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  • One episode involves a human/pak'ma'ra porno that is apparently very attention getting.
    • The characters further imply when two different species hook up some um...gadgets might be involved.
    • One of the characters viewing the video mentions that humans and pak'ma'ra can't possibly do what it is being indicated they are about to do (becuase of, shall we say, plumbing problems)...then, apparently, they do anyway. (The file was one of several on the crystal. The most apparently straight-laced of the characters turned out to have a collection of such stuff, and mixed up his crystals when turning in a written report.)
      • Rather, the report was on the crystal, but he forgot to erase the previous data, so that the porno started as soon as the report ended. It makes one wonder if Max either a) had a shortage of empty crystals at the moment, or b) he's got so much porn he can't keep track of it all.
  • Crusade also features a episode in which two characters are about to sleep together and then cuts to an scene of a cargo ship docking with Babylon 5.
  • In another the Excalibur is humped by a space jellyfish. Not subtle, not implied, just thrown on the screen and openly commented on by the characters.

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