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The process of creating a creature or an object, be it mechanically or magically.

Forging Scene, when it is the creation of a weapon or tool (usually at a forge), and A-Team Montage are Sub Tropes.

See also Transformation Sequence, Technology Porn, Robotic Assembly Lines.

No real life examples, please; Real Life does not have montages.

Examples of Creation Sequence include:

Anime and Manga

  • Ghost in the Shell starts with the sequence of Kusanagi's cyborg body being assembled and covered with synthetic skin.

Comic Books

  • Usagi Yojimbo had a kite festival story that began with a description of traditional Japanese kite-making. Another story began with a detailed description of the steps needed to hammer and forge a katana.

Film - Animation

Film - Live Action

  • The Man Who Knew Too Little begins with a sequence showing the bomb being created and planted inside the Russian nesting doll.
  • The movie The Lord of the Rings opens with the forging of the One Ring. Also the scene where the Narsil is being reforged.
  • The Iron Man films have countless forging and manufacturing scenes.
  • Small Soldiers opens with the making of the military AI chips due to be installed in the toys.
  • The chocolate bars in the opening sequence of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Lord of War comes to mind - it starts out following the construction and packaging of a bullet, and then moves on to follow the bullet as it's bought and sold, loaded and readied, and finally fired into the head of some poor African kid.
  • Short Circuit: The Opening credits show the creation of one of the SAINT model robots. The music gets also more elaborate while more and more parts of the robot come together.
  • The second Bill and Ted movie has Station assembling the Good Robot Usses in the back of a moving van.


  • The Wheel of Time: Perrin forges several simple tools in The Dragon Reborn, when he comes across a smithy. He is invited to stay on.

Live Action TV

  • Danger UXB begins with an intro whose video is entirely Stock Footage, ostensibly from the Second World War. The first few seconds depict the manufacturing of German bombs.



Video Games

Western Animation

  • Samurai Jack: in "Jack's Sandals", after going through many different types of shoes, Jack finds a Japanese mechanic who makes him new wooden sandals, starting with some measurements, a block of wood, and such.
    • The episode that focuses on his dad's battle with Aku has the creation of the sword by the gods.
  • The Simpsons have done this many times. Playing it straight and for laughs simultaneously, whether Homer is helping Bart build a soapbox racer or making Lisa's costume for a school function.
  • The construction of the Dinobots in The Transformers.
  • Happens on almost every episode of Phineas and Ferb.
  • The opening theme to Word World actually involved Dog creating all the characters in the show! Spell Dog backwards and you get...