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A fanfic by RitiTroll Posted on DeviantArt. It is 9 chapters long (11, if you count the prologue and credits gag/epilogue). It takes a modern AU of the RP group Pokepalace, where the countries have unified. This page is mostly here for the sake of posting things unique to the fanfic about my character and her friends.

There are rumors of a sequel by Nightwind-Dragon, creator/Narr of Wren.

Tropes used in Contractor include:
  • All There in the Manual: The story is unreadable unless you look at the apps for the four major characters, and even then, lots of points, such as DL being a writer instead of a professor/teacher, why Kinborough adores DL's work, or just how the jobs work, is derived from various other artworks or RPs.
  • Bi the Way: Obvious with Tatsuya although if one read half the authors notes or know the character, then it's known that DL is too.
  • Brick Joke: Unfortunately only in a deleted scene and the unfortunately-non-canon credits gag Tatsuya jokingly says "Call me dear again and I'll say your name stands for Delilah." Originally when he tries to get to Glory, she's asking DL what his name stands for. The original line was "Delilah, are you flirting again?" In the credits gag, the three give away who they are when he asks DL at Hydreigon*Con (The name of the con they're at, but I don't give it that name) "Is your name Delilah?" Kin and Wren get into the act.
  • Classy Cat Burglar Kin, alias "Glory"
  • Like Brother and Sister: Tatsuya and Wren in the present day. Although if one takes the scenes out of context, it could be seen as something more.
  • Love Triangle: Type 7 most obviously, but had certain things not happened, would have been type 8 in a sequel that will never be written beyond a single sketch drawn.
  • Meaningful Name: Both Moon and Glory were chosen for specific reasons. Tatsuya is moon, thanks to a picture by his creator with Solrock and Lunatone. As Dev has a Solrock, it's pretty clear who's supposed to be represented as the moon. Glory is derived from Kin's favorite flower, the Morning Glory. (Basically hinting how at the end she gets between DL and Tat romantically.)
  • Phantom Thief: Kin's this too. Especially her calling card.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Shortly before the last chapter was posted, something happened between DL's and Tatsuya's creators, so out of respect, the mild triangle went from at-least-only-DL/Tat to purely Tat/Kin
  • Reformed Criminal: Tatsuya until the end. He takes Wren with him when he decides to return to that life, though.
  • Shout-Out: To a series I want to write called Red Dragon. As Kin was based on Kim from that series, I had to throw in a few lines, especially with DL being an author.
  • Super Registration Act: A benign version. The different jobs in the RP are called "Gifts" and while registration isn't necessary, it is a lot easier to gather materials and information if one is registered. According to Tatsuya, many on the wrong side of the law actually abuse such a fact to get materials needed for their antics. One has to be 18 to register, though.
  • Trailers Always Lie: The first picture drawn of the fic, or more precisely, the picture that inspired the fic, involves Tatsuya holding Kin and Wren in a pose that was unconsciously inspired by Chicago in such a way as to make it look a bit like a love triangle, instead of just a sexed-up version of a picture stuck in my head. As stated above, Wren and Tat are Like Brother and Sister.
    • Also, repeatedly in the Authors Notes, I go off about how I imagine the full-length trailer, which would be near-voiceless played over the song of the same name by Yuki Kajiura, and talk about how scenes would be taken out of context, both to play up a possible Tat/Wren angle, but also Tat never really switching sides.