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Covenant is a Swedish futurepop/ebm group with 3 members, albeit not always the same ones. The original lineup consisted of Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius, and Clas Nachmanson. Nachmanson has since left the band, and has been replaced by Daniel Myer, of Haujobb/Destroid/Architect reknown, among many others.

  • Dreams Of A Cryotank (1994)
  • Sequencer (1996)
  • Europa (1998)
  • United States of Mind (2000)
  • Northern Light (2002)
  • Skyshaper (2006)
  • Modern Ruin (2011)
Covenant provides examples of the following tropes:
  • Drone of Dread: "Modern Ruin Part II", a Hidden Track on Modern Ruin. Another dark ambient piece of theirs is "Cryotank Expansion" from Dreams of a Cryotank. Very Silent Hill-ish.
  • Epic Rocking / Leave the Camera Running: "Subterfugue for 3 Absynths" is a 42-minute song consisting of a slowly changing noise loop. The aforementioned "Cryotank Expansion" is 26 minutes. "Flux" from Sequencer, in addition to being a total of nearly 12 minutes long, ends with three minutes of the atonal background sounds heard throughout the song proper.
  • Loudness War: Most everything since and including Northern Light, but especially Modern Ruin. Compare "Figurehead"(1996) to "Judge of My Domain"(2011).
  • Name's the Same: The Norwegian metal group The Kovenant originally went by the name Covenant as well! Until they were sued by this band, anyway.
  • New Sound Album: Their first venture into genuine Future Pop was 1998's Europa, consequently the previous two albums suffer Early Installment Weirdness.