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A series of three books, with three more on the way, by Conn Iggulden which tell the story of the Mongol Empire. So far, it includes:

  • Wolf of the Plains (2007) (Published in America as Genghis: Birth of an Empire): Follows Temujin, son of Yesugei, as he is banished from his tribe and goes on to not only survive, but begin to unite all the people of Mongolia, becoming Genghis Khan.
  • Lords of the Bow (2008): Having crushed the Tartars and united the Mongols into a single nation, Genghis Khan turns his attention to the tribes' traditional oppressors, the Xi Xia and Chin empires in what is now northern China.
  • Bones of the Hills (2008): Xi Xia and Chin are under Mongol domination, but Genghis Khan's ambassadors to Khwarezm are tortured and killed. The Mongols move against the Arabs in revenge, and their armies reach as far west as Russia.

Tropes used in Conqueror include: