Crying Freeman

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Tears from his eyes, blood from your throat.

"I do not believe that a murderer could weep so piteously... He cried without making a sound. His tears fell like a soft, quiet rain..."

Crying Freeman, a 1986 manga illustrated by Ryouichi Ikegami and written by Kazuo Koike, follows the story of Yoh Hinomura, an internationally-renowned potter from Japan. A Chinese triad organization known as "The 108 Dragons" kidnapped Yoh and turned into an unwilling assassin: after sticking acupuncture needles in him and implanting post-hypnotic suggestions, Yoh became one of their best assassins, killing for the group whenever he is ordered to. Whenever Yoh kills, he cries out of remorse for his victims (hence the name of the series). When solitary artist Emu Hino witnesses one of Yoh's assassinations, the Dragons order him to eliminate her -- but Yoh's love for Hino could become his salvation...

Tropes used in Crying Freeman include: