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Courage the Cowardly Dog is known by many to be a horror-comedy series. Just like some episodes tend to avoid the comedy part of its horror-comedy status, resulting in Nightmare Fuel, these episodes tend to avoid the horror angle of its horror-comedy status, resulting in hilarious moments. Here are some examples:

  • This exchange:

Shwick: Boxers!
Eustace: Briefs!
Shwick: Boxers!
Eustace: (stands up) Briefs!
Shwick: (stands up) Boxers
Eustace: (rips off shirt and pants) No, Briefs!
Shwick: (rips off shell) No, BOXERS!
(Muriel wolf-whistles excitedly)

    • in a later scene, Shwick and Eustace are comparing leg hairs, with Eustace's being longer.
  • All of "Squatting Tiger Hidden Dog". Refuge in Audacity doesn't even begin to slow the quality of this episode.
  • The running gag of Di Lung yelling "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING, YA FOOL" (which, due to his accent, sounds more like "WATCH WHERE YA GO IN, YAH FOO") at other people for incredibly hypocritical reasons. Especially when it leads to his car getting blown up by Eustace in "Hothead".
  • Whatever comes out of the stereotypical Hindi doctor's mouth is a gem.
  • "Cajun Granny Stew", the whole thing plays like a Looney Tunes episode
    • The Cajun Fox has kidnapped Muriel and is getting away in a steamroller, so Courage tries to stop him with the old fake detour trick: he switches around a Road Closed sign so that the Fox will drive into a bunch of rocks instead of going the right way. The fox doesn't buy it, runs over the sign and Courage, and then immediately falls off a cliff.
    • "I was born lucky. You see? I wi-" * WHAM*
    • "Nono! Fox stew is not for you!"
    • "I'm rollin' this Granny in flour...makin' the dish of the hour..."
    • The plane scene, where the fox displays a Courage-worthy toothy scream-twice in the space of about 30 seconds.
  • Eustace reciting an exorcizing spell: "Hullabaloo, and howdy doo! Musty prawns, and Timbucktu! Yeltsy-by, and hibbety-hoo! Kick 'em in the dishpan! Hoo hoo hoo!!"
  • "And you sir are extremely... bald."
    • "Are you bald..? Yes."
  • "The Gods Must Be Goosey". Second only to "Cajun Granny Stew" as the funniest episode of the show.
    • HONK HONK.
  • Little Muriel
    • Everything after Muriel gets de-aged. The Macaroni scene in particular is epic comedy.
    • During the scene where Courage and Muriel are on a plane, Muriel runs up and down the aisle, arms spread apart, complete with airplane noises. Two people jump out of the plane, including the pilot, because they can't put up with her, anymore. Cut to Courage's completely deadpan expression, that can only be summed up into, "The things I do for love"
    • Eustace: "MURIEL! Where's my dinner!?" *gets hit by airplane*.
  • From the episode with Doc Gerbil:

Crazy plunger lint lady: They're doin' terrrrrible thiiiiings over theeeere. (pause) But-cha ain't gettin' MY lint!

  • The episode about the Sand Whale contains some rather hilarious moments. For example-

Eustace: (Sliding around inside his chair in the whale's mouth) Look, I found me chair!
Muriel: (Deadpan) Well, at least you're comfy.

    • And later-

Eustace: (Now inside a fridge inside the whale's mouth) I found the fridge!

    • "I'm glad everything worked out ok." "But the whale's got me Ma." "(Smiles) I'm glad everything worked out ok."
  • The episode where the computer gets a virus and Courage has to go inside is pure hilarity. Especially when Muriel accidentally clicks on an adult website. Courage's reaction is priceless.
    • "2+5=BOB!"
  • The General saxophone-accompaniedly stripping himself into what appears to be a Hulk Hogan costume in "Muriel Blows Up" that he can enter Courage's stomach without staining his uniform in the process. Naturally enough, the Lieutenant is every bit as confused by this as the show's viewers probably are.
  • Anything the computer snarks is simply hilarious:

Computer: If Johnny has three apples and Davie has two apples, why don't they just shut up and eat?

  • King Ramses's second curse: A really annoying song. KING RAMSES! The man in gauze, the man in gauze! Considering that the first curse is flooding and the third is locusts, this is kind of Arson, Jaywalking, and Murder.
    • From the same episode: "Judgin' by the markings and the obvious age of the relic, I'd have to say it's..... GARBAGE!!!
      • "From King Garbage! Of the Garbage Dynasty!"
    • When the first curse is foiled, he goes, "Aw, come on!"
  • This bit of gold from The Tower of Dr. Zalost:

Courage must solve a four letter hangman puzzle before a cannon loaded with unhappy ammo shoots him. It's about to go out when:
Courage: Uhhh... 'boom?' (The wick stops, Beat as Zalost fills in _OO_ on the board)
Zalost: Ugh, you cheated! (pulls cannon rope and it fires)


Zalost: You missed one.
Zalost points down at Eustace
Zalost: There's a happy person!
Eustace: (honking his truck's horn at Zalost's tower) Lousy, stinkin' hippies!

    • Eustace's screaming of "It's the end of the world!"
    • Dr. Zalost: "If I can't be happy, no one can be happy. The nerve of him. People are so selfish.
    • There's just something about Zalost's reaction to the pizza:

Zalost: "Pizza? I didn't order any pizza. Get away from me!"
Rat: *annoyed sigh*.

    • As Zalost confronts Courage after his tower is destroyed.

Dr. Zalost: You stupid dog.
Eustace: (from the closet he was hiding in from Zalost's cannonballs) That's what I tell him all the time. Stupid dog. You stupid dog!

  • This:

Freaky Fred: "Now now, you shouldn't play in the toilet."


Announcer: "And now, for the final question!"
Courage: *places a globe on the table*
Eustace: "Oh, I know what it is! It's a bowlin' ball, covered in throw-up!"

  • Eustace and monster fish come out of moat together*

Eustace and Fish singing in unison: For ye will bend and tell me that you love me!
Fish: BBBAAAHH! *eats Eustace*

  • The "Rockem Sockem Robots"-style fight from The Duck Brothers.
  • cut to Muriel repeatedly running into the wall*
  • cut to Courage frantically pressing buttons on the remote*
  • cut back to Muriel, who is now walking on the ceiling*
  • "Family Business"
    • At the end where Courage and Muriel try to convince Basil to give up his life of crime. As he looks to Eustace for his input Eustace is seen being attacked by a giant squirrel which was never mentioned or seen before then. The scene just cuts to him being attacked while the others were talking. This is made even funnier because everyone just ignores the attack and continues talking.
    • Family Business as a whole was one of the funnier episodes of Courage. Basil's switches from 'hardcore criminal' to 'loving family member' are so bizarre that even Muriel admits he's insane.
    • This sums up the episode:

Basil: "Nigel, why are you tyin' up Mama Mashed Potata's and Uncle Twinkle-toes?"
(Courage, Muriel and Eustace stare blankly).

  • The whack-a-mole scene from Night of the Weremole. And the Mood Whiplash it caused only added to the humor.
    • And to think Eustace can't get any points in that scene because Weremole Muriel keeps on dodging his blows. I like to say that's not fair!
  • In the shadow episode, Eustace has been convinced that Courage is making fun of him by the Living Shadow. He chases Courage to the kitchen and starts throttling him, shouting "Say 'uncle'!". Then Muriel dashes in in full Mama Bear mode, One-Woman Wail in the background, as she nails Eustace with her rolling pin (off-camera). As she leaves the kitchen, Courage (who she's holding in her arms), quietly remarks "...Uncle?"
  • This quote from Klub Katz, showing Eustace's 'love' towards his chair, had me in stitches...

(As he's flung from the cruise ship and across the ocean) Eustace: No sir. Not gettin' outta' this chair.

  • While The House of Discontent was very scary, it did had some funny moments like Eustace's reaction when the family first meets the spirit of the harvest moon.
  • Eustace: Would you look at that.
  • Muriel: It's a floating head!
  • Eustace: I was talking about that leaking pipe.
  • The episode with the cursed library book. While the Transformation Sequence for Eustace and Muriel was pretty freaky, Courage's reaction was utterly hilarious. It's difficult to describe, but I'm going to say that instead of his usual scream of terror, Courage can only respond with some weird visual gags that can only be described as a visual version of a Flat What.
  • "Robot Randy": Randy has finally been accepted amongst his destructive brethren as a useful robot for his skill as a wooden reindeer carver and gets a medal. Three seconds later:
  • Robot in crowd: Yeah, but can he make anything else???
  • Randy: (snaps, arms laser cannon, and vaporizes the other robot)

Di Lung: I'm gonna make a satellite fall, ya FOO!

    • Followed by this line, in which he reveals the fact that he even says "foo" plurally:

Di Lung: It worked! I told you, ya FOOS!