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    Itachi Sasuke's Brother: Hey, Sasuke. You wanna know why you'll never defeat me? Because my voice is much sexier than yours.


    Crispin Freeman is one of the more popular voice actors in the business, and, well, what can we say, the guy's got talent for characters that are Hot-Blooded or smug or a complete jerk or heroic or snarky or Badass or... just about anything. He is a lover, not a fighter, and looks amazing in chaps.

    Crispin seems to be fascinated by the use of myths in anime, and regularly hosts panels at cons on the subject. He's also a fan of Hayao Miyazaki, and finally got the chance to provide a voice for the dub of Howl's Moving Castle with the (albeit minor) role of Prince Justin. He's also quite fond of opera music, and actually sang once at a convention.

    His most memetically popular moment is probably his discussion about Hentai, where he referred to a painting called "The Fisherman's Wife" which involves Naughty Tentacles.

    He also seems to be cast alongside Quinton Flynn frequently in addition to either fighting side-by-side with or harboring a personal grudge against Johnny Yong Bosch.

    Also has a Twitter account and a YouTube account.

    Not to be confused with any other Freeman on this wiki. Or Crispin Glover, for that matter.

    Crispin Freeman has performed in the following roles:
    Crispin Freeman provides examples of the following tropes:
    • Ax Crazy: Some of his most renowned roles such as Alucard and Alan Gabriel.
      • Somewhat subverted with Alucard as he isn't crazy per se, just really sadistic.
      • His work as Albedo deserves mention as well.
      • The Other Wiki has a statement from him saying he enjoys roles like Master Alucard and Albedo.
    • Badass: Many of his roles are often deemed that.
    • Bishonen: Has not only voiced them, but is also considered one.
    • Deadpan Snarker: some of his roles, particularly Kyon.
    • Even the Guys Want Him: Occasionally jokes around with this.
    • Genre Savvy: In an interview about God of War III, he responds that having played the first game, he knows that his role is essentially "Not Kratos", and is well aware that his character's fate is to die a grisly death (as pictured in Fantastic Light Source).
    • I Knew It!: He called the revelation that Itachi loved his little brother within minutes of learning about the character. He relates the story here, at 24:10.
    • Kindhearted Cat Lover: You can't deny it after this. Kyon also has a cat, but he doesn't really care for Shamisen as much as his sister.
    • Large Ham: When push comes to shove (I.E. The director tells him to), he can be the Largest and the Hamiest of them all.
    • "No. Just... No" Reaction: After reading an email in which a fan assumed he had experience with incest (details here) and asked for advice, Freeman was creeped out and left his computer for a few minutes.
    • One of Us: In addition to being a mythology scholar, he's also an anime fan in his own right. In fact, he frequently gives presentations and attends seminars on the subject.
      • He has a Twitter account, and a very active one. He used it to type an update that read "Guess what I'm dubbing today?", along with a photo of a television screen showing Kyon in a winter outfit!
    • Pigeonholed Voice Actor: In recent years the guy was getting seriously typecast in voicing brooding young men, but that all changed when Code Geass started airing, and he started voicing Memetic Badasses again.
      • He has also recently been dubbing roles originally done by Tomokazu Sugita.
      • In voicing Kyon he opened up a whole new career in voicing Deadpan Snarkers.
      • He also voiced Captain Tylor, who sounds and acts nothing like any of his other characters, (Yes, even Hideki!) which should give you some idea of his range
      • The ultimate testament to his range is when he voices Myron Reducto in the Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law game where he does an amazing impression of Stephen Colbert.
    • Renaissance Man: Crispin Freeman (DEEP BREATH)... can do live theater, voice act in all areas of the media, teach mythology, teach anime compared to Western Animation, direct, and write. Fans may exaggerate his versatility.
    • Took a Level in Badass: Back around the time that he was in series such as Angel Sanctuary, people cringed at hearing he would be in a dub. Whether this was him, or him just being miscast, once he got dropped on characters that allowed him to go full-bore Large Ham, there was no looking back.
    • Unions in Hollywood: According to Word of God, he can only work in union shops contracted to SAG and AFTRA. This makes it difficult for him to reprise some of his older roles in anime and video games where they are considered non-union by either one of them or both. To elaborate, his roles in Tales of Symphonia and Phantom Brave were replaced with a different voice actor in the sequel and remake respectively because these projects were considered non-union prior to joining a union.
      • Luckily, FUNimation (which happens to be non-union because they are headquartered in Texas [1]) was kind enough to outsource the Slayers Revolution and Hellsing dubs to him, instead.
    • What Could Have Been: He was NOT cast in the role of Kamina in Gurren Lagann. He'd have also made a PERFECT Archer.
    1. Texas is a right-to-work state, which bars union-only shops