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  • Nextwave's Aaron Stack. "My robot brain needs beer."
    • Honestly, everyone in Nextwave, which is the point.
  • Me (Deadpool) being crazy awesome was key in defeating the Taskmaster in hand-to-hand combat. I don't mean to brag, but that's no small feat, considering that TM's powers allow him to copy and second-guess anyone's fighting style, including, but not limited to, Captain America, Daredevil, and pretty much any other fighter in the entire Marvel Universe. However, I am so crazy sexy, I don't need a recognizable fighting style. My brain having exploded from my sheer, goddamn handsomeness also makes me near-impossible to mind-read or mind-control, and let it be known that I was once (fyi, this "once" I'm talking about started when Joe Kelly adopted me, and it's still going) the only person who could save humanity by a combination of this and my willingness to kick Captain America inna nerts to do so.
    • For the record, I defeated Taskmaster by just being myself. Instead of attacking Taskmaster directly, as he was obviously expecting, I broke into a dance routine. And not just any dance, mind you, but the Macarena!
    • And then there was that time I sabotaged a Skrull installation and slaughter ensued. That whole Clone Degeneration, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, Blessed with Suck, and Driven to Madness, all in a no-survivors gambit, wasn't really necessary or required by the mission, but by golly it was fun!
    • Uuh, and then I dodged a RPG launched by Bullseye, the Man Who Never Misses, by turning my truck around and rolling down the window. Even Bullseye admitted that it was, like everything else I do, pretty awesome.
    • As you might have guessed, the fans like me because, in spite of my sheer sexiness, I'm still willing to talk to you unlike all the other protagonists.
  • Bullseye sometimes. Especially when he's really creative with his ability to use anything as a weapon.
    • This is a man who, after being paralyzed and captured, had to be put on stool softeners and a liquid diet so that he couldn't kill his guards with his own waste. And he even says that he could probably pull it off!
  • Rorschach of Watchmen generally switched between crazy and awesome, but occasionally both at the same time, such as when he ambushed a guy by hiding in his fridge, and ambushed him again by hiding near the fridge and jumping out when the guy reads the note in the fridge saying to turn around.

"No. You do not understand. None of you understand. I am not locked up in here with you. You are locked up in here with me."

    • The first examples might only seem crazy since he was ambushing an innocent man. But it was a full grown man inside of a fridge for what we can assume was possibly hours just waiting. Crazy. Awesome.
  • Quinton Zempfester, the wizard from Thieves and Kings, acts like an utter Cloudcuckoolander 90% of the time. This is the remaining 10%.
  • The Joker, especially in "The Long Halloween" which involves the Joker attempting to steal Christmas. While reciting a certain Dr. Seuss book, no less.
  • Transmetropolitan's protagonist Spider Jerusalem. After beating the snot out of a thinly-veiled grown-up Charlie Brown to get to a source of information, he throws another of her bodyguards out a barroom window... and onto a dog who is a dead ringer for Snoopy. (This being Transmetropolitan, it might even be an intelligent dog.) Whose corpse he claims as his dinner.
  • Snowflame from New Guardians #2 is a Super Villain whose powers come from snorting massive amounts of cocaine, worships cocaine, and is basically the religious leader of a cult that also worships cocaine.
  • The Awesome Slapstick, the living cartoon. Defeats a rampaging vigilante at the mall by kissing him on the lips. Foils a five-year-old Mad Scientist with a spanking. Stops a rampaging irradiated nuclear bum (no, that's not a typo) with a cup of coffee. And tops it all off by dumping a bucket of water on Ghost Rider's flaming head.
  • Green Lantern: Larfleeze, the only member of the Orange Corps of Greed. He had an I'm Taking Her Home with Me moment with Scar, a corrupted, demonic Guardian who serves Nekron because.... she was evil, so she was different than other Guardians, so she was worth more. And he really wanted his own Guardian.
    • There's also the fact that his defining character trait, greed, leeds to his power being more effective. Unlike the lights of the other Corps, the Orange light of greed is best when wielded by only one person.
    • Then there's Dex-Starr, an extremely dangerous member of the Red Lantern Corps....who also happens to be a cat. (His origin is almost Tear Jerker, too.)
  • Both leads in Sam and Max Freelance Police fit the bill, but their private-eye neighbor Flint Paper tops them.
  • Ben Templesmith's (of Thirty Days of Night fame) Welcome to Hoxford, about a private prison run by werewolves, brings us delusional serial killer Ray Delgado, whose first reaction to a werewolf snarling in his face is to bite off its tongue. Of course, he did believe himself to be Chronos, Lord of the Titans at the time. He later decides he's a werewolf too, challenges the ten foot tall alpha, and successfully chews out its throat.
  • Newman Xeno from Matt Fraction's Casanova, the Affably Evil Head of W.A.S.T.E deadly, decadent and deranged.

Casanova: You talk like a comic book man.
Xeno: And I live like one, Mr. Quinn!

  • Fantastic Four: Franklin Richards has called the Impossible Man crazy awesome. Considering he's a Trickster Archetype with limitless shapeshifting capabilities, it's not far off the mark.
  • Brute Force, a Marvel miniseries about two opposing teams of cyborg animals with increased intelligence. Issue one alone features Robo-bear vs. Cyber-gorilla.
  • Mike Allred's Madman is, well, a madman. In the first few pages of his first appearance, he knocks a guy out with a lead-filled yo-yo before prying one of his eyes out and eating it. He was doing this to psych out another malcontent, you see. ""Now... be quiet. I'm going to touch you." To be fair to Madman, he threw the eye up when the coast was clear. The point is that he's crazy enough to try anything to get what he wants.
    • Although this is somewhat of a case of Early Installment Weirdness. Allred didn't even like that scene right after he wrote it. For the rest of the series, Madman was much more childlike.
  • Rex The Wonder Dog is made of this. Initially, he was simply an ordinary, non-talking non-magical dog that could fish using a rod and reel, drive cars and boats, had a successful career as a newspaper photographer, and once killed a T. rex using a nuclear bomb. Then it was revealed that he was an decorated war hero from World War II, and a Super Soldier with a similar origin to Captain America (comics). Then, after all the newspaper photography career and T. rex killing, he drank from the fountain of youth, gaining the ability to speak the language of every thing that lives on planet Earth, as well as eternal youth and unspecified magical powers noted to be among the strongest on Earth.
  • Practically every protagonist in Sin City. They may be violent and crazy but they're also fun as hell.
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: "I HAVE HEAD-EXPLODEY!"
  • Lex Luthor, especially in the Silver Age. He once cured cancer just to trick Superman into believing he'd reformed. Plus he's a normal human who is the greatest enemy of one of the most powerful superheroes ever created.
  • The Simping Detective, Jack Point. The man is essentially Phillip Marlowe crossed with Krusty The Klown.
  • Issue 23 of IDW's Transformers Ongoing gives us crazy awesome Orion Pax (Optimus Prime before he had the Matrix), a tough no-nonsense police captain who, when his subordinates are murdered by senate goons trying to free Whirl (a bullying officer under Prime who himself was jailed for beating on a wrongfully-incarcerated pre-evil Megatron), ends up having to use the corpse of his lieutenant Springarm in motorcycle mode to dispatch of the two goons... one of them by tearing one of his smokestacks off his shoulder and stabbing it in said goon's face.
  • Moon Knight , especially when they play up the multiple personalities.
  • On the very literal end of things: Crazy Jane of the Doom Patrol.
  • Secret Six: Bane, dressed as Conan the Barbarian...riding an Tyrannosurus Rex, which is equally armored into battle. Move over Harry Dresden!
  • 30 Days of Night brings us Lex Nova, the deranged vampiric detective. He monologues out loud to himself without knowing it, and seems to truly believe that he's in some kind of insane detective novel. He still somehow manages to be effective, and really, one of the nicest vampires in the series.