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    This is something of a logical counterpart to Common Eye Colors: If a character has freaky, cool, or otherwise unusual hair colours, their eyes are liable to match. "Unusual", of course, needs to be taken with a grain of salt when it comes to Anime Hair. Comic books and western animation are also likely to display this trope.

    Some series use this to make a character stand out as being "weird" or "different", especially if it's an uncommon color. Others use this for their entire cast.

    May be used as a form of Technicolor Eyes.

    Not to be confused with the carpet matching the drapes.

    Examples of Curtains Match the Window include:

    Anime and Manga

    • Just about every character in the Fruits Basket manga, except the characters with black hair, who have dark gray or dark brown eyes, and the natural blondes, who have brown eyes.
      • Even Kyou and Yuki, who have orange and gray hair respectively, fit this trope.
    • A great deal of the cast of Sailor Moon matches this trope. Of the heroes, Chibiusa, Ami, Michiru, anime Rei, and Hotaru. And in some artbook pictures, all of them do, including Sailor Moon herself. Of the rest of the cast, all of the Witches Five, several of the Anima-Mates, and Princess Kakyuu.
    • Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist could be considered an example - his amber-colored eyes match his blond hair. Alphonse and Hohenheim also share this trait, but only in the manga and the second anime series where this was a trait of all people from Xerxes.
      • Colonel Roy Mustang has black hair and black eyes; though in later manga artworks, it's colored blue. Same goes for the Xing characters - the exception is the old, gray-haired Fu, who seems to have...white irises? Probably another case of curtains matching the window...
    • The Tokyo Mew Mew girls in their Mew Mew forms (and all the time in the manga). Except Berii, 'cause she's special.
    • In the anime Haunted Junction, a large number of characters have hair and eyes the same color, including two out of the three leads.
    • Every mermaid in Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch when not in human form.
      • Except Lucia, who only has this when in human form. Go figure.
      • Averted and zigzagged with the Black Beauty Sisters. Sheshe has red hair and blue eyes and Mimi has blue hair and red eyes.
    • Most of the cast of every version of Pretty Cure.
    • Some characters in Prétear, for example: Himeno (the red-eyed Redheaded Hero) and Mawata (blueish-green hair and eyes).
    • Fakir in Princess Tutu.
    • Hayate in Hayate the Combat Butler, and the student council trio.
    • All the girls except Doremi (who has red hair and literal pink eyes) and Hazuki (shown as having brown hair and orange eyes) in Ojamajo Doremi.
      • Pink can be a tint of red, as can orange of brown. It kind of works.
    • Megumi in Tantei Gakuen Q.
    • Lina Inverse of the Slayers fame is a red-eyed redhead, and Xellos is purple-haired with lavender eyes.
    • Hikaru and Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth have red eyes/red hair and blue eyes/blue hair respectively. Originally, the third of the trio, Fuu, was going to have green hair to go with her green eyes, but the artists decided on giving her blonde hair. Interestingly, the "color-coordinated" jokes went to Fuu and her sorta love interest Ferio, who has green hair and yellow eyes.
    • In the anime, Bulma and her daughter Bra from Dragon Ball. Her son Trunks retains his purple hair in the anime.
    • Wendi of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. She somehow managed to be a Genki Girl despite having both Red Eyes, Take Warning and red hair.
      • Others from the franchise include Sein (Turquoise), Sette (Pink), and Schach (Purple).
      • Dieci is a more mundane example with light brown hair and eyes.
      • FORCE has red-and-red Arnage as well as blonde Cypha.
    • Yachiru in Bleach, with pink hair and eyes.
      • Grimmjow as well, with his blue hair and eyes.
    • Daisuke (red hair and eyes), Dark (purple), Satoshi (blue), and Krad (yellow) from D.N.Angel.
      • The Harada twins, too, both have brown hair and brown eyes. In the anime, this was interesting because Riku's hair was changed to red instead of brown, but her eye color remained the same, implying that she maybe dyed her hair in order to look different from her sister.
    • The Kaoru Twins from Revolutionary Girl Utena.
    • In Shugo Chara!, a lot of characters have this problem. An off the top of my head list: Rima, Ikuto, Ran, Miki, Dia, Yaya, Nikaidou, Kusu Kusu...and there are some I'm forgetting.
      • It seems most guardian characters are like this, with the exception of Pepe, who has blue eyes, Suu, whose hair is blonde while her eyes and outfit are green, Il, who has red, and El...whose eyes are always closed.
    • Yotsuba&! has green hair and green eyes.
    • Most characters from Seto no Hanayome have this eyes/hair match. Sun has gold and Luna has pink (but it's opposite for their mermaid tails - Sun has pink and Luna has yellow). Mawari has a violet combination. Shiranui and Class President have light green eyes and hair.
      • Maki don't fit in this trope - she has blue (sometimes it's violet) hair and green eyes.
      • Other characters have more natural combinations of hair and eyes (black or brown).
    • Very common in Baccano!!, as demonstrated by Rachel, Nice, Nicholas, Luck, Ronnie (yellow), Claire, Ennis (reddish-brown), Czeslaw, Dallas, Jaccuzi (brown), and Sylvie (gray). Even more so in the books, where color illustrations apply this to Firo, Isaac, Lua, and Eve as well (not to mention the not yet animated characters).
    • Mahou Sensei Negima:
    • Half of the members of the central team of pretty guys in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de (the TV series, at least) have eyes matching their hair; and one of those who don't technically doesn't quite fit into exceptions either.
    • Gojyo in Saiyuki has blood red hair and eyes. It's said to be proof that he's a "taboo child", the product of a forbidden union between a human and a youkai.
    • Solty from Solty Rei (green).
    • The main characters from Princess Princess.
    • Most of the characters in Hidamari Sketch have matching hair and eye colors. There's the four main characters (brown, yellow, blue, and pink), Yoshinoya (green), the landlady (brown), Chika (light purple), Natsume (blue-green), Nori (blue gray), and Nazuna (blond). In fact, the only character who doesn't is the Principal, and that's only because you never see his eyes.
      • Nazuna actually does not fit, she has dusty blonde hair and dark brown eyes.
    • Hare and Weda from Hare + Guu (blue).
    • Suzumiya Haruhi and Kyon have the mundane brown hair/eyes combination, while Mikuru has brown-orange hair and what appears to be amber eyes. The real award goes to Asakura Ryoko, with identical shades of navy blue hair and eyes.
    • ALL girls in Kanamemo.
    • Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn has brown hair and brown eyes (although his eyes change to become orange-ish yellow when he goes into Dying Will Mode).
      • Also, the Varia member Fran, with Teal/Green (dependent upon illustration) eyes and hair.
    • Tessa from Full Metal Panic! has gray hair to match her gray eyes.
    • Karin from Naruto, with red hair and red eyes, as well as Jugo, who has orange hair and orange eyes (though his eyes are more reddish in the anime).
      • When you add in Sasuke's black hair and eyes, that makes Suigetsu the only one on their team who doesn't fit this (however, his eyes do match his shirt).
      • It depends on the adaptation. In the original videogame [dead link], he has blue eyes, and in the anime, he has purple eyes. Also, Hanyuu has light purple hair and dark purple eyes, so it kinda works.
    • The Mist People in Kemono no Souja Erin all have green hair and green eyes, including the half breed protagonist.
    • Shana from Shakugan no Shana has matching red hair and eyes in her Flame Haze form.
    • Some Saint Seiya characters do this - in the manga, Aquarius Camus has bright red hair and eyes (as well as long red nails), and Pegasus Seiya has brown hair and eyes. In the anime, Wyvern Rhadamanthys is a blonde with scary yellow eyes, Capricorn Shura's ensemble is green, as is Andromeda Shun's, and Cancer Deathmask and Phoenix Ikki both have dark blue hair and eyes. Pisces Aphrodite has bright blue hair, bright blue eyes, and bright blue lipstick.
    • Gakuen Heaven employs this, with the two blue-haired characters, Omi and Nakajima, having light blue and dark blue eyes respectively. Iwai, with gray hair and eyes, also qualifies.
    • Light Yagami from Death Note, except when they're red.
      • Though Death Note is very good about natural eye and hair colours - all the Japanese characters have brown or black eyes. Misa wears tinted lenses - her eyes change between brown and blue. Light's hair is probably bleached.
    • Most of the characters in Yumeiro Patissiere.
    • The shinigami Watari (golden-blond hair and amber eyes) and the villain Dr. Muraki (silvery-gray eyes and silvery-white hair) in Yami no Matsuei.
    • Special mention goes to Kyou Kara Maou for making this a plot point. Shibuya Yuuri's looks (including his black/dark brown hair and eyes) are considered average in his native Japan, but when he ends up in a demon country in another world where the combination is extremely rare, he is hailed as a 'soukoku' (double black) and considered highly attractive and regal looking as a result.
    • Shiki has Megumi Shimizu, a bratty Elegant Gothic Lolita with pink eyes and hair.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam has Amuro with Brown Eyes and Brown Hair.
    • Michiru from Uta Kata has both Purple Eyes and purple hair.
    • In the manga of Black Butler, Agni is shown to have white eyes matching his white hair.
      • Madame Red's eyes and hair are...well, red.
      • Ciel's hair is also often shown to be blue, the same color as his eyes, though his hair is a much darker shade.
      • His eye, you mean. In the manga, his hair is a very faded blue/gray, while his eyes are almost navy. In the anime, they're almost exactly the same.
    • Most or all important characters in Bakuman。.
    • Midori from Midori no Hibi, also notable as the only character in the series (besides her mom) to have naturally unnatural hair color.
    • Lawrence from Spice and Wolf has gray eyes with gray hair - even though he's only 25.
    • As depicted on the manga covers of Liar Game, Nao Kanzaki and Shinichi Akiyama have (respectively) orange and yellow hair and eyes.
    • All of the named girls in Puella Magi Madoka Magica; Madoka (pink), Sayaka (blue), Mami (blonde hair and gold eyes), Kyouko (red), Hitomi (green)...except Homura, who has black hair despite being associated with purple.
    • Wandering Son characters are made to fit this lately. As all characters are either brunettes or raven, the characters all have Brown Eyes or Black Eyes. Originally, this trope was subverted, as everyone had Brown Eyes. The mangaka makes sure to make the eyes have the same shade as the hair, too.
    • Tatsuya from Hekikai no Ai ON has brown hair and eyes.
    • Ai no Kusabi has Riki with Shiny Midnight Black hair to go with his Black Eyes, which is significant to the plot.
    • Almost everyone in Persona 4: The Animation. The exceptions are Aika the delivery girl and Teddie's human form.
    • Done to an extent in the Digimon franchise: All the lead characters have brown hair and brown eyes.

    Comic Books

    • X-Men's Polaris and Psylocke both have unusual hair colors (Psylocke's is purple, Polaris' green), and their eyes match. The New X-men's Surge has blue hair and eyes.
      • Of course, Psylocke started out as a blonde who dyed her hair purple, then got (against her will) bionic eyes to match (after losing her original blue eyes), then got body-swapped into a Japanese body and dyed her black hair purple.
      • Ditto for Surge: when asked, she confessed her blue hair "came from a bottle".
      • Polaris is all natural, though (when we first met her, her hair was dyed blond. Green is its natural color.)
    • The Joker has green hair and green eyes, usually, and the specific shade might not completely match with his hair, either. There is, however, the occasional artist who gives him purple, red, or black eyes (and not the kind he frequently receives from Batman, either).
    • The Hulk usually has green eyes to match his hair and skin.


    • Melisandre, from A Song of Ice and Fire, has red hair and eyes. She also always dresses in red and worships a god associated with the colour red as well. Averted with just about everyone else, though.
    • "Bess, the landlord's daughter", the love interest of the titular bandit in the poem "The Highwayman", has black hair and black eyes.
    • Ilse Burnley from L.M. Montgomery's Emily of New Moon has yellow hair and yellow (actually technically very, very light brown--"almost amber") eyes.
    • Doc Savage has bronze-flecked eyes to match his bronze-flecked hair and skin - hence the "Man of Bronze" moniker.
    • Severus Snape, with black hair and black eyes. He also wears black all the time, just in case his natural features doesn't make him sinister enough.
      • Hermione has brown hair and eyes, possibly to emphasise how "plain" she's meant to be.
    • In Zilpha Keatley Snyder's The Changeling, Ivy Carson has black hair and eyes that are "dark grey, a kind of smoky black".

    Live-Action TV

    • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Evil!Willow has black eyes and black hair; Goddess!Willow has white eyes and white hair.
    • Deanna Troi has black hair and eyes. The eyes are a Betazoid racial trait.


    • With only a few exceptions, every Vocaloid has this going on.

    Video Games

    • Keele Zeibel in Tales of Eternia is a double example of sorts; his hair colour is either blue or purple depending upon the picture you are looking at (and has varied widely in shade and intensity of said blue or purple, besides...), with his eyes always being blue or purple to match.
    • Due to hardware limitations, EVERYONE in the first three Ace Attorney games.
      • More exactly, everyone whose pupils aren't completely black/a dark dot. Regina Berry is the only exception.
      • Damon Gant is also an exception.
        • Don't know if it counts, though, as he's a character from the DS remake, where said limitations weren't much of a problem anymore. In any case, from the same case, we have Ema Skye, who, throughout the games, both averts and plays straight this trope, with her amazing color-changing eyes, which are of a bright blue color in the first game (she has brown hair), but seem to be of a rather brown-ish color in her small profile picture in Apollo Justice and during her appearance in Ace Attorney Investigations. I guess, character designs go on?
    • Marth, Caeda, and Elise in Fire Emblem:Shadow Dragon have blue eyes and hair.
      • Due to 16-colour palette restrictions, this trope applies to almost the entire cast of the first eight games.
      • Lots in Sacred Stones: Artur, Lute, Tethys, Ewan, L'Arachel, Marisa, Neimi, Vanessa, Syrene, Tana, and probably more.
      • In Blazing Sword, there's Lyn, Rebecca, Wil, Sain, Farina, Fiora, and Canas.
      • Still fairly common in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, however. Ike, Boyd, Rhys, Lucia, Jill, and Ashera, to name a few.
    • Claris (pink hair and eyes) and Elliot (blue hair and eyes), from NiGHTS Into Dreams.
    • Most of the cast of Devil Survivor have this. For instance, The Hero has blue hair/eyes, Yuzu has brown/orange, Amane has pale lavender...two notable exceptions are White-Haired Pretty Boy Naoya, who has Red Eyes, Take Warning, and Idol Singer Haru, who pairs red hair with Eyes of Gold.
    • Most of the main characters in Riviera: The Promised Land are subject to this trope—the only notable exceptions are Rose (black hair/green eyes), Ledah (blond/red eyes), and Malice (blond/blue eyes). And maybe Cierra, whose eyes are reddish purple.
      • From the same series, we also have Maria and Meria, the heroines of Knights in The Nightmare. Their antagonist counterparts, Marietta and Melissa, are no different.
    • Bartz, The Hero of Final Fantasy V, has both brown hair and brown eyes—unusual, for a series that seems to pride itself on odd hair colors and its love affair with Blue Eyes.
    • In Final Fantasy VIII, Rinoa has black hair and black eyes, the better to contrast with her incredibly pale skin.
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy has The Warrior of Light, with silver-blue hair and eyes to match.
    • Illua from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 has blue hair, blue eyes, and some blue lipstick to top it off.
    • Quite often apparent in Pokémon.
      • To make matters worse, a few gym leaders' eye have been recolored to match their hair color. Yes, I'm talking about Whitney and Falkner (and Jasmine).
      • Game Freak has been doing this with most of their characters lately. It's very apparent with the protagonists, where only Brendan and May have different colored hair/eyes.
      • Wally IS this trope. And not just his hair and eyes, his pants and even his Pokémon (manga-wise) are all green. And in the Adventures manga, he had to wake up Rayquaza. Needless to say, it's green.
      • Generation V seems to have cooled down on this trend because the new female protagonist has brown hair and blue eyes. The male plays this straight though.
    • The whole party except for Mizuti in the first Baten Kaitos game seems to have this. Kalas with blue hair and eyes, Xelha with blonde hair and yellow eyes, Gibari with brown (brown-green? Dark green?) hair and brown eyes, Lyude with red hair and red eyes, and, finally, Savyna with dark purple hair and dark purple eyes. Hell, even in the so-so prequel, there's Milly with brown hair and brown eyes.
    • A good number of the girls of Gensokyo have this trait - most notably, Marisa Kirisame with her golden hair and eyes.
      • In the PC-98 series, pretty much everyone has this, because of 16-bit palette limitations.
    • Etna from the Disgaea series has red hair and eyes. Though, interestingly, her hair was pink in the first game.
    • Everyone in the original Tokimeki Memorial.
      • And, by extension, the whole Classic Kirameki Saga, with only two exceptions: Patricia McGrath in Tokimeki Memorial Pocket on GBC (who, as a foreign student, gets the Phenotype Stereotype treatment), and Megumi Juuichiya in the Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Radio Drama stories (who's a rare case of Cute and Psycho in the series).
    • Grand Chase.
    • Harvest Moon has Popuri, who has pink hair, leading to some Unfortunate Implications when you realize that she has, well, pink eyes.
    • Aqua, from Kingdom Hearts, has blue eyes and hair.
    • Kira from Infinite Space has mint-green eyes and hair. In the artbook, the Schneizer brothers' eyes have the same color as their hair (Bastian has dark brown and Dietrich has silver), but in the game, their eye colors are closer to gold.
    • The original Super Mario Bros game had a variation of this: the Koopa Troopa enemies will either have red or green eyes depending on the color of their shells.
    • In official art (since the games themselves were on Game Boy), the Oracles Nayru (blue), Din (red), and Farore (green).
    • In Golden Sun, the Mercury Clan of Imil tend to have blue eyes and hair. Jenna has maroon eyes and hair, Ivan's sister Hama has Purple Eyes and hair, Karst of Prox has Red Eyes, Take Warning and hair...
      • In Dark Dawn this continues: Rief and his sister Nowell are of the Mercury Clan and have blue eyes and hair, Amiti has blue eyes and hair, one of many hints at his ancestry, and during the final sequences of the game, Matthew's normally blue eyes become Eyes of Gold.
    • Tali from Mass Effect is a rather more literal example than most, both her visor and hood being purple in color.
    • The entire cast of Digital Devil Saga. Bonus points for each character being aligned with a specific elemental affinity (e.g. Heat has red hair and eyes, and his elemental affinity is, well, no points for guessing correctly).
    • Persona 3 and Persona 4. Many characters throughout the series.

    Visual Novels

    • Most of the characters in Clannad.
    • In Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Mion and Shion have mint-green hair and mint-green eyes.
      • Also, Hanyuu has light purple hair and dark purple eyes, so it kinda works.
    • Everyone in Ever 17 has matching hair and eye colors.


    Western Animation

    • Seems to be a characteristic of every character in Sea Princesses, even the ones with blue or pink hair.
    • All fairies in The Fairly OddParents have the same eye colour as their hair colour. This is especially noticeable in the episode where Cosmo and Wanda end up taking each other apart with voodoo dolls, then putting themselves back together. One failed attempt had Cosmo and Wanda end up with each other's hair, creating a contrast between Cosmo's green eyes and pink hair, which belonged to Wanda, and vice versa.
    • Sari in Transformers Animated—red hair is somewhat plausible, but matching eyes?
      • The same as most Decepticons' eyes, for a reason. They turn blue after the upgrade.
    • Raven from Teen Titans.
      • And Beast Boy. Also, Jinx.
    • The main girls in Trollz, except for, technically, Ruby; her red hair is dyed. Her natural color is brown. She still has red eyes, though. Maybe she dyed her hair to match her eyes?
    • Henry, June, Loopy, Larry, and Loopy and Larry's dad in KaBlam!!
    • Found in the Adventures in Care-a-Lot CGI movie, "Oopsy Does It", where all the Care Bears (and Grizzle) have eyes the same color as their fur. Averted in the traditionally animated tv series, though.
    • The Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon loves this trope - Triplicate Girl has matching hair/eyes when she splits into three (purple, white, and orange). Bouncing Boy has both black hair and eyes, as does Phantom Girl and, to a lesser extent, Timberwolf and Kell-El. Shrinking Violet in the second season also counts for this trope, having both a purple stripe in her hair and purple eyes to match. The matching eye colours mainly didn't carry over to the comic book adaption.
    • Total Drama Island has a lot of characters with this trope, most notably Noah (dark brown), Leshawna, Chris, Heather (black), and Tyler (light brown).
      • Katie and Sadie also both have the black hair black eyes colors.
    • Gil from Bubble Guppies. Doubles as a You Gotta Have Blue Hair.
    • Derpy Hooves from My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
    • In My Little Pony and Friends, there's Buttons (who has blue hair and blue eyes, but has a red streak in her hair as well), Wind Whistler (Pink hair and eyes), Galaxy (her eyes were pink, and her hair was pink, red, and white), Gingerbread (who had blue eyes and blue, purple, and pink hair), Masquerade, Sweet Stuff (Purple eyes with purple, white, and pink hair), Fizzy (Pink eyes with pink, green, and white hair), Rosedust (Pink hair and eyes), Honeysuckles (Pink hair and eyes, though her eyes are blue for the toy), Lily (Purple hair and eyes), Baby Half Note (Turquoise hair and eyes), and Baby Sleepy Pie (Blue hair and eyes).
    • Musa from Winx Club doubles as You Gotta Have Blue Hair. Icy, Brandon, and Darcy (counting her streaks of hair) also apply.

    Real Life

    • Many people have both brown hair and eyes.
      • Or both gray/silver.
      • Could technically count with people who have black hair and eyes that are so dark of a brown that they look black.
      • There are some people in real life with Eyes of Gold (actually amber, but close enough). They often have blond or light brown hair.
      • And people with blue or green eyes could dye their hair accordingly, though this may not count.