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  • Executive Meddling: What brought the mag down. Tabloid owner Dick Kulpa bought the mag, and as a cost-cutting measure, turned most artists' and writers' pays to flat-rate instead of by page. As a result, many veteran writers/artists left, such as Walter Brogan and John Severin. Kulpa was literally running the mag from his kitchen table, plastering it with tabloid-like covers, constantly delaying releases, and overall ruining the mag through his lack of experience.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Mad stalwart Don Martin crossed over in the 1990s after leaving Mad over a salary dispute, with Cracked making a big deal about stealing away one of their rival's most iconic cartoonists. He is hardly the only artist or writer to have worked at both magazines; long-standing Cracked artist John Severin also worked with Mad in its comic days. Also, one of the last new talents to join Cracked in the 1990s was Tom Richmond, who now draws a large amount of the Mad movie and TV parodies. Other Mad personnel who once worked with the rival include Jack Davis and Al Jaffee.

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