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Listed below are common Video Game Achievements templates.

By method of acquisition


If you want to add to the list, please make sure that your addition is generic enough to be found in games of different genres. Also, please avoid creating redundant entries.



Gameplay Mechanics

  • Reached the level Cap
  • Maxed out a skill score (times noteworthy skills)
  • Perused a specific skill N times (times noteworthy skills)
  • Perused the gimmick game mechanic N times
  • Dealt an extraordinary amount of damage with a single attack
  • Chained together an extraordinary long and/or complicated Combo




  • Joined a multiplayer game session
  • Won N multiplayer matches of specific type (times multiplayer modes)
    • Repeat any number of times, increasing N by a factor of 10 every time
  • Played a specific multiplayer mode for N hours (times multiplayer modes)
  • Scored N hundred kills online (repeat up to an arbitrary N)


Stock titles

  • "1.21 Gigawatts": For doing something with electricity
  • "Master Whatever": For earning every other achievement
  • A 2009 Giant Bomb Podcast listed the most common achievements names at the time:
    • "Untouchable"
    • "Hero"
    • "Veteran"
    • "Survivor"
    • "Treasure Hunter"
    • "Collector"
    • "Legend"
    • "Winning Streak"
    • "Sniper"
    • "Champion"
    • "Team Player"
    • "Death From Above"
    • "Sharpshooter"
    • "Collateral Damage"
    • "Pack Rat"
    • "Completionist"
    • "Exterminator"
    • "Perfectionist"