damage.
  • Devil Z, the Decepticon Emperor and the Big Bad of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce, is an evil unrepentant Omnicidal Maniac. Stealing 8 Transtectors to create an army of humans merged with the power of Transformers, Devil Z later intended to cast aside the Godmasters as tools. Straight up desecrating the dead and later torturing his minions, Devil Z happily resorts to blaming his minions when he makes an error or miscalculation. Later when humanity proves themselves to be unpredictable, Devil Z decides to take Disproportionate Retribution to the Nth degree and exterminate humanity by claiming they are an existential threat. When his own subordinates think he is going too far, he kills them without hardly a second thought, and displays absolutely no remorse for his actions.
  • In Rise of the Dark Spark, Lockdown is a bounty hunter searching for the titular Dark Spark. After discovering that it has landed on Earth, he and his army of mercenaries attack a city in their quest to find it, and also torture Drift and nearly kill him and Bumblebee after they interfere. Once he acquires the Spark, Lockdown and his army later attack a second city so he will gain access to a time bridge hidden underground. As he prepares to activate the bridge, he gloats to Optimus Prime about how he plans on using the bridge to bring the Decepticons down to Earth, which would reignite another Cybertronian civil war that would result in the Earth being destroyed. Relishing in his profession, Lockdown nearly started another galactic war that would've killed millions of humans and Cybertronians alike, all so he could satisfy his greed.
  • In Transformers: War for Cybertron, Megatron is the instigator of the first game's titular war. A merciless tyrant, Megatron is bent on the conquest of Cybertron and the destruction of the Autobots, with the resulting war ravaging Cybertron and devastating its population. After taking control of the powerful Dark Energon, Megatron infects Cybertron's core with the substance, further damaging the planet and bringing it under his control. He also acquires the Dark Spark, which he uses to resurrect dead Autobots as mindless drones who will fight on his side. When this corruption is cleared away, the core is forced to shut down, leaving Cybertron on the brink of death. As the Autobots try to leave the dying world, Megatron has their ships shot down, endangering the future of his own species to satisfy his hatred for the Autobots, before sending the monstrous Trypticon after them. When offered a truce by Optimus Prime in the sequel, Megatron refuses, blaming Optimus for the fall of Cybertron, declaring himself the planet's future, and trying to destroy the Autobots' last hope of leaving Cybertron alive. After discovering the damaged Trypticon, Megatron, not caring if Trypticon is still conscious or not, has him forcibly converted into a warship for his own use. As the Autobots flee Cybertron, Megatron stages one last assault on the Ark, doing his best to kill Optimus Prime and doom the Autobots. Ruthless and bloodthirsty beyond measure, Megatron is willing to doom his own homeworld and his entire species to satisfy his lust for power and hatred for his enemies.
  • Megatronus Prime is known to all and sundry as The Fallen. If Unicron is the Ultimate Evil, than The Fallen is his Archangel Lucifer, and like his master, exists as a single, dimension-spanning being who exists across all continuities simultaneously. Created by Primus as one of the original Thirteen Primes, The Fallen became obsessed with the notions of entropy and decay, ultimately attempting to murder his creator after betraying him to Unicron. Escaping the prison he was trapped in some seven million years before the 21st century, The Fallen visited the G1 continuity, gathered several Decepticon outcasts and kidnapped four Transformers, through which he tried to channel enough energy to break the Seal of Primus, awaken Unicron, and end all reality, boasting that his victims were but "casualties in the wars of the Gods." Defeated, The Fallen, reappeared in the film verse, where he betrayed the other Primes in the name of fuelling his own ego, and traveled world to world, destroying life and assimilating technology into himself. He successfully murdered the other Primes, but was trapped on Earth by the last of his brothers. Even then, he still managed to corrupt this universe's Megatron, turning him to evil, and starting the Autobot/Decepticon war. Eventually freed and healed by Megatron, The Fallen sank an aircraft carrier, attacked several human cities, and slaughtered a sizable military force in his quest to claim the All Spark for himself. Sharing his master's unique nature, and his unquenchable thirst for destruction, The Fallen is precisely the kind of servant that Unicron most needs.
    • In the Aligned Universe, Megatronus doesn't get quite as far yet still manages to qualify. Still having influence outside of his prison he was locked in, Megatronus causes the Decepticon prison transport ship, The Alchemor, to crash on Earth, unleashing dozens of Decepticons on the planet. Contacting Steeljaw, Megatronus manipulates him into releasing him from his prison, and uses his psychic powers to force one of Steeljaw's soldiers to begin amputating his own arm to convince Steeljaw to work faster. When unleashed from his prison, Megatronus betrays Steeljaw, tries to murder both him and the Autobots attempting to thwart him, and reveals he plans to use the power of Unicron and the Allspark to destroy both Earth and Cybertron in one fell swoop as revenge for his imprisonment. Perhaps once a good person, Megatronus shed any heroic traits and replaced them with pure sociopathy and blind hatred.
  • From the Revenge of the Fallen comics, we have Flatline. The best way to sum him up is that he's Josef Mengele as a Decepticon. Oh, and before the war? He tended to hatchlings. During the war, he'd use protoforms (READ: "unborn" Transformers) as raw materials for his often-lethal experiments.
    • Not to mention the fact that he telepathically bonded Arcee to her sisters' corpses as an experiment and gave two children (Skids and Mudflap) brain damage...

Live Action Films

  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Fallen, also known as Megatronus Prime, is this film's Big Bad and the film universe's first Decepticon. Originally one of the 7 members of the Dynasty of Primes, The Fallen betrayed his brothers and attempted to use the Star Harvester on Earth's Sun regardless of the Dynasty's code against taking life, solely because of his Fantastic Racism towards primitive humankind. Eons after his defeat, The Fallen corrupts Megatron, creates the Decepticons, and orders him to find the All Spark, making him responsible for the events of the first film. After he lures Optimus Prime to his death using Sam as bait, The Fallen sank an aircraft carrier, attacked several human cities, and slaughtered a sizable military force while acquiring the Matrix of Leadership to activate the Star Harvester again, fully intending to wipe out the human race. He shows no thought of the Decepticons that serve him either as his primary goal is not to have Decepticons be all-powerful and divine in general, but only really seeks that for himself.
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon: The human villain Dylan Gould has spent his adult life aiding the Decepticons in their plans on Earth (saying they're "clients" he "inherited" from his father) and assisting them in their takeover of Chicago, which sees thousands of people gunned down in the streets, all to ensure that he'll be spared. This could just be written off as him being a Dirty Coward, but the moment that has him cross the line further is when several Autobots have been captured and Gould humbly suggests to Soundwave that they shouldn't be taking prisoners at all. When the pillars have been shut off, meaning the Decepticons' plan has been foiled and he has the option to defect to the good guys and possibly be spared, if jailed, he chooses to reactivate the pillars for no real reason. This is most sensibly interpreted as being done out of sheer spite, even at his own expense, considering the Decepticons have all their human minions killed once they cease to be useful and will likely do the same to him.
    • In The Book of the Film by Peter David, Sentinel Prime loses all of his film counterpart's redeeming features, turning the somewhat sympathetic Well-Intentioned Extremist into a psychopathic and selfish Knight Templar with a God Complex. Having made a deal with Megatron eons ago to betray his allies the Autobots, Sentinel fulfills this deal in the present after pretending to assist the Autobots, showing his true colors by ruthlessly executing three of his "brothers." Sentinel steals the Pillars from the military group NEST by threatening its director, Mearing, stating that if she doesn't give him the Pillars, he will force her to watch as he slaughters every man, woman, and child he can until she does. Lying to humanity to get them to force the Autobots to leave Earth in exchange for Sentinel's offer of peace, Sentinel goes back on his word, orchestrating a full scale invasion of Earth by the Decepticons and personally overseeing the blood soaked conflict in Chicago. Sentinel ultimately plans to transport as many humans to Cybertron as possible, then torture and abuse them into reconstructing Cybertron, leaving the rest of humankind to be destroyed alongside the Earth by Cybertron's gravitational field. In the end, Sentinel treats the deaths of Autobot and Decepticon alike with cold satisfaction, proclaiming that he will be the only god left on Cybertron when the dust settles, proving once and for all that, despite his claims of wanting the best for his people, Sentinel truly only cares for himself and his supposed claim to godhood.
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction: CIA agent Harold Attinger is the creator of Cemetery Wind, a CIA Black Ops agency which aims to wipe out all Transformers regardless of faction from Earth. All based out of nothing more than Attinger's extreme paranoia and fantastic racism. When Attinger feels like he has located Optimus Prime, he sends a team to a farmhouse in Texas owned by mechanic Cade Yeager and orders his loyal Dragon James Savoy to execute Cade's daughter Tessa at gunpoint if the family doesn't comply. Soon after, he made a deal between himself, Lockdown and Joshua Joyce's Kinetic Solutions Incorporated, where Lockdown sends the remains of any murdered Transformer to Joyce for production into man-made transformers for Attinger and the government to use. He would also trade Optimus for the seed needed to create more man-made transformers. He later attempted to murder Cade Yeager in cold blood, berating the man for siding with the Autobots. Although Attinger may seem like a Well-Intentioned Extremist, given the fact that he worked with Lockdown, would have had millions killed by the seed, attempted to kill any humans who could get in his way, allowing Lockdown to level Hong Kong, and ordering Savoy to murder witnesses to his presence in Hong Kong, it's clear Attinger is just another straw hypocrite out to get rich and is willing to profit off the destruction of an inter-galactic species.
    • The same film also gives us Lockdown, a ruthless bounty hunter who holds himself and his status above the Autobot/Decepticon war and views both sides as squabbling children he has to reign in personally, and he is not too fond of other races and species across the galaxy (mainly humans). Despite this, Lockdown makes a deal with Cemetary Wind to hunt down and wipe out all transformers from Earth. He starts with Ratchet, who Cemetary Wind badly injures, and demands Optimus Primes location from him. When Ratchet refuses, he rips out the autobot medic's spark, killing him instantly. Lockdown later accompanies CIA and Cemetery Wind operatives to Texas where he destroys the Yeager family home, and kills Cade Yeager's friend Lucas while the family was escaping, throwing a grenade at the human and turning him into a lifeless statue of transformium. Lockdown soon becomes hellbent on capturing Optimus Prime and chases him until he at last captures the Autobot leader. He then gives Cemetary Wind the seed, an alien bomb that he knows will wipe out many innocent lives once they activate it. After Optimus escapes Lockdown's ship, Lockdown goes completely berserk in trying to recapture him. He uses various methods of trying this, including using a magnetic weapon on his ship to pull vehicles into the air before dropping them on the autobots or whoever else happens to be within distance. Finally, he gives up on trying to capture Optimus alive and instead opts to kill him in a brutal duel to the death.