Cross Ange/Setting

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The setting of Cross Ange features the following tropes:

  • Fantastic Racism: While most forms of inequality don't exist, society is fiercely racist as "Norma", or those who cannot use and are unaffected by Mana. No apparently reason besides fear seems to be the cause of this irrational loathing of Norma.
  • Girls Behind Bars: The setting of most of the main characters, since they are all in penal battalion, meaning they spend a lot of time in pseudo-military stockade whenever they aren't in combat. However, some of the more favored prisoners do get some nicer digs and special privileges, apparently based on their rank. All the usual cliches of when this trope is used in porn are also present.
  • Magitek: Society is highly dependent on magic, which powers their high technology
    • Schizo-Tech: Weirdly enough, while magic is an everyday used resource by most and highly advanced robots and other forms of futuristic technology exist, it also has a theocratic medieval society as a setting.