Crush Gear Turbo

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A 56-episode anime produced by Sunrise, Crush Gear Turbo seem to be a run-of-the-mill Merchandise-Driven show, involving mechanical vehicles being thrown to a ring to fight other machines called Crush Gears, which according to some detractors, looked like Beyblades in steroids. But deep inside, this involves a considerable degree of drama; the protagonist of the story, Kouya Marino, was the brother of the deceased Crush Gear champion, who wants to follow up to his brother's legacy. Problem is, he is just one of the few members of a fledgling Crush Gear club whose sole claim to glory is that it was once his brother's club. However, he is helped by few friends and some Crush Gear players who defect to Kouya's team.

Crush Gear Turbo also spawned a sequel called Crush Gear Nitro, but it wasn't as popular as the original.

Tropes used in Crush Gear Turbo include: