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The Disney Channel Universe, also known as the Disney Channel Live-Action Universe (DCLAU), is an unofficial term for Disney Channel shows that exist in the same universe.

That's So Raven was Disney's most popular show since Lizzie McGuire. This directly led to the creation of more Standard—WITH A TWEEST! Disney Kid Coms, including The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (it and then-newcomer Hannah Montana would be the most renewed shows in all of Disney Channel History). As That's So Raven ended (and its spin-off Cory in The House, came onto the air), a gap was made in Disney's live-action entertainment and thus, with the popularity of High School Musical, further live-action Kid Coms were punched out.

The Verse in which the shows exist was first established with 2006's That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana, followed by 2007's and 2009's Wish Gone Amiss Weekend and Wizards of Waverly Place On Deck with Hannah Montana, respectively. I'm in The Band episode "Weasels On Deck" placed it into the DCLAU, and showed that Disney XD shows could be in the DCLAU as well.

Not to be confused with the DC Animated Universe (DCAU).

The Disney Channel Live-Action Universe links

Shows and films that are fictional in the Disney Channel Live-Action Universe but exist in Real Life

Shows which may be in the Disney Channel Universe but are unconfirmed

Shows which are not in the Disney Channel Universe (aka Disney Channel independents)

  • Aaron Stone - Disney XD's first original series, due to being an action series than a comedy.
  • Austin and Ally - Dez mentions Selena Gomez (May be in the same universe as Good Luck Charlie due to the MyTab existing in both shows)
  • Jonas - Despite its use of the Jonas Brothers, in the JONAS world, they are the Lucas Brothers and portray only Expies of their real-world selves. Contrast to their appearance on Hannah Montana, where they act as they would in real life.
  • Lizzie McGuire - The Spiritual Ancestor to the DCLAU, but it's not being referenced in current shows.
  • Pair of Kings - In one episode, when Boomer was shocked to find out his brother was the masked bandit, he shouted "Sweet Selena Gomez". Selena Gomez doesn't exist in the DCLAU.
  • Phil of the Future - Its Disconnection from any other series in the DCLAU puts it as such, though it does follow the formula.
  • Jessie - Rovi mentions Selena Gomez.
  • Sonny With a Chance - Likewise, Selena Gomez appeared on an episode of So Random and was explicitly stated to be in several Expies of Disney Channel series and movies.
    • Also, in "Random Acts of Disrespect", in an old people sketch, several shows in the DCLAU are parodied as Wheezers Of Waverly Place, That's So Graven and Nana Montana.
    • Also: "Yeah, well, Chad still believes that Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana are two different people."
      • That was really the first actual line to put Sonny With A Chance outside of the DCLAU, and might've been a bit of a Retcon of a line Chad gave in 'Three's Not Company', an earlier episode, where Chad got rejected by Sonny and said that he knew someone would do it someday, but he expected it to be a "Tisdale" or "Montana". Maybe it was to make it so Gomez's guest starring episode would make sense, given that both Wizards Of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana are in the DCLAU. Plus, it freed them up to make all the Disney Channel jokes they wanted.
    • And: "Vision? Who are you, Raven?"
    • Also, it's defictionalized season, So Random
  • It is generally agreed that any show in production before That's So Raven (aside from Even Stevens) is not in the DCLAU.
  • It is also agreed that the DCOMs that aren't explicitly adaptations of DCLAU shows are not in the DCLAU, and may be in a universe of their own.
    • Of course, all of the above are subject to change.
Tropes constant across the Disney Channel Universe: