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The female counterpart of both Kevin Michael Richardson and Phil LaMarr.

Summer's voice-acting career began in 1983 when she was cast as the voice of niece Penny on the original cartoon version of Inspector Gadget. Her unique, throaty voice was instantly recognizable to casting agents (as well as viewers even today), who began frequently casting her in animated programs.

In all, Summer has voiced over 100 animated characters since 1983, many of them African-American girls (she herself is half-white, a quarter African American, and a quarter Native American), though she has voiced her fair share of white girls, such as Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures and Penny from Inspector Gadget. These have spanned the realm of video games, cartoon television series, animated films and commercials. Her one notable live-action role was as "Freddie" in the Cosby Show Spin-Off, A Different World.

Cree Summer has performed in the following roles: