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Man, you never had such a non-reaction to this work than at this moment. You were in such a neutral state, you didn't even feel like shrugging it off. Even a "meh" or "why?" would be more of a reaction than this warrants.

It doesn't even tick you off over it, as would some cases of So Okay It's Average. The rule of thumb is that if you can't remember how you felt about that moment, it's because you didn't really have a feeling of it either way. Hence you have this trope.

Compare True Neutral.

Contrast Dethroning Moment of Suck, Moment of Awesome.

Only examples referencing fiction, please.

Examples of Crowning Moment of Indifference include:
  • Years ago Goatse made me shiver with disgust when i first saw it. Now i am so desensitized that the "Offended" page on ED, most shock sites and weird fetish porn can't even manage to get a reaction from me.
  • There was this time I beat a video game for the 11th time.
  • I heard this song on the radio. I didn't feel like buying it from iTunes, but I didn't change the station either.
  • Saw this movie, and the moment was at the end of the opening credits.
    • The popcorn was tasty, but that's not this trope.
  • Saw Schoolhouse Rock the other day. Already knew how to multiply by 3, though.
  • There are a few Betty Crocker ads on this page. Being a Homestucker, I should've been angry, but then I ate a taco.
  • While playing Godzilla: Monster of Monsters on the NES, I went through a period of about 30 minutes where I was vaguely aware that I wasn't enjoying myself at all, but kept playing anyway.
  • I once wrote an 12-page comedy script about a film noir detective that I was hoping my friends would enjoy. Although they said they were excited to read it, only 2 actually did. Now I don't even care about it.
  • Watched some animes that everybody on this wiki raves about. S'alright.
    • Your pluralisation of the word "anime" fills me with a deep sense of indifferent boredom. Now let us not duel with katanas.
  • After a few years of very passive searching I finally stumbled on one of the first games I played and downloaded it on freeware. It was just as I remember it - alright. Not as good as some of the newer games, but not too bad either. I am now almost totally ambivalent about it.
  • I'm a gay man, but I've kissed girls before. Didn't hate it, but wouldn't go out of my way to do it again.
    • I'm a lesbian girl who's kissed guys before. Bit too much saliva, but there we go. An experience, sort of.
  • Someone pulled a prank on a forum once. Episode 3 was apparently cancelled by Gabe. I was filled with a strong feeling of neutrality, having never played it myself. Upon further inspection, it turned out it was regarding Penny Arcade. I was filled with an even stronger feeling of neutrality at this point.
  • The second time I saw Napoleon Dynamite. They say it gets better with each viewing, but since I already knew what was happening, I may as well have been staring at a wall.
    • The first time I saw Napoleon Dynamite. I could not possibly have cared less about that movie.
      • The first time I heard about Napoleon Dynamite. My friend told me about the plot, quite eagerly, and I was just like "Huh, 'kay". I suspect I pissed her off a little or something. But, eh, I don't know...
  • After, some talk about BlazBlue, my friend told me about how he didn't like Isaak. Since I hadn't played it, I couldn't say I had any sort of reaction to what he said, aside from "oh, okay". I even Lampshaded that fact to him.
  • Sometimes I read creepypasta and it has no effect on me.
    • Same here. Some of them are kinda creepy (I guess), but most aren't.
  • When I first saw Transwarped, Team Rodimus' appearance, while for many was the most epic start of anything since the invention of silverware or television, had absolutely no effect on me. I wasn't even paying attention to it, and I forgot 90% of what happened there. All I remember is Rodimus asking for help. How awesome.
  • When Adam was defeated. My exact thoughts were "Oh, wait, he's dead now?".
  • In Mass Effect, when Thane died on the suicide mission I thought to myself "Well that kind of sucks....I guess..." and then went on with the mission.
  • This one time, I was trying to download a PDF of a Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook. It failed. Then I tried to download it from a different site, and it succeeded. The sourcebook didn't have anything for sorcerers. I didn't read it again, until I read it a few months later. It still didn't. Then I closed the file, and looked at weird pornography. I was already desensitized.
  • I don't play video games, watch TV, read, or go to the movies because I enjoy them. I do them because the alternative is boredom.
  • I watched so much tv that I can see plot twists from a mile and I can already tell who's gonna die just by looking at the cast and that's okay I guess never really cared much about that anyway.
  • While reading Allies I eventually learned that Abeloth is Callista. The problem is that I start my journey in the EU from Thrawn Trilogy and deliberately skipped Callista Trilogy. Therefore, also I basically know who is this lady, I don't give a damn about her. I was like: ""Oh, another old girlfriend of Luke? I guess it sucks, kill her.""
    • The computer girl? Man. That could've been shocking if those books had been good enough to make me care about her. Why do we need Luke's old girlfriends to be the bad guys, anyway? It's been 20+ years since they've even showed up.
  • Around my 15th playthrough of The Force Unleashed I achived a sort of bordem Nirvanna. I know that's misspelled. I don't care enough to say I don't care enough to care to finish this sentence. Or grammar. Also, Disney Channel original movies. Pinnacle of bleah whatever.
  • When I played Grand Theft Auto Ballad of Gay Tony parked my Armored Car at a bridge and shot down a helicopter for the tenth time.
  • I just realized a few moments ago that I haven't eaten in like 2 days. Then I went back to powersliding into my 10 millionth luchadore.
  • Playing Hero Craft 2.03 on Warcraft III with two people is rather like sleeping...
  • I played a Nintendo Hard mod of Star Wars Battlefront and won. Conglaturations.
  • Saw Avatar (the 2009 movie). Didn't bat an eyelash over the action and conflict. Felt like it was just a wall to me.
    • This was how I felt about the 2009 Star Trek film. I literally remember maybe 2 minutes of it.
  • I downloaded a map pack for Doom. I beat the map pack. Now I'm tired.
  • I decided to watch Dora the Explorer's 10th anniversary. Then I decided to go on the computer and mind my business as if I didn't just watch a show I'm too old for.
  • Just bought and beat the Minerva's Den single-player campaign in BioShock (series) 2. Didn't get as much as an impact as the regular game did. Ah well, I got some trophies (and found a plot twist near the end, but I won't say).
  • Excel-2010. All of K-On!! didn't faze me. I just don't get why anyone feels as they do about it.
  • I saw this advertisement for something once today... I think it was today. I didn't really care about it.
  • So I saw Clerks: The Animated Series, and from previous accounts I hear stuff like it was "canceled too early for its own good and blah blah" and so I expected it to be good. It's not that it's a bad cartoon, it's just that the humor is just... generic, I feel that the same type of humor has already been used in many other examples before and after the show was made.
  • I read Twilight until page 276. Then I stopped.
    • Read Twilight all the way through. Did not read sequels.
      • Read Twilight all the way through. Read the two after that. They were okay. Then I didn't stop, but my crushing indifference has taken too much hold on me for me to talk about that.
  • This Troper saw Chris-Chan's sex tape and wasn't phased by it at all.
  • I seem unable to show the appropriate emotional reaction for plot twist or dramatic event in fictional work without preparing myself. For instance in the Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince water cave scene, when I read it I really didn't think much about it, just kept reading. Only when I talked to other fans who went on about the Nightmare Fuel and squikiness of it did I think to interpret it as such. Ditto for Dumbledore's death. BIG TEARJERKER for everybody, okay-when's-the-next-book-out for me. This happens all the time with literature and some movies, even though I am a fairly emotional person most of the time (all most more so than I'd like). Am I selectively apathetic or missing something important?
  • This Troper watched his city explode in cheers and rapture last night because our local baseball team won the World Series. Then he shrugged and went back to playing Fable III.
  • One day I was reading Homestuck and there was a rather long Pesterlog. I decided to skip it. Later on I found out it had plot relevant information so I went back and read it. Then I went on Facebook.
  • I once read an XKCD comic. I didn't get the reference but I understood where the joke was supposed to be.
  • The ending of Mr. and Mrs. Smith was crap, but i was just glad the film was over and I could leave the cinema. Most of the jokes in that film drew either silence or an indifferent cough from the rest of the cinema.
  • Got the Epic Mickey Collector's Edition. Was okay, in contrast to my high level of excitement from months before release.
  • I saw Dinosaur when it came out in theaters. It was okay but I like The Land Before Time better.
  • People say the Dunwich Building of Fallout 3 is the most terrifying building ever. Me? I just walked in and sighed in boredom whenever the ghouls attacked me. When I heard their shrilling call, I mocked them saying, "Graaaaaggghhh yourself."
  • Played Sonic 4 today. It's cool.
  • I watched 2 Girls 1 Cup today. To be honest, I wasn't really shocked by any—Naw, I'm bullshitting you. I'm scarred for life.
  • I gained a level in a MMORPG.
  • During a classroom introduction to XAMPP, the sample server being demonstrated had a "CD collection" demo with an editable table. I added a CD to the table with the artist "10,000" and album "It's over 9000". The teacher used that CD as part of an example, but nobody really seemed to care about the odd name.
  • My first reaction to King Ramses' when I was six. Not scary at all. Nope. Still doesn't scare me one bit.
  • I once played a video game. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. I might put it away for a while and play it again when I'm bored.
  • I've been playing Minecraft long since it stopped being fun. I've been mining in a straight line since about 2 O'clock. It is now 5 O'clock. I'm hungry now.
    • I was going to fix that link but, eh, you know.
  • Playing Mass Effect 2. Wow, you want me to stop the new baddies? Sure, like I recieved throngs of praise throughout the galaxy after I stopped the old ones in the first one.
  • Watched too many Grimdark Anime. Try watching the more normal sort of entertainment. Didn't really care about anyone in the small moving-picture sound-making box. Read some newspapers. The world is as bad as always. Didn't really care about anyone or anything anymore.
  • Saw Toy Story 3 today. It was average.
  • A friend made a reference to a TV show I haven't watched during a conversation. I voiced my vague curiosity, but lost interest once she started explaining and looked at a bush.
  • Watched the supposedly hilarious FLCL , it wasn't that funny
  • Going through netflix on the wii with my friends, they don't want to watch what I want to, and I don't want to watch anything they do, oh well.
  • Killed another Ganado today. Need more excitement.
    • Watched another person blast Saddler with a rocket launcher. Okay.
  • Had a dream where JR was shouting Black Hole! Black Hole! After I punched Uranus and blew it up causing a massive black hole. I woke up and said that was stupid, and went back to sleep.
  • The PSN is down right now, but I don't feel any different.
  • Watched Igor, the one with John Cusack. Almost laughed a couple of times. Completely failed to react to the movie otherwise. Then experienced severe disgust that a movie could actually make me that indifferent.
  • Some reviewer on the internet made a video on a film or video game I like and trashed it. I disagreed with their opinion, but I found their perspective interesting and the video was still pretty entertaining. I guess.
  • I never thought it would happen, but I've gotten bored of listening to music. I haven't enjoyed music in over a week now. And I can't bring myself to care about it.
  • I've worked on three pages about three games nobody cares about. Nobody's noticed.
  • Five minutes after finishing Twilight I had forgotten the plot.
  • Watched the anime version of Valkyria Chronicles. Didn't find anything surprising, wasn't overly moved by any of the characters or plot, and when it was over I didn't feel it sucked, but I didn't want to watch it again.
  • Saw Watchmen on TNT. It was okay, I guess.
  • I played Super Mario 3D Land. It was great, but in the Special Worlds, Its hard, But i dont know if it sucks or its awsome. I dont care.
  • I was watching the Academy Awards and went to check Tumblr during a commercial break. Someone had posted about the guy from Sherlock being in a Doctor Who episode. I then went back to watching the Oscars.
  • I watched Cowboys and Aliens and simply didn't give a damn who died. Hell, the aliens could've killed Olivia Wilde and I wouldn't have cared... wait, I forgot she died. Oops, delayed spoiler. Still don't care to add spoiler markers.
  • After being mercilessly spoiled about Skyward Sword before even playing it, I became cynically indifferent about spoilers altogether.
  • I published the first chapter of my original fanfic some days ago. Still got no reviews.
  • My sister is playing Epic Mickey, she still playing at 3/26/12, 5:49 PM , i dont care how long it will take her.
  • Saw a guy on a forum rant about how everything in his childhood was awesome and everything modern sucks. Same ol', same ol'.
  • Watched Mister Rogers for the first time. Don't understand the love for it. OH GOD NEVERMIND I LIED. I FELT SO BAD TYPING THIS.
  • One of my favorite fanfics hasn't updated in quite some time. The author seems to having personal problems, and he's also updating a couple of story-driven fan-Tumblrs that I don't find funny or interesting. It's a little irritating that he wants to focus on such dumb stories as opposed to the one I liked more, but it's not terrible or anything.
  • This trope perfectly describes the emotional impact Dragon Age 2 had for this troper.

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